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TOPIC: The Two Headed Serpent - Discussion

The Two Headed Serpent - Discussion 2 weeks 4 days ago #2974

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"The year is 1933. In South America, the Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay is in full swing. The two countries are fighting over contested territory, which is believed to be rich in oil. You've been employed by a humanitarian charity, the Caduceus Foundation, to deliver medical aid to civilians caught up in the war. You are escorting doctors, nurses and medical supplies to an aid camp deep in the jungle of Gran Chaco.

"As well as needing medical staff, this expedition also needs adventurous types trained in wilderness and jungle survival. This is a Pulp Cthulhu adventure, so expect high action and create your heroes appropriately. The truth is that the Caduceus Foundation is a front for an organisation whose real agenda is to battle elements of the Cthulhu Mythos, but your characters don't know that yet. They are just heroes who have decided to extend help to those in need."

I'll be using the Slippery Slope play style from the Realms of Cthulhu book; pulpy damage / gritty sanity. Your characters can take a punch, but the dangers of the Mythos are as real as ever. In the words of Shane Hensley; "less of you will be stabbed by cultists and more of you will survive to have your face melted off by the Lurker at the Threshold." Good times.

In regards to character creation, don't worry about the usual $500 limitation on gear, just make a list of what your character would realistically have on their person, whilst trekking through the jungle (in 1933). Also, give some thought as to some friends and family members and your bonds to them. New York serves as the hub for most of the campaign, so bear that in mind. Try to have a character concept in mind for week one. Rolling up characters should not take too long, but there are some new features (Sanity and Corruption) that will need to be covered during character creation.

Extra benny in week one if you "cast" your character, by posting a picture of the person they would be played by if The Two Headed Serpent were a movie.

I'll be using the Fate is Cruel setting rule, you cannot spend bennies to reroll a critical fail.

There are nine chapters in the book and I will be awarding an advance for each one you complete. The way the campaign is set up, your decisions will determine the order you approach these chapters - or whether you miss some altogether.
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The Two Headed Serpent - Discussion 1 week 6 days ago #2983

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Freddy 'The Flash' Pinkerton III
Freddy ‘the Flash’ Pinkerton III born of Martha and William Pinkerton, of the Long Island Pinkertons grew up with not only a silver spoon in his mouth, but also 5 sisters. He learnt at a very early age how to get his way with ladies, and spent most of his miss spent youth travelling through the south, getting kicked out of schools and engaging in a plethora of manly pursuits. Eventually he finished of his schooling in Texas to give his parents a bit of breathing space, it was here that he first met his major love, automobiles.
The Pinkerton fortune in recent years has waned and suffered and the family, whilst it’s name still holds some sway, has faded into the lower echelons of society. Freddy, however will not have this and will use his name wherever possible and boast of his exaggerated travelling around the globe.
The only thing that enables Freddy to not be labelled and intolerable liar is the fact that he actually a very good racer, and has taken part in the Daytona races regularly and has done quite well indeed, thankyou very much. Fearless, brave to the point of foolhardy and manly, he has temporarily hung up his racing goggles because you know, there’s this nurse who would be really impressed if he did something, you know, to help people…..

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