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TOPIC: The Expanse - Angels

The Expanse 10 months 2 weeks ago #5389

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State of Hostilities – Uneasy Peace

‘Following the breakout of hostilities around Ganymede there exists a temporary ceasefire in place, only humanitarian aid is coming in and out of Ganymede, which is in desperate need of heavy machinery to get it back up and running, the politicians still argue of reparations and concern themselves with finger pointing and face saving.’

Old wounds open and close. Xiang turned over the delicate crystal lotus flower between his massive fingers, watching the sunlight from the lazy dawn sun reflect of it’s myriad of finely crafted surfaces. A gift, no, a message, from Bruce, that there would be nothing but peace between them from this point on. He placed the dainty work of art carefully back into it’s case, sighed and placed the small box into his holdall, strapping his Katana across the top with a bungee.

Looking up, he watched others go about their final readying.

The roar of an approaching orbital could be heard through the open doorway, outside which his friends gear was gathered.

The craft approached and dusted off. As the thrusters cooled and pinged in the morning sun as the metals contracted around the exhausts, Xiang picked up his world and took step after heavy step towards the ramp. At the base of it he stopped, looked down at his boot and the dusty soil next to it, and as he lifted it and stepped onto the rubberised nonslip ramp, noted the footprint he left behind. He looked up at the rising sun and wondered if he’d ever come back to Earth again.

As the g-forces played or menaced those in the pod, Thatch tried to steady a terminal, rubbing his eyes as he did so, Angelus stared expressionless at a photograph of a young man with more than a fleeting resemblance, Joe tried and failed to read the latest financial news on his own terminal, and quickly gave up, and tried to sleep. Viktor met Xiang’s gaze, nodded, and shouted above the roar of the engines, “Iz gut to exorsize ze demons yez?”. Xiang thought about nodding, but the turbulence did it for him.

He wondered what the look on Reuben’s face was when Cotyar went to pick him up.

Through the porthole blue turned to black.

The Bush Shipyards were never so busy.
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The Expanse 10 months 2 weeks ago #5390

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Hell Yeah!
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The Expanse 10 months 2 weeks ago #5391

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When oh when??!!!
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The Expanse 10 months 1 week ago #5392

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Magazine, Sight rail, Rear Pin, Fore Pin, Top cover, Mag coil, Barrel...
Thatch continued his mantra grumbling under his breath. Why was it always the damn “skinny” who got stuck with the grot jobs cleaning the rifles? Grabbing another cleaning brush he started clearing residue from the barrel. Trying not to think about the other 6 still waiting.

“Hey Nerd” a voice cut through the silence of the armoury. Thatch looks up “That’s “Hey Marine” to you. Slime” he finished with a little smirk before the scowl returned. Vanessa came in from the open doorway. “That’s “Staff Sergeant Slime” to you. Geek” she finished their usual greeting smiling as she perched on the other end of the bench. “So. You got Grot duty again? What did you do this time?”

“Exist” Thatch said with a snarl. “Get the fuckin’ Skinny to do it” he says in an exaggerated impression of Sgt Venkat. “You know he didn’t say that” placated Vanessa, a touch of exasperation in her voice. Variations of this conversation were common. “Might as well have. “Thatch, looks like you’re on maintenance duty. Hard luck” Funny that. Strange how the Rota seems to always somehow put me on Maint Duty on the Fridays isn’t it? They’re all out getting pissed while the closest I get is high of the fucking gun oil!” Thatch breathed. Visibly trying to calm himself down
as Vanessa looked on. The look of sympathy she was trying to hide somehow making it worse so he grabbed a brush and focused on the bolt carrier in his hands.

“I’ve put my papers in” he stated, eyes locked on his work. “One more year and they can get their wish and be rid of the “skinny” imposter marine”. Vanessa sighed. Resigned but not surprised. She took him in as he worked. Growing up on Luna, with it’s gravity even lower than most Belter habitats, had definitely had an effect on him but, like all Lunan kids, spending his formative years travelling down the well to Earth as well as treatments to aid growth followed by years of hard Marine training had mitigated most of it but even see had seen how often he was assigned as “Op-for” in training missions or boarding parties.

“Lunan or not you did the same training as them and most of those jarheads could never get their head around your technical skills. Once a marine always a marine don’t forget that. I just wish you’d stay. I told you I’m trying to get a word in for you. Get you transferred with me to that new posting I’ve got coming up. Put that brain of yours to use.” “Thanks ‘Ness but it’s too late. As it is they are going to make me do every second of my final year and I just can’t bring myself to live for a “Maybe””.

She bit her lip. Smartly realising that whatever she said would just make things worse so choosing to accept defeat. For now. “What are you going to do when your times up?” she asked. “Think I’ll go work at the shipyards back home. They are always looking for comp techs or ex-service” he replied, silently thanking her for the change in topic. “What’re you doing here on a Friday night anyway? Don’t all you intelligence pukes work part time anyway” he asked while giving the bolt carrier a final inspection. “Fuck off” she replied. Emphasising her well crafted retort with a smack on the arm. “I had to finish up a report on last weeks stop and searches. Was just on my way home when I saw the light on. But if you’re going to be a dick I’m out of here” she finished with a smile. Unfolding from the bench before making he way to the door. Reaching it she turned back “Hey Thatch” she stated as he finally put the rifle back together and racked it before looking up. “Keep your head up. It’s only a year. Just play the game. See you Monday” she finished with a companionable nod before leaving. “You too” thatch responded as she retreated down the corridor before sighing and grabbing the next rifle from it’s cradle.
Magazine, Sight rail, Rear Pin, Fore Pin, Top cover, Mag coil, Barrel...
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Garuda - Thu 19 May - 17:25

Sorry Ravenlanders, unable to make it tonight. See you next week.

mikeawmids - Thu 19 May - 14:51

lol, just realised party will be down both clerics, mwahahaha. :D

mikeawmids - Thu 19 May - 14:48

Thanks for the heads up. Have a good trip! We still have four players, so I think we are still good to game tonight.

Val - Thu 19 May - 13:37

Sorry Mike I won’t be going tonight either I will not be there next week either.

Bane - Thu 19 May - 10:20

Stonehell guys, I have to finish packing tonight, so I shall be bowing out for the next three weeks, see you guys on the 9th of June.

Inept - Wed 18 May - 22:53

as mentioned last week not around this week, being wined and dined by a client... (and possibl squeezing more jobs out of them!)

Inept - Thu 5 May - 22:14

apologies Ade, test positive for covid at 6.45, retested and still positive. No roleplaying for me tonight and no site visit tomorrow. have a good game

moc - Thu 21 Apr - 18:47

Still in Weston-super-Mare. Gobineers don't settle for meat platter. Demand KFC ! See you next t week

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