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TOPIC: Shadowrun - Its all in your head

Shadowrun - Its all in your head 2 years 11 months ago #2218

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Inept wrote:
I'm in Leeds until 5.30pm on Thursday, I will be at the club but timing depends on Traffic...

I'll see you there mate
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Shadowrun - Its all in your head 2 years 10 months ago #2222

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Don't think I'm going to get there tonight really sorry guys
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Shadowrun - Its all in your head 2 years 10 months ago #2224

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The com-phone made a chirping sound as it went silent.

Angel checked the funds transfer again, and reflected on what might of have been. Making the cuts, she transferred the loot to various accounts and made a withdrawal of cash for the troll. 20k would cover her expenses for this month, and the cost of a new suit, and still leave some cred for her investments.


Should have been more. The images of the run flashed in her minds eye.

The red Eurowind 2000 pulling out of the targets offices, the spirit clogging engine filters and fuel injectors and the car grinding to a halt.

The principle climbing out of his car, and standing looking at it. Probably wondering why his coms links and alarms weren’t working.

Angel remembered walking across the road, with some purpose. Some instinct must have alarmed him because his eyes made contact with hers, and the race was on. Spell vs gun. Technologically enhanced reflexes vs magical acceleration. Cold hard professionalism vs overconfidence… Damn Cat and his desire to strut, and damn herself for giving in to that part of his nature! Small wonder, that technology won! Angel dimly remembered Cat demanding the offending individual be ‘taken down’, fortunately the others were still thinking clearly and moderated their actions… particularly the troll whose nature was to inflict actual harm. Though she still couldn't remember where the drain cover had come into it all... probably because she was concentrating on her spirit and attempting to confuse the courier. She remembered clearly being the van, and casting another spell... she had no recollection of the explosion as the courier suffered a number of misfortunes, notably the shotgun to the back of the head, and the ensuing detonation of the cortex bomb.

Despite the magical healing the sanguine fluid still lingered. Incarnadine blossoms covered her light coloured Yvent Braun suit, only some of them as a result of the bullet, the rest from haemorrhage caused by spell miscasting.

Angel shook her head. The ringing pain was still there despite the 8 hours since her dramatically poor miscast of her powerful Puppet spell. Never had she encountered such a strong will. His resistance to her magic was almost a direct affront to her powers. She reflected that the spell had nearly rendered her unconscious in the street, and had definitely done so the second time.

Anger mounted in her. Such a pity that the courier was dead, by the sacred paws of Bast she would have made him pay. He would have suffered at his own hands for hours, before she killed him for his affront! Her anger cooled instantly… if she had managed that the first time, the suit wouldn’t be ruined, her team would have had a bonus and their cache with Natalie would be higher!

That said, she still seemed interested in the group recovering the statuette.

Angel reflected, we now have a location. All that as needed was intel, and the plan. We also need to organise for Jack to run matrix cover.

Despite her headache plans started to whirl round.

The com unit went. A morning photoshoot at short notice. Apparently, her portfolio was back in favour. Reviewing the instructions, dark hair, a rugged outdoor look, and some requirements to operate, or at least look good in the latest automated demolitions equipment. It probably meant her being draped over the cab in a swimsuit again! It all paid the rent!

Busying herself, her thought turned to hair, dye, conditioner, and an early morning appointment with her stylist. Runs in the shadows would just have to wait…
Red Wine should always be opened and allowed to breathe....

if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Shadowrun - Its all in your head 2 years 10 months ago #2229

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Beep beep do do... beep beep do do... beep beep do do...
"What the HELLL?!?" I know it can't be 6pm yet.
Beep beep do do... beep beep do do... beep beep do do...
"AAAAAAARGH!" People know better than to call me before 6.
Beep be.tick "What!!!... Do you know what time it is?" I answer trying and failing to hide my irritation.
"Hi Danika, I have great news for you."
"Damn it Drummond this had better be damned fantastic for you to call at this ungodly hour."
"Danika darling, apologies for calling so early but I have a solution to the problem we discussed yesterday."
"I'm listening, but make it fast, a girl needs her beauty sleep you know." Seems I brought this on myself.
" I thought I would need to give you time to get ready for an early meeting with a client. They weren't flexible on the time I'm afraid."
"They had better be paying bonus yen?"
"I'm sure they'll make it worth your while Dani. Anyway I've got to dust. Address and time to follow. Checks"

I hate early meetings. In fact I hate daytime period. My team don't fully appreciate how draining the radiation from sunlight is or invigorating it becomes when its reflected off of the moon.
I hope that one day Owl will guide me to the knowledge of how to transform this radiation, as if it had been reflected off the moon.
Until then, I'll have to put up with the day diminishing my mental & spiritual capabilities.

The meeting went better than expected and I managed to get through it without nodding off or even yawning.
We learned that our clients are a corporation that collects magical artefacts and our meeting was with the CEO of the corporation. The CEO Natalia came with her bodyguard, Quicksilver a Physical Adept of note.

The job we are commissioned to perform was to locate and find a magical statue that in the wrong hands may cause major problems.
I am very curious as to the abilities of said statue. They say curiosity killed the cat but I'll leave that for Angel to worry about. After all the wise Owl seeks knowledge of all things...
You're on the other side of the rabbit hole. Now it's time to die.
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Shadowrun - Its all in your head 2 years 10 months ago #2235

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Our plan was to utilise Angel's ability to influence minds and get the courier to provide us with the location of the statue and for our decker friend to change the information stored in "Brains'" brain.

After a successful night locating and getting a spirit lock on Brains, Angel and I took shifts setting watcher spirits on our target so we could intercept him after the download of the data on the statue.

I was really uncomfortable with this all taking place in the day as this would seriously affect my usefulness to the team. I really don't want to leave things down to Fugly to subdue Brains. we all know how heavy bladed he can be.

All started well with tracking Brains and disabling his vehicle. It was all down to Angel now to work her magic on him.
I could feel a bead of perspiration trailing down my back as Angel approached our quarry.
"You got this Angel" I whispered to myself.
Unfortunately Angel underestimated the will of the man known as Brains.
"Damnit" Angel cursed under her breath as she staggered slightly.
I attempted to put the man to sleep but the damned daylight glow weakened me enough to allow our mark to shrug my spell off like it was nothing.
"Damnit" now it was my time to curse.
Our foe drew a pistol and opened fire on Angel, wounding her.
"Take him down" came over the comms as she fell to the ground.
Our team attempted to surround the gunman and Fugly attempted to kick him.
Deftly side stepping the troll's assault, skilled as he was he recognised that he was outnumbered and chose to flee.
As he was clearly outpacing me, I tried to put him to sleep again to no avail.

Eventually after a drive by door slapping and a pummelling with a manhole cover we managed to put the unconscious body into our van.

Jack got the data and planted erroneous data as planned. Sadly this time, Angel's spell proved too much for her and although it succeeded it was too draining for her to remain conscious ending it prematurely.

This lead to the need to tie up the loose end we were now stuck with. Fugly gleefully obliged by disposing of our problem. Fortunately our intel forewarned us of the cortex bomb our victim had fitted, so Fugly allowed him to get far enough away before taking care of business.

It's always a shame to have to take such measures but that is the way of things when it goes bad...
You're on the other side of the rabbit hole. Now it's time to die.
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Shadowrun - Its all in your head 2 years 10 months ago #2240

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Hi guys I'm really sorry I know I've not been for a couple of weeks and looks like I'm not going to be there tonight either I may have to now out for now and catch you next rotation really sorry
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Shows how long its been since i've used this site :), I've posted it in the actual forum post it was meant to be in

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hi mike, i'd be interested in the game via discord if your still doing it any restrictions on character creation?

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Good here Vic. Hope you and yours are well

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How is everyone

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SARGE / everyone... club shut for 2 weeks till Thursday April 9th ...

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