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TOPIC: R1 2ed Pathfinder Road to Valerous Jan 2020

R1 2ed Pathfinder Road to Valerous Jan 2020 3 months 1 day ago #4588

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we driving too club now, Moc sais more then happy for ya too join.
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R1 2ed Pathfinder Road to Valerous Jan 2020 3 months 1 day ago #4589

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Hi all 2e pathfinders !

If you do a write up, stealing an idea from you mike. Anyone completing one will

1st write up 1 hero point
2nd 2 hero points
3rd a common magic item worth no more than 100gp
4th common magic item
5th a modified deck of many things one card pick
6th one uncommon one night magic item . Disappears when night is over. Or just has a few charges DM choice
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R1 2ed Pathfinder Road to Valerous Jan 2020 3 months 10 hours ago #4594

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Journal of Punt Smallflock #1

Arrived in Breachill at first light. Followed my nose to the tannery outside town and the folk there directed me to a tavern. There are so many nice people here! Made friends with a half-elf alchemist (Nyx), a dwarven priest of Iomadae (Torra) and a lizardman scavenger (Sid).

There are some bad people too! A gang of gnolls were rude to the barmaid and the barman (Dante) straight up butchered them. Nobody seemed to mind, so I skinned their fur for pelts. Nyx collected the eyeballs and teeth. I didn't ask why; honestly, I'd rather not know. I asked Dante if we'd get in trouble for mutilating the bodies, but he said it was self defence and everything was dandy.

I wish the constable back home had been that lenient when he caught me poaching game in the lord's forest. I was only trying to put food on the tables of my family, friends and casual acquaintances - whoever had the coin, really. Torra says it's wrong to break the law, but I don't think he's ever been hungry. His parents abandoned him outside a monastery when he was little, so that's kind of sad.

Nyx and Sid stayed in Dante's tavern, but Torra put me up in the temple. If I help out around the place, I get my own room and personal bucket! Torra says there will be a festival tomorrow, with good food and games to play! It sounds like so much fun, I can't wait!
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rhodsey - Fri 20 Mar - 18:37

For those who want to get their RP fix in https://www.polygon.com/2020/3/20/21188141/lord-of-the-rings-online-dungeons-and-dragons-online-dlc-free-coronavirus

moc - Thu 19 Mar - 20:12

SARGE / everyone... club shut for 2 weeks till Thursday April 9th ...

Garuda - Thu 19 Mar - 16:46

Madness boys. Please see post in the Claws of Madness thread for my pathetic excuse for not being able to attend tonight. Sorry.

moc - Wed 18 Mar - 17:46

New game being posted for the ranger aka Adam's game

TheRanger - Wed 18 Mar - 14:06

Hoard of the dragon queen folks please read discussion thread

rhodsey - Wed 18 Mar - 13:23

Waterdeep players please see post in thread.

MellyMel - Thu 12 Mar - 19:41

Warning for anyone coming via Oldbury, roads are carnage. Avoid if possible

Andrek - Thu 12 Mar - 14:16

Hi, Can't make it this week, I'm in Sandwell A&E

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