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TOPIC: R1 : The Sunless Citadel (D&D.5)

R1 : The Sunless Citadel (D&D.5) 5 years 1 month ago #141

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Cool no worries. Let me know if that changes!
Why does my D20 only go up to 4?
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R1 : The Sunless Citadel (D&D.5) 5 years 1 month ago #142

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Woooooo lets slay some Orcs XD
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R1 : The Sunless Citadel (D&D.5) 5 years 1 month ago #181

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We finished the D&D game a little earlier than anticipated and spent the last week of the rotation playing Covert Ops.

Covert Ops – Operation: Fish & Chips – Part One (26/02/2015)

The operatives;
Charles as Agent Dick Darlington (Hacker)
Adam as Agent Richard E. Normous (Combat Specialist)
Andy 1 as Agent Domino Whiplash (Field Commander)
and Andy 2 as Agent Gregory ‘Slick’ Mancheese (Wheelman)

(I offered an additional bone to the player who came up with the most ridiculous, OTT name for their operative. It was a draw between Richard E. Normous and ‘Slick’ Mancheese). :p


The agents assemble at SECTOR’s London branch. Their handler, the increasingly short tempered Mr. White briefs the operatives on their mission. Russian arms dealer/terrorist Victor Bout is meeting representatives of the Yakiza in Tokyo City to purchase a shipment of stolen weapons. The operatives are to locate the weapons, tag them with a homing beacon and trace the signal to the arms deal.

“You are to apprehend the target alive.” Mr. White says, stressing that last point and glaring meaningfully at Agent Normous.

“What?" he asks, feigning innocence.

“You know what.” White growls, “That agent spent five years establishing his cover with CITADEL – only for you to come along and shoot him in the face!”

“He walked into my line of fire!” Normous whined, “Totally not my fault!”

“You’re just lucky not to be scrubbing frozen crap out of the toilets in our Antarctic branch!”

The operatives are assigned a mission budget of 30 points with which to requisition gear from the armoury/motor pool. Agent Normous insists on taking a rocket launcher.

“Alive!” Mister White snaps over the site’s intercom.

Agent Whiplash selects a whip and Agent Mancheese stocks up on flash and incendiary grenades. When the operatives start asking about store credit, Mr. White shepherds them onto a waiting jet and packs them off to Japan.


The agents touch down in Japan and head for their hotel, situated at the top of Tokyo Tower. Their contact from the Tokyo branch; Agent Kasumi Himura, has left a message at reception arranging to meet at the hotel spa. With a little time to kill before the meeting, the operatives settle into their rooms. Darlington hacks into hotel security and accesses the network of cameras throughout the building. Agent Whiplash takes a total gratuitous shower, while in his own room, Agent Normous whispers sweet nothings to his beloved assault rifle and caresses the weapon in a borderline erotic fashion. Agent Darlington shudders and returns to spying on Domino in the shower. Finally, Agent ‘Slick’ Mancheese lingers on the balcony, enjoying the panoramic view of the city and a crafty roll-up.

Fifteen minutes before the rendezvous, the operatives take the lift up to the hotel spa. They are required to change into robes, but most of the agents keep their bullet proof vests on underneath (on the grounds that the GM has drawn the spa’s layout on the tactical map, which inevitably means combat). Agent Kasumi is taking a leisurely dip in the hotel pool. She emerges from the water like the Asian Ursula Andrews and she is stacked! The male agents ogle her figure appreciatively/lecherously.

“The weapons have been smuggled into the county inside a shipment of Atlantic Bluefin tuna,” she informs the agents “The only opportunity you’ll have to plant the homing device is at the Tsukiji fish market, before they are auctioned.”

Shouts of alarm draw the operative’s attention to the spa reception area, where a group of heavily tattooed Yakuza thugs have just emerged from the lift. They are too busy threatening the hotel staff to notice the operatives gawking at them through the window.

“Quick, down the stairs!” Agent Mancheese suggests, ushering Kasumi towards the fire escape. Hearing voices below, Mancheese glances down the stairwell and spots another group of Yakuza climbing towards them. “Damn it, they’ve got us cornered!”

Mancheese waits until the goon squad reaches the top of the fire escape, then boots the door open, smashing into the foremost thug’s face. He is knocked into the man behind and the entire group tumble like a row of angry dominoes. The other operatives dash for the changing rooms to recover their gear. They trade lead with the Yakuza hitmen, using the lockers for cover. Agent Domino leaps through the window to reception and guns down the men lingering there in a storm of bullets.
After defeating the assassins, the agents relocate to a SECTOR safe house elsewhere in the city. The daily tuna auction will not begin until 03:00, so the agents have some time to kill.
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