Raging Soliloquy - Thu 19 Jul - 18:45

Sorry guys not.coming tonight I've done my back in.

matt486 - Tue 17 Jul - 17:37

Sorry Garuda, not going to make it on Thursday due to a work do.

Garuda - Thu 12 Jul - 14:57

SK guys. Very sorry but I don't feel well at all. I'm not going to be there this evening. Hopefully someone might run a one shot perhaps? See you next week.

Inept - Tue 10 Jul - 15:18

apologies Soloman Kane guys, I will be in London this week and in Poland next week... Captain Gunner will no doubt suffer a bout of drinking or a short sea voyage!

Sant - Thu 5 Jul - 17:04

I can run something 5e for the next couple weeks.. posting it in the serpents thread now...

Andrek - Thu 5 Jul - 16:40

Two Headed Serpent - looks like games off tonight. Look in your PM's

matt486 - Thu 5 Jul - 09:00

Solomon Kane guys, I've had to juggle some things around and I'll probably be a bit late. Should get there by about 9.

TheRanger - Thu 28 Jun - 18:48

Ill be attending tonight. At long last

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