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TOPIC: R1 game panic - noob DM?

R1 game panic - noob DM? 4 years 6 months ago #1881

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folks tend to be very helpful to new DM's...

just remember to use the word 'NO' as often as necessary, and reward what you see as excellent ideas with bonus dice where necessary!

rules lawyers will no doubt help you with basic game mechanics, BUT, they dont know the full situation and what might be affecting those rules. So don't be afraid to overrule folks! when things don't go as expected this is where stuff gets interesting for the players and they have to work HARD! case in point Scott decided that our scout couldn't use his message ability to quietly alert the group to the presence of monsters... with some hilarious results, as we blindly blundered in, having ignored the warning that the rogue thought he'd sent, and tripped the trap, he was currently disarming, before being fallen upon by the nasty monsters...

it worked out well in the end but the roleplaying opportunities as we remonstrated with the rogue were superb!

best of luck
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R1 game panic - noob DM? 4 years 6 months ago #1882

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Ha! Sounds fun! Morgan shot shane in the ankle with an arrow for no clear reason, but we rolled with it! I'll make sure I practise my "no" voice before I arrive!
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rhodsey - Thu 29 Jul - 18:07

I'll join in if ok Hugh. posted in the forum post as well so the shoutbox doesn't get overwhelmed

Mr. B - Thu 29 Jul - 17:39

Jim - it’ll be next week and the week after…

JIm - Thu 29 Jul - 17:29

Ah, actually, I will skip tonight and join as a special appearance for the conclusion next week. Beware tentacles.

JIm - Thu 29 Jul - 17:11

Im up for some Cthulhu, what time you going to start ;)

Mr. B - Thu 29 Jul - 17:02

Max of six! So five spaces left. Any newbies, pcs will be generated before play…

Mr. B - Thu 29 Jul - 17:01

With Sant being absent for the next two weeks, I’ll run a one/two-shot of Cthulhu - for possibly the last time!! It’ll be a mix of existing pcs (so, Scott’s in!) and newbies. Who’s in?

Sarge - Thu 29 Jul - 16:53

Won’t be around tonight as have no game. Can someone please collect subs and pay for room. Thanks

Sant - Thu 29 Jul - 13:18

Expanse...Rather than wait until later to make a call, I've been feeling off yesterday and today so I'm going to have to not run tonight, sorry I thought I might feel better by this afternoon.

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