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Raging Soliloquy - Thu 21 Jun - 20:25

Waiting on train. Hopefully will come soon.

stew - Tue 19 Jun - 22:02

Stew's investigator's,Stew 1: Gideon Price-Walters - ExplorerStew 2: Jack "Bluey" Crenshaw - Journalist.

Sarge - Thu 7 Jun - 14:32

I have a one shot Cthulhu scenario I can run from the Keepers pack, have pre-gens also. Happy to run it

MellyMel - Thu 7 Jun - 08:26

I might not be able to make it tonight so bring an alternative plan

MellyMel - Thu 7 Jun - 08:25

Abyss players..I might not be able to make it tonight so bring an alternative plan

moc - Thu 31 May - 19:14

Sorry cyber punks. Working late today. See you next week.

Raging Soliloquy - Thu 24 May - 09:05

I'll be a little late tonight don't finish work til 8, will come straight to the club expect me around quarter to 9. Cheers

Sarge - Fri 18 May - 08:18

Can all members please read my new post regarding BCRPS Subs

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