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TOPIC: Masks - final thoughts...

Masks - final thoughts... 2 years 11 months ago #2208

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and so it comes to an end...

Fillery flexed his arms, forgetting for a short while that he now had only one, the other lost just below the elbow. Strange how the sensation still remained, phantom pains tingled in non existent finger tips. The residual pain from the cauterising burn was nearly gone, the strange perfectly straight edge marked it as unusual, no surgeons tool or industrial accident could possibly have caused it.

The debrief with Lancellot and the others was brief and to the point. Grey Goose island was no more, and the world, literally, was safe again. Lancellot and the others seemed convinced that this may happen again, and that some sort of formal opposition to the forces of the other side was required. Fillery mouthed pleasantries and noted that the church would support any challenge to the forces of darkness, but thought it unlikely that the Church of Rome would fully engage with any external (and decidedly secular) organisation.

The report back to the Vatican was likely to be much more extensive. Still, the books would help convince them, as would the statue. Careful and controlled study of the mythos texts would be required, such a task would need to be kept secret from all but a select few. . The Vatican loved its secrets... The strange metallic fluid would also need to be tested, what properties that held who would know, though Fillery considered it again in light of the strange bomb and its weird flowing metal. Fillery considered again the power contained in the books. he would recommend that they all be gathered and placed under papal seal as soon as possible. Once the church knew of the risks, it would be likely that they would acquire the books by any means, probably creating a clandestine division to seek and acquire the tomes. Fillery made a quick note. His writing was improving with his left hand, strangely writing in latin was easier than English!

Rutherford Hill & Akio (at least 1 book possibly more, Yithian device) (clandestine approach may be needed, Rutherford Hill is unlikely to yield up the tomes).
Carnaby Wright (at least 1 book) (now deceased) (USA)
Reginald Wright (see Carnaby above) (direct approach may be successful)
Penhew foundation (unknown numbers) (London) (clandestine approach may be needed)
Erica Carlisle (several tomes) (New York) (Direct approach may be successful Erica is a Catholic).
Omah Shakti (unknown) (Egypt) (very dangerous, may require charges to be brought and a military operation).

As Fillery stopped writing, his hand cramping at the unaccustomed exercise, he considered his notes. Was the Church really the safest custodian of these mythos tomes? and if not the Church then who? None of the existing government or non government organisations were likely to believe in them, much less equipped to handle them. Could they be left in private hands like Carlisle and Rutherford Hill? Fillery pondered, the individuals might be trusted not to try and master the mysteries, but time was not on their side, others would inherent the works and, without having experienced the obvious horror such works could unleash, they would be tempted, and corrupted. Fillery picked up his pen and made a final observation

"it is imperative that we acquire these mythos tomes and articles in order to prevent future incidents, only the Church has the ability and the experience to store such heretical texts safely in the long term."
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Masks - final thoughts... 2 years 11 months ago #2214

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The tall man entered the room quietly. Moving with an almost ethereal grace and quiet, he took a chair from the corner of the room, and placed it and set himself carefully upon it next to the hospital bed.

Silence. Bar the pitter-patter of the rain on the window. He glanced outside. London. 1965. A storm is brewing, he thought. Even here, today, on this realm, I can never escape storms...

"I know you're there", said the old man in the bed.

The tall man sighed. "Thought as much."

The old man slowly opened his eyes. Despite his age, they still showed a youthfulness, stirred with irises of pain, sorrow and long-held secrets, thought the tall man. It's like looking in a mirror - and looking at my future, he thought.

"So. Today's my day", breathed the old man.

"Yes.", said the tall man, "Hence my visit. I'm sorry I haven't been here more." He paused. "It's been a while."

"A good ten years, at least. Well, you've been busy. I'm touched you found a moment to see me. Especially today."

"You're family. Despite our differences, we're connected. By blood. By..."

"Experiences", the old man concluded.

A moment passed between them. A shared look.

"Thank you", said the tall man. "For all you've taught me."

"Thank you", replied the old man. "For keeping me alive for so long"

"How did you know it was me?", said the tall man.

"An educated guess. Not everyone lives to be over 100 years old, with the little I know, and not think that someone is pulling the strings, boy!"

The tall man paused. He then spoke, with authority. "Yes. It's true. You - and the others. All those times where you should have died, I nudged the dice, changed the roll, bargained with the gamesmaster in your favour. But - it's time. I can't do what I need to do without taking the energy that's kept you and them alive." He paused again. "I'm sorry." He looked at the old man with a sorrowful, grave, misty-eyed expression on his face,

The old man interrupted, "What for, dear boy? You've allow us to live lives of joy and wonder, amongst the chaos and darkness that exists throughout it. Nephew - all good things must come to an end."

A moment passed between them. A shared look.

Then the old man bristled, uncomfortable with such a rise of uncommon emotions expressed between them. "Well. Yes, yes. Oh, what do they call you now? Starburner? Realmbulider?"

"Not sure.", frowned the tall man. "It depends."

The old man smiled. "I always preferred your old Omega Division code name - Mockingbird. Taking the mickey, winding and flicking the v's to the enemy and anyone else who stood in your way!"

The tall man smiled back. "Yeah. Those days were good.". Head bowed, struggling with the thought of what he had to do.

The old man spoke with soft but certain tones, like a father to son. "Always remember, my boy. You're doing all your doing to save lives. To save us."

"I saved Beverly", said the tall man quietly, raising his head.

"What?! What?!! Why the Devil didn't you tell me before"

"I couldn't. It was too much of a risk. But now..."

"Yes...", nodded the old man, grimly. "But now..."

A moment passed between them. A shared look.

To break the tension, from nowhere the tall man produced a hipflask. He poured two tumblers of the finest whiskey and passed one to the old man and held the other. They talked some more. About those passed. About those living. About Akio. About Carnaby. About Jean. About Ken. About Kipper. About others.

And then, it happened. The old man winced in pain, "It's time, my boy. It's time."

"The stars will dim at your passing, Uncle Lancelot", said the tall man with a certain softness and regret. He stood. "But burn brighter for it."

"And the world will grow richer for your actions, Nephew Quincy" , said the old man. "And better for them."

The tall man, raised his tumbler. "To you. And all our pasts"

The old man mirrored. "To you. And all our futures."

They drank. Deep.

And then - silence.

Bar the shattering of glass, sliding from the grasp of an old man's dead hand. Bar the sound of the heart machine's sustained beep. Bar the flurried entry of doctors and nurses futilely working to bring the old man back. Bar the rain on the window...

The tall man observed, from a distance, unseen, out of view, out of realm - and noted. And howled, an ungodly, primal sound of pain and loss.

The moment has passed.
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Masks - final thoughts... 2 years 11 months ago #2217

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Burns stared through the barred window. He often stared through the window. He liked to watch the rain. There were patterns in the rainfall. You’d see them too if you knew how to watch the rain like Burns does.

He could see the patterns, he could hear the whispers, he could taste the veil, and he could almost touch the abyss of truth that threatened to swallow the whole of God’s creation.

He knew why they didn’t want to believe him. They’re addicted to sweet ignorance. It protects them. It caresses them. It nurtures them. Why would they want to overcome their addiction to blissful mental states in order to embrace instead the awful truth?

This morning was the memorial service for Derby. Burns wasn’t allowed to attend. The doctor had told him he wasn’t well enough. He hoped the others would be there. Do the others have dreams too?

Approaching footsteps stopped outside his door. There was a jangle of keys. It was time for his medicine. It softened the lines between worlds and helped him to sleep. He tried to sooth an itch, but the constraints wouldn’t allow him to reach.

The rain continued to fall. It spoke to Burns of a lifetime of autumn.

How he longed for sweet ignorance.
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Masks - final thoughts... 2 years 11 months ago #2220

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Absolutely loving these posts!
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Masks - final thoughts... 2 years 11 months ago #2221

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Think it shows how much we enjoyed the game and the experience...!
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