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TOPIC: The Expanse - Abzu's Bounty

The Expanse - Abzu's Bounty 9 months 1 week ago #5507

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Kick-off about 8.30pm
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The Expanse - Abzu's Bounty 8 months 4 weeks ago #5516

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Session 2

After scavenging weapons and equipment from the dead and patching up Jamelia so she can at least move the group sneak and bluff their way back towards the docks. Not quite being as stealthy as they’d like they find the docks heavily locked down but luckily managed to find a back passage onto the dock itself and sneak up to the entrance gate to the Anne Bonney.

Bally uses the pad to open up only to be confronted with a dead crewman floating in the microgravity quickly followed by the rest of the crew bound and killed on an obvious mass execution. The ship itself looks like it has been completely tossed. Using the access codes the group check the ship over as well as strap down any floating equipment/body parts less they become projectiles if they have to pull any high G’s. Jamelia finds the ship in working order but the locking clamps engaged and an apparent list of outstanding docking fees.

Despite Jenson's natural instincts Bally managed to convince him to not just blast open the docking bay doors and fly out guns blazing. Instead they decide to hold position on the basis that whoever tipped the ship either found what they wanted (probably the sample) or didn’t and know not to come back. Better to wait until the lockdown is listed.

After a few hours though a well dressed inner turns up at the airlock security camera. Bally, who happened to be monitoring them at the time, speaks to her and she introduces herself as a Diana. She seems curiously well informed about their situation and, after being invited on board, offers to make the groups problems “go away” in exchange for transport to Mars. With few options the group agree and she leaves informing she will be back in 8 hours. During that time deckhands arrive to full reprovision the ship including plenty of that grey gunk Jenson loved from The Bounty.

As well as supplies all the docking fees are suddenly paid and legal documents arrive in the message buffer transferring ownership of the Anne Bonney to the group all as equal owners. To mark the occasion the group decide to renamed the ship to the Cerberus, mostly at Jensen's request since no one else really had much of an opinion. 8 hours elapse and Diana returns in time for their departure.

A week or so later, Jamelia now fully healed, the group are passing through the Jovian system when Diana advises them of a news story she spotted on the Pyramid News Network. Normally PNN is known for it’s conspiracy theories, lack of actual news and is almost considered light entertainment rather than factual by most but this one story seems to have too many details of their own encounters with the sample to be completely random. The story reports that the sample was taken to a secret base within a few days travel of their current location and Diana wants to investigate in case there is any money in it.

Making their way to the Moon Himalia they find an abandoned mining base but there are signs of some recent activity. Landing the group, Diana in tow at Jensen's insistence, head towards to the main Airlock to find power completely down. Opening the outer lock without issue Jensen stops Bally just in time before he set off the trap on the inner lock. Bravely going outside the group leave Jamelia in the lock on her own to disable the trap successfully before heading inside to find the place completely deserted seemingly in a hurry.

There are clear signs of people recently and once they locate the command centre they power up a terminal to find a message from a few days ago advising them of the base being compromised and to evacuate. This coincided with the breaking PNN news article.

With nothing else to note the group head back to the ship their only lead now PNN and their curiously accurate report. With some deft computer skills Colin manages to triangulate the source of the PNN broadcast (notoriously hard to find as they move around) to a satellite relay nearby. Heading there in the hopes of following the signal back further they find the satellite but also a belter ship called, according to it’s transponder, The Rockhound, currently docked to it.

Despite attempts at communication and threats from Jensen the situation deteriorates and as they start to undock weapons are bought online...
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The Expanse - Abzu's Bounty 8 months 2 weeks ago #5534

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Session 3

Through some extremely fancy flying by Jamelia and some pin perfect PDC fire from Jensen “One shot” Phoenix the Rock hound's drive cone is disabled and their engines shut down before they can get far but NOT before they get off a distress call. A MCRN Frigate (The Coronet) seems to be responding but is more than 10 hours away.

Now more willing to talk the group discuss with the Rock hounds captain, an Elsa N’Johnu and offer to help her repair her ship due to the “misunderstanding”. She explains her head office just sent her on this off the books job to upload some diagnostic software onto the satellite which is supposed to transmit back itself. She also advises the contract came with explicitly details about the Cerberus (nee Anne Bonney) and that it was a Pirate vessel. While the majority of the group work on the Rock hound (Jamelia leading the effort why Jensen makes friends as always and Bally mitigates his friend-making skills) Colin EVA’s to the satellite and finds the transmission data they installed truly is diagnostic software but encoded. He downloads the data which takes around 6 hours.

Conveniently it takes 5 hours to complete repairs on the Rock hound and, begrudgingly, Elsa agrees to inform The Coronet (which has accelerated and now only a few hours away) that it was a mistake. Undocking they move the Cerberus over to the satellite and pickup Colin as soon as they Download is complete then head directly away. The Coronet makes token attempt o get them to hold for inspection but the group just don’t respond and they eventually give up.

After some work Colin decrypts the data in record time and finds the diagnostics were due to transmit to a district on Callisto, the Primarily MCRN Shipyard and Port Hamilton t he town that has grown to service it and it’s sailors.

Heading there the group dock without issue and Bally promptly heads into the first bar to “gather intelligence”. Said bar is the Wobbly Thruster and, while unsuccessful, he does gather a rather nice Martian Scotch that comes in handy later. Colin has much more luck. Chatting up a drunkard called Reginald Scarmonkey who leads them to the section of the city indicated by the logs. Bally then fulfils his destiny and locates PNN’s office by giving his scotch to a drunk on the side of the tunnel who points it out.

After a detour to the store next door, where Jamelia excitedly buys a drone then starts fantasising about weaponising it, the group enter PNN’s office only to be met by two men in the same nondescript armour they saw on Prometheus.

The group (mostly Jensen “one shot” Phoenix) take care of them quickly and find on them tablets with details about each of them including pictures and, disturbingly, Sound bites of all of their voices. Initially suspecting Diana (who is off doing her own business and investigation) the group realised at least one of the recordings is from before she joined them. It’s clear there is a bug onboard that is transmitting out recordings of what they say.
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Garuda - Thu 19 May - 17:25

Sorry Ravenlanders, unable to make it tonight. See you next week.

mikeawmids - Thu 19 May - 14:51

lol, just realised party will be down both clerics, mwahahaha. :D

mikeawmids - Thu 19 May - 14:48

Thanks for the heads up. Have a good trip! We still have four players, so I think we are still good to game tonight.

Val - Thu 19 May - 13:37

Sorry Mike I won’t be going tonight either I will not be there next week either.

Bane - Thu 19 May - 10:20

Stonehell guys, I have to finish packing tonight, so I shall be bowing out for the next three weeks, see you guys on the 9th of June.

Inept - Wed 18 May - 22:53

as mentioned last week not around this week, being wined and dined by a client... (and possibl squeezing more jobs out of them!)

Inept - Thu 5 May - 22:14

apologies Ade, test positive for covid at 6.45, retested and still positive. No roleplaying for me tonight and no site visit tomorrow. have a good game

moc - Thu 21 Apr - 18:47

Still in Weston-super-Mare. Gobineers don't settle for meat platter. Demand KFC ! See you next t week

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