Candi - Sat 15 May - 21:58

Hope too see everyone on Thursday! Ready for normality and DRINKS!

mikeawmids - Thu 13 May - 15:58

For some reason, I can't copy/paste specific page URLs into the rotation sub-forum to link directly to recruitment threads...?

Viggi - Fri 30 Apr - 15:07

According to Shadowrun's Sixth World Almanac, April 30, 2021 is Goblinization Day. What did you wake up as?

mikeawmids - Wed 21 Apr - 09:46

You can get Wicked Ones PDF for free on Drivethru RPG:

MellyMel - Tue 30 Mar - 19:33

yes me too. Watch some Babylon Berlin on NOW for background if you have it. v cool.

Sarge - Tue 30 Mar - 09:45

Deffo interested in playing in your Berlin game Garuda

Sarge - Tue 30 Mar - 09:44

I was looking at the Children of Fear. It looks great, and I was considering picking it up, but won't if someone else runs it! Can't wait to get back to the club too, looking like it will be June...

Garuda - Sat 27 Mar - 15:25

Changed my mind. I've purchased Berlin the Wicked City instead as it only requires one rotation, rather than starting another full-on campaign. Just need to get back to the club now.

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