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TOPIC: ROT5-SW-50 Fathoms-A Ship of Fools?

ROT5-SW-50 Fathoms-A Ship of Fools? 6 years 1 day ago #1464

  • Andrek
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Yes of course you can, same goes for Steboucha. Try and think of a character concept rather than character optimization. We already have two Swashbuckler/Elemental mages, and Fruitvikings character (hard to classify), plus an array of NPC's (the Crew). Still it never hurts to have the odd combat skill. Few firearms can manage more than one shot without reloading, so don't neglect melee combat skills as well as shooting.
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ROT5-SW-50 Fathoms-A Ship of Fools? 5 years 11 months ago #1468

  • antidog
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I've not managed to locate my character sheet from last time so may need to draw up a new one tonight. I'm not sure i can remember what I was before!
Why does my D20 only go up to 4?
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ROT5-SW-50 Fathoms-A Ship of Fools? 5 years 11 months ago #1469

  • fruitviking
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From what I remember my character could be described as rather crabby but just a big softy once you get him to come out of his shell.
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Temrane - Thu 11 Aug - 11:09

round robin dnd should be happening tonight :)

Sarge - Thu 11 Aug - 10:35

What games are on tonight? Adam isn’t running his game and the round robin 5e table didn’t happen last week. Numbers may be a bit slim therefore. I’m running a one shot Cthulhu.

Sarge - Sun 7 Aug - 16:44

Sorry, that should be 11th Aug is final week

Sarge - Sun 7 Aug - 16:43

As a reminder, the next rotation starts on 18th Aug, so this Thursday (8th Aug) is the last week of the current rotation

rhodsey - Sun 7 Aug - 15:25

Might have a spare slot for Coriolis next rotation if anyone interested. See the game proposal thread for more and see the Games discussion thread for background info.

rhodsey - Thu 28 Jul - 12:06

Actually kicks off tonight. Opening ceremony.

mikeawmids - Thu 28 Jul - 11:26

Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 04/08/22 (next Thurdsay), there may be road closures on your route to the club.

mikeawmids - Tue 19 Jul - 09:14

Heads up, DriveThruRPG have kicked off their Christmas in July sale, BIG discounts on THOUSANDS of items!!!

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