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TOPIC: Rotation 2 - Night's Dark Agents

Rotation 2 - Night's Dark Agents 1 year 11 months ago #2823

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I know Steve (Pelgrane) offered to take up a pre-gen, and I think Steboucha is playing (you never actually confirmed), but in the spirit of meeting halfway I have come up with 4 character outlines (basically a couple of backgrounds, all case there are a few points to assign to personalize)

1. Investigator/Muscle Ex Military Police?

2. Bagman/Watcher Money man and counter-intelligence, CIA? Any fighting terror funding?

3.Wheel Artist/Watcher The Wheelman any agency

4.Asset Handler/Analyst case handler intelligence type M15.MI6.other country?

Let me know which ones you are interested in...
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Rotation 2 - Night's Dark Agents 1 year 11 months ago #2824

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The Clapham Rules
Player John Anderson developed these rules for agents during the
publisher’s playtest of the game:

1. Run. Fast. In the opposite direction from any supernatural creature the Director decides to throw at you. Even
if it looks dead, or worse, harmless.

2. Learn how to kill the bastards properly, but always refer to Rule 1.

3. Work together as a team, not as the typical group of roleplayers. Going solo will get you killed, or worse.

3a. If you fnd yourself alone, always refer to Rule 1.

3b. Don’t try to be the hero and fnish off a beastie by yourself — irrespective of how much C4/white phosphorus, etc.,
you have. See Rule 1.

4. Planning, planning, planning, then see Rule 1 regarding an exit strategy.

5. The adversary map is your friend. Refer to it often, but always expect it to lead you into trouble rather than provide you with answers. See Rule 1.
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rhodsey - Tue 25 Feb - 21:55

@mike can you bring those DND blank sheets from the library on Thurs please incase we need any?

TheRanger - Thu 20 Feb - 17:55

I ay got anything planned. I'll give it a miss too

rhodsey - Thu 20 Feb - 17:42

Unless any of the saltmarsh group want to do a one shot I'll miss tonight as well. If any of the waterdeep people want to grab me about anything just PM me on here.

min - Thu 20 Feb - 16:53

Hey guys, I won't be there tonight. Caught what feels definitely like the plague. Will be there next week though!

MellyMel - Thu 20 Feb - 14:36

I shall be giving it a miss then. Ho hum

Mr. B - Thu 20 Feb - 12:25

To Orienteers B - we still suiting and booting for tonight?!

Aka - Thu 20 Feb - 09:17

saltmarsh guys sorry cant make it tonight

MellyMel - Mon 17 Feb - 13:35

cheers vic - he's sorted now

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