Raging Soliloquy - Thu 24 May - 09:05

I'll be a little late tonight don't finish work til 8, will come straight to the club expect me around quarter to 9. Cheers

Sarge - Fri 18 May - 08:18

Can all members please read my new post regarding BCRPS Subs

Ant - Thu 10 May - 18:04

I have a cold. Don't want to infect everyone so will see you next week.

Ant - Thu 3 May - 19:00

Running late as waiting for a van to be dropped off. If it gets too late I may give it a miss tonight.

mikeawmids - Thu 3 May - 15:25

Pre-order WFRP v4 from Cubicle 7 website later this week, if you're interested: http://cubicle7.co.uk/warhammer-fantasy-roleplay-pre-order-opens-this-week/

moc - Thu 26 Apr - 19:26

Shadowruns: i am ill. Really hot and cold. So will see you guys next week

Steboacha - Thu 26 Apr - 14:25

I'm taking a break for rotation 3 and probably 4. I'll be back for Scott's game for definite.

TheRanger - Sat 21 Apr - 18:07

Are there any games going for next rotation that arent full?

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