12.10.2017 - 30.11.2017
Andrek - Thu 15 Feb - 16:10

Hard luck Viggi, see you next week for the finale! MellyMel you're now L2!

Viggi - Wed 14 Feb - 17:28

Andy, as I suspected cannot come tomorrow. Wife in Aberystwyth for work(so she tells me) and daughter coming back from Amsterdam, must go get her I am afraid. Mike, can I gice you money next week?

MellyMel - Thu 8 Feb - 20:05

still at work. ho hum. might not make it at all.

Andrek - Thu 8 Feb - 19:28

OK See you later

MellyMel - Thu 8 Feb - 18:26

currently stuck at work. might be late

Mr. B - Thu 8 Feb - 17:36

Might not be about later and if I am, it won’t be til about 9.30pm. Will keep you posted...

Inept - Thu 8 Feb - 08:38

Apologies starting guys won't be there tonight. I have to be in Newcastle tomorrow early :@

Andrek - Thu 1 Feb - 19:48

Mel you can join Viggi in the crews quarters. He's got s bad was of Space Pox.

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