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TOPIC: Anglo Saxon Chronicle Season 3 - The Crusades

Anglo Saxon Chronicle Season 3 - The Crusades 4 years 8 months ago #552

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mine is as short as always lol

The titan is banished back to his own plane , no matter how I justify my actions , I know my soul has been tainted by the deaths I have caused , it is now up to my god to forgive me, if it can. I know that I need time alone to reflect and serve atonement for my sins.
The last few days were hectic , Septimus triggered a trap which broke his legs and it took all my healing to repair them, my and Madolf tried to rest so that I could try to get some new spells if my god would listen to me , but it is true there is no rest for the wicked , Septimus and Wolfgar and Kyrias had forged ahead and after only 10 minutes they were screaming for out help , unfortunately in my weakened state I fell into the pit trap that they had discovered but not warned me about due to snake creature they were fighting , thankfully they killed the snake while Madolf has kind enough to help me out of the pit.
It seems that the battle had been tough but I had missed it, we were teleported out of the dungeon into a forest and was able to rest up. Once we moved into the forest and found the Titan, we threw ourselves at it, it was like a gnat against an elephant, giving time for Septimus to create the portal spell, it was difficult and I expected to die, but we barely survived.
It has been a long road and I look on my compatriots more as family than friends now from the beginning when I was nearly killed in quicksand to now laying down my life to protect them , as in all families we have never always saw eye to eye but we have always stood together when needed .

Thank you to all the players you brought so many different aspects of quirks / characteristics to the characters and Mark for envisioning a great game and trying to teach me history at the same time :)
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Anglo Saxon Chronicle Season 3 - The Crusades 4 years 8 months ago #553

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"So this is where you've been faffing about all this time Kyrias? No wonder I haven't got a single clean toga in my supplies. Wash the ones that are still in usable order at once. And the one that Madolf was using as a hammock, I want that incinerated. After that, you and I are going to have a little conversation about how I am to be portrayed in these Chronicles you've been writing. It'll take me the rest of the year to edit all those misrepresentations you make regarding my common sense. I want to see you in my office first thing tomorrow morning."

"Tanith, since your obviously better at holding my shaft than I am, I now entrust it completely to you. I want you to give it much care and attention, and don't forget to polish the stiff wood on occasion, will you? It prefers a gentle touch, in an up-and-down motion. And look after it, do you hear? I've bequeathed you an extremely important member, and it's potential for penetration is more satisfying than any tool I've ever held before. My arse is on the line, and I do not want a cock-up."

"Madolf, I'd rather you heard this from me than some arrogant epicure: Your cooking is awful and the sooner you realise this the better. I understand that your constitution could potentially endure the feeling of being torn apart from the inside by a rabid ferret, but the rest of us would prefer to survive the experience of a nightly meal. With regard to that travesty that you call 'Badger Surprise,' I had no idea that the 'surprise' element was for the badger to still be alive when we ate it. Did you ever ask the badger what he felt about all this? No? Well then."

"And Wolfgar... the funds we obtained on our travels and the coffers in the tower could potentially support the reconstruction of Oakthorpe the first two times you allow it to burn to the ground, but no more than this. I therefore request that you keep the more frivolous of your pastimes to a minimum to avoid unnecessary 'accidents.' I won't keep it from you that I do harbour some affection for the town that I somehow find myself living in, and if you ever need an extra pair of hands for some practical help around the area, do not hesitate to let me know. I will send Kyrias right away."

"Look, I'm not much good at big speeches, and I know I haven't always been an easy person to get on with. And I know that, given the choice, I probably wouldn't have chosen you as friends. But I just want to say that over the years, I have come to regard you... as... people I met."


In all seriousness, lads, I can't thank you enough for a fantastic experience in a Roleplaying game. I've loved playing Septimus, and the rest of you played your characters brilliantly and I couldn't have asked for five better people to be in a mid-long term campaign with. Don't be fooled by Septimus' arrogance and self-important, he loves you all to bits really, and he'll always come through for you in the end whether he wants to or not.

I leave you with The Trail of Broken Hearts by DragonForce, which provides a much more concise summary than I could manage at this point:
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Anglo Saxon Chronicle Season 3 - The Crusades 4 years 8 months ago #561

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Ive always wanted to write an epic Roleplay campaign & Anglo Saxon Chronicle was it. I love history & have often found that "Truth is stranger than Fiction". By using my own knowledge, 30 years of roleplay experience & the resources of the web I was able to create a story that blended truth with fiction, fantasy with fact. I am proud of Chronicle but can only claim partial credit for its success. The story needed heroes & the players who have taken part in this have all brought a uniqueness & depth to the story that I could never have acheived on my own. The characters of Septimus, Kyrias, Tanith, Madolf & Wulfgar have all become far more than just numbers on a sheet & have become "people" I care about. The same holds true for the players of these characters, Matt, Bane, Gaz, Vic & Adam have taken my story idea & run with them in such wonderful, unexpected ways that each session has been a real journey of discovery for all of us with plenty of laughs & the occasional tear.
My story would be only a pale shadow of itself without the contributions of the players so I would like to say a heart felt "Thank You" to those who have shaped this game into the story it has become.
(unless I sell this idea in which case I dont know any of you & the royalites are all mine!) ;)

Mark (the evil genius)
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Anglo Saxon Chronicle Season 3 - The Crusades 4 years 8 months ago #575

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How many years has it been since we released the Titan? Who knows? All I do know is that we are near the end of our long Journey.

After navigating a thick jungle we have finally gathered all the relics we need, The Spear of Destiny, The Source Eternal (A jug that never seems to empty) and an incantation to seal the Titan back from whence it came.

Now we stand before it, 5 adventurers bound together in battle and blood, 5 adventurers who have faced unimaginable horrors together and came out relatively unscathed.

“So, anyone got a plan?” I ask

“We never needed a plan before, we will be fine.” Said Madolf

“I think because our foe is much larger than us we should have some sort of stratagem in place.” Said Septimus

“Ok then, how about me and Madolf hit it, Kyrius and Wulfgar pours water over it, and you read the incantation.” Suggested Tanith

“That’s works.” Everyone says in unison

I gather the small amount of magic power I have and focus it into my legs so I can run further than the others. Myself and Kyrius take it in turns pouring water around the Titan, weakening it as we do. Madolf and Tanith attack it with the Spear for Destiny, although Tanith has a great deal more success than Madolf. And Septimus just stands there and reads aloud the Incantation.
After a long and hard fought battle, we see the Titan lifted into the sky back into its prison. Its finally over. My many years of guilt are finally over, I can finally stand tall for the mistake I made all those years ago is finally corrected.
Many paths lay open to us all now, but I know mine, I shall take the vast wealth I found in the east and make Oakthorpe a proper village again. It does however pain my heart slightly to know that I may never adventure again. Still it has been a great journey with irreplaceable friends whom I will never forget.

When I started this game three years ago, I had no idea that I would form a strong bond not only to Wulfgar but to each of the characters in this story. Thank you all for a brilliant game and brilliant company.
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Anglo Saxon Chronicle Season 3 - The Crusades 4 years 8 months ago #576

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Excellent write up, thanks.
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