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TOPIC: Tyranny of Dragons: Continues Rot 3 2020

Tyranny of Dragons: Continues Rot 3 2020 2 years 3 weeks ago #4900

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Due to the lockdown still being in place this game obviously hasn’t been able to start.

It is still unclear when restrictions will ease so it is sadly unlikely any rotation 3 games will go ahead.

I really hope we can play this game some time in the near future, so I’ll post it up again after all this craziness ends.

Be safe and well until Tiamat returns
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Tyranny of Dragons: Continues Rot 3 2020 1 year 1 week ago #5285

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“You there?”
“You will have to talk to me… cant really ignore me.”
“I’m existential you know… means I can do shit anyways, always, anyhows...”
[faint mumbles from the ether]
“Speak up… cant hear you.”
[faint mumbles… “lost…” mumbles]
“What you mean lost. How can YOU be lost?”
[faint mumbles… “thread” mumbles…. “lost” mumbles “forgotten” mumbles, sadness]
“So let me get this right… you have LOST, this THREAD thing, and FORGOTTEN what you did with it?”
[queue impatient foot tapping]
[more impatient foot tapping]
“Take a moment… look carefully”
[long pause… more foot tapping]
“Take your time… no rush… clearly its been a while…”
[tapping gets louder]
“Page 1…”
“5th row down… 138 replies… commenced 6 years 2 months ago. That shirty unreasonable fella. You know… the GM. Him…”
“Ahh… got it…” the Narrator’s voice was a weak wan thing, the occasional (non disease ridden) cough. Croaking slightly as if clearing dust, and cobwebs.
“Finally!” Dave the Crow sounded pleased.
“You got it sorted? You know where we are with them? How are they… you know, Maria, Flint, Izzy, that halfwit Dwelf thing… and err… who was that other… short, pointy ears. Generally irritating… you know….?”
“Jebby something” the Narrator was still a little dazed.
“Yeah… him.” Dave felt happier knowing he had em covered…
“That Dragonborn thing still around or is he dead?” Dave was genuinely interested.
“errr. Don’t know. Maybe we should ask HIM” The Narrator sounded upset, he normally didn’t forget anything.
Dave’s feathers shivered involuntarily with dread.
“You mean him… like… err. The GM? What if he shows me that d20 thing? You know how he gets when you disturb him?”
“You are probably ok… its been that long… I don’t remember what went on… I’m sure he will have to sort stuff out first, he doesn’t just throw d20’s at anyone you know… well… except Maria obviously. And maybe Elias. And occasionally that dragonborn steps out of line, that Oz. You know the useless one with crappy bad breath…” The Narrator was beginning to remember stuff. “I do remember the GM getting a bit shirty at one point… seems he didn’t like unsavoury comments”
“Unsavoury? Like bad worms you mean?”
“Apparently so… he was harping on about gracious something or other…”
“Gracious worms? What do they taste like?”
“Better apparently.” The Narrator felt like he was starting to get his feel for this back. Talking to Dave was an exercise in control.
“So Dave, why don’t you go find those charges of yours. See if they remember how to be heroes! I’ll seek out the GM and be nice to him and see if he can dust stuff off, and we can sort out this imminent threat with Dragons thing. The people of Faerun depend on us!”
“Sounds good Nar… sounds good.”

Dave flapped off excitedly, only time now stood between his heroes and the final conflict with the forces of evil, that and he was sure he KNEW where to find one of them gracious worms!
Red Wine should always be opened and allowed to breathe....

if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Garuda - Thu 19 May - 17:25

Sorry Ravenlanders, unable to make it tonight. See you next week.

mikeawmids - Thu 19 May - 14:51

lol, just realised party will be down both clerics, mwahahaha. :D

mikeawmids - Thu 19 May - 14:48

Thanks for the heads up. Have a good trip! We still have four players, so I think we are still good to game tonight.

Val - Thu 19 May - 13:37

Sorry Mike I won’t be going tonight either I will not be there next week either.

Bane - Thu 19 May - 10:20

Stonehell guys, I have to finish packing tonight, so I shall be bowing out for the next three weeks, see you guys on the 9th of June.

Inept - Wed 18 May - 22:53

as mentioned last week not around this week, being wined and dined by a client... (and possibl squeezing more jobs out of them!)

Inept - Thu 5 May - 22:14

apologies Ade, test positive for covid at 6.45, retested and still positive. No roleplaying for me tonight and no site visit tomorrow. have a good game

moc - Thu 21 Apr - 18:47

Still in Weston-super-Mare. Gobineers don't settle for meat platter. Demand KFC ! See you next t week

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