The BCRPS is a club dedicated to playing Role Playing Games (RPGs). We play all RPGs and have 3 - 4 games running each week.

We meet every Thursday from 7.30pm at the Coronation Social Club in Blackheath, West Midlands, B65 9BD, UK.

As far as games are concerned we play any RPGs that folks want to run. Games played over the last couple of years include D&D 5th Ed, Pathfinder, 13th Age, Deadlands, Savage Worlds, Warhammer Fantasy/40k, Shadowrun, The One Ring, L5R, Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Traveller and many others. We also play a variety of card games (Magic, Munchkin etc.) and board games such as Talisman, Relic and Arkham Horror.

Games are posted on the members forum and then folks simply sign up based on interest. So why not come along and find out...

Sarge - Thu 16 Aug - 18:50

I won’t be there tonight as Mel has cancelled. See you next week

Sant - Thu 9 Aug - 18:57

Lvl 5 5e

mikeawmids - Thu 9 Aug - 16:31

Sant, what game / level ?

Sant - Thu 9 Aug - 16:10

Mike you can join in your game

TheRanger - Thu 9 Aug - 15:45

Of course ya can mike. Just bring a lvl 1 character along :) same to anyone else whos lacking a game tonight :)

Inept - Thu 9 Aug - 14:23

allAs Garuda concluded the SK stuff last week, I wont be there tonight. enjoy!

mikeawmids - Thu 9 Aug - 12:25

I am at a loose end tonight if I can get in on some of that sweet D&D action, plz?

TheRanger - Wed 8 Aug - 23:40

No worries Bane. and just so its out there, for anyone who doesnt have a game tomorrow, ill be running a one shot dnd campaign. if interested just bring a lvl 1 character :)

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