rhodsey - Sat 18 May - 15:19

yeah they took a picture of it and said they'd get it cancelled. I've just put an appeal in to be safe and have messaged the club on facebook

mikeawmids - Sat 18 May - 15:17

I spoke to the barperson, and she spoke to a committee member. Did you show them the docs you were sent?

rhodsey - Sat 18 May - 13:11

Just got a reminder for that parking fine the club were going to quash. Mike who was it you spoke to there?

MellyMel - Thu 16 May - 12:17

no prob - thanks for heads up

Val - Thu 16 May - 08:34

Sorry Mel, I won’t be around this week or next week.

Inept - Thu 9 May - 09:36

apologies Ironclad folks wont be around tonight,see you all next week. Remember the Cant...

rhodsey - Thu 2 May - 19:09

There's an appeal.on the form but want to check if they have anything.they can give me as well.

mikeawmids - Thu 2 May - 18:18

I have sent a message to the Coronation Club FB profile asking what the appeal process is, just in case there is no-one on site tonight who can answer that question.

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