Val - Thu 22 Mar - 20:02

@Viggi Gaz' s wake is 11:30 till 6pm at Coronation Club

Andrek - Thu 22 Mar - 18:53

That should have read Viggi. Spell check malfunction. Sorry Steve.

Andrek - Thu 22 Mar - 18:50

Looks like Virgin's game is off tonight. I'll see you all next week (IF not at Gary's wake).

Viggi - Thu 22 Mar - 15:50

Night's Black Agents guys, I can't make it tonight as I have injured myself (ankle),apologies. Hope to make Saturday, if walking, what time is Gaz's wake?

Pelgrane - Thu 15 Mar - 18:28

Sorry, still on train from Leeds; won’t get back home til 9, so won’t make this week. Also, next week away at a conference so no-go there either. Looks like no-go for this rotation for me.

Bane - Wed 14 Mar - 20:05

Please see my latest forum post.

Viggi - Wed 14 Mar - 19:27

I'd also recommend their regular podcast, one of the most entertaining actual plays going.

mikeawmids - Tue 13 Mar - 23:58

I recommend checking out the Glass Cannon podcast!

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