Garuda - Sun 10 Dec - 09:27

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

Sarge - Thu 7 Dec - 14:32

Feeling really unwell so won’t be around tonight. See you all next time

Steboacha - Thu 30 Nov - 20:29

Sorry guys I tried my best but wouldn't get there until close to 10, so I m not gonna make it tonight.

Steboacha - Thu 30 Nov - 19:14

sorry guys, running a bit late. Guessing between 8:30-9.

matt486 - Thu 30 Nov - 18:14

Sorry lads, nkt going to make it tonight. Workload's got on top of me and I'm feeling quite ill. Won't be back by next week either. A very merry Christmas to you all if I don't see you before. :)

mikeawmids - Tue 28 Nov - 23:25

Any more games going up for R1 (Jan 2018). Both games posted now full, many other players without a game.

TheRanger - Tue 28 Nov - 18:58

Hey guys sorry for lack of attendance but ive had an operation on my knee and am currently unable to make it to the club. should be back by new year. hope everyone is ok :)

Gekz - Mon 27 Nov - 12:57

Ignore below.. thought it was a reply box not shoitbox.. uhh

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