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The Kunena Team would like to thank the community for its help and support. We also appreciate the hard work of everyone who have translated Kunena into many other languages. In addition we would like to thank many members of www.kunena.org, past and present, who have contributed and helped make this a more stable and bugfree version.
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mikeawmids - Thu 14 Oct - 18:23

See Icewind Dale thread, I cannot make it to the club tonight. Sorry everyone! :(

Garuda - Sat 2 Oct - 11:15

Bob would like to thank Hank, Derek and Marvin for their help with the thing.

rhodsey - Fri 1 Oct - 19:05

Mostly saving it from Bob

Sarge - Fri 1 Oct - 17:40

We definitely sorted the thing!

Sant - Fri 1 Oct - 16:42

We'll the thing happened and they saved the universe

Sarge - Thu 30 Sep - 12:05

I might just take you up on that Sant if we’re not able to rustle up a one shot

Sant - Thu 30 Sep - 10:35

I'm doing a thing... It's just a thing..I don't know how it will go... But it's a thing.. In space... If anyone is stuck. Never ran this thing before so I might be making things up.

Sarge - Wed 29 Sep - 21:59

No Frost Maiden game this week, has anyone else in the game got something they can run as a one shot?

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