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Sarge - Thu 15 Nov - 20:08

Running a little late...

stew - Thu 1 Nov - 18:57

Sorry lads , unable to make it tonight, see you next week .

Sarge - Thu 1 Nov - 08:18

Due to half term absentees, Horror on the Orient Express isn't on tonight. See you next week

Andrek - Thu 25 Oct - 14:53

Sorry HOTOE guys, got a rampant GI tract infection. Can't stray too far from the toilet. See you after half term.

Val - Thu 25 Oct - 07:59

Sorry Aka won't be there tonight.See you next week.

mikeawmids - Tue 16 Oct - 23:07

The kickstarter for Savage Worlds adventure edition is up if anyone wants to back it: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/545820095/savage-worlds-adventure-edition?ref=591652&token=798aede0

matt486 - Tue 16 Oct - 20:50

Won't be around next Thursday gents; got a very long day coming up.

matt486 - Thu 11 Oct - 17:31

So... anyone without a game tonight? Up for some board games?

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