mikeawmids - Thu 14 Oct - 18:23

See Icewind Dale thread, I cannot make it to the club tonight. Sorry everyone! :(

Garuda - Sat 2 Oct - 11:15

Bob would like to thank Hank, Derek and Marvin for their help with the thing.

rhodsey - Fri 1 Oct - 19:05

Mostly saving it from Bob

Sarge - Fri 1 Oct - 17:40

We definitely sorted the thing!

Sant - Fri 1 Oct - 16:42

We'll the thing happened and they saved the universe

Sarge - Thu 30 Sep - 12:05

I might just take you up on that Sant if we’re not able to rustle up a one shot

Sant - Thu 30 Sep - 10:35

I'm doing a thing... It's just a thing..I don't know how it will go... But it's a thing.. In space... If anyone is stuck. Never ran this thing before so I might be making things up.

Sarge - Wed 29 Sep - 21:59

No Frost Maiden game this week, has anyone else in the game got something they can run as a one shot?

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