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TOPIC: Horror on the Orient Express (HOTOE) - Group 1

R4: 2018 Horror on the Orient Express 1 year 8 months ago #3094

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Well here we are at last, about to start. Hope you are all looking forward to the game as much as I am.

Thank you to those who have submitted backgrounds already. Certainly by the range of occupations chosen already, its going to be interesting...

It will hopefully be great fun for everyone, but like you will have expectations on me, there are a few I will have on you:

1. Please avoid using mobile phones during the game unless of course there is call you need to take. I always strive to be inclusive for every player so there shouldn't be long periods of time when you aren't doing anything.

2. This adventure is a big old boy, and there have been lots of reading up on my part to do, so please bare with me if I need to do a bit more reading during the game to provide the requisite information being investigated.

3. As per a previous post, I'm afraid that if you know you are going to be away for more than a couple of weeks then we will have to retire the character. This is nothing personal.

4. This adventure historically is notoriously lethal. I certainly won't be out to unnecessarily kill characters, as by experience with Masks, long running characters became truly memorable. At the same time however, I won't be going out of my way to save you if making wrong choices or not heeding my warnings! I shall be adopting a few rules from Pulp Cthulhu that should improve survivability markedly.

5. And lastly, If I am building an atmosphere during a scene, please keep discussions/comments relevant. This game only works if at times you can immerse yourself in its horror. You will certainly be shown the dice if trying to make 'funnies' at these times

So enough said already, grab your luggage and your tickets, the ride on the Orient Express is about to begin!
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R4: 2018 Horror on the Orient Express 1 year 8 months ago #3110

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Can HOTOE players now post to the restricted access topic for this game please
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rhodsey - Tue 25 Feb - 21:55

@mike can you bring those DND blank sheets from the library on Thurs please incase we need any?

TheRanger - Thu 20 Feb - 17:55

I ay got anything planned. I'll give it a miss too

rhodsey - Thu 20 Feb - 17:42

Unless any of the saltmarsh group want to do a one shot I'll miss tonight as well. If any of the waterdeep people want to grab me about anything just PM me on here.

min - Thu 20 Feb - 16:53

Hey guys, I won't be there tonight. Caught what feels definitely like the plague. Will be there next week though!

MellyMel - Thu 20 Feb - 14:36

I shall be giving it a miss then. Ho hum

Mr. B - Thu 20 Feb - 12:25

To Orienteers B - we still suiting and booting for tonight?!

Aka - Thu 20 Feb - 09:17

saltmarsh guys sorry cant make it tonight

MellyMel - Mon 17 Feb - 13:35

cheers vic - he's sorted now

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