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TOPIC: D&D: Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts

D&D: Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts 10 months 1 week ago #3234

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I don't normally do discussion threads, but I thought I would this time as we may potentially have a lot to keep track of:


Wan, Elf Monk. Kind of heart, skilled with medicine and trusts easily. On a quest to achieve status in the Order of the Gauntlet. (Adam)
Leshana, Elf Rogue. Wants to obtain money, and as much of it as possible. Affiliated with the Zhentarim. (Morgan)
Amon, Tiefling Warlock. Embittered by the murder of his family. Furiously pursues a clan of Orcs, and searches for a familiar. No fixed affiliation. (Dave)

Session notes

Arrived at the Crossing Inn, learned of the Treacherous Gur family:
  • Hricu:, Young boy, stole a want from a mage.
  • Rilynin: Young man, stole gems from a travelling merchant.
  • Kehkin: Middle Aged Man, stole weapons from the local militia.
  • Papa: Old man. Cursed the Cook, stole some herbs and fled.
  • Sybil: A lady to whom the rest of the Gurs pay deference.
Wan deduces the Cook is not cursed; merely drugged.
Mage advises that the Gur are frightened by the strange rumours, and may prove to be valuable allies.
Traced Kehkin to an Orc Fort in the Wastes of Thar - Amon insists they pursue the Orcs to fuel his vendetta.
Wan spots traps - Ambush! Party sneaks around to ambush the ambushers. Kill one orc, the other gets away.
Amon blasts a raven diving towards them.
Party attacks Orcs arguing over weapons - easily defeat them.
Kehkin trapped in a cage. Party release him and bring him back on the wagon, with some parting Eldritch Blasts at the Orc Horde.
Kehkin claims he took the weapons to try to recruit the Orcs in a fight against the coming evil - Party should talk to Sybil for more details; she will come when the family are back together.


How would you guys feel about me running Permanent Injuries? (A potentially game-affecting injury decided on a D20 if your character ever falls unconscious.) I feel it would fit the tone of the campaign but it can render some characters very difficult to use if enough of their limbs drop off!
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D&D: Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts 10 months 5 days ago #3240

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Got a favour to ask...

As some of you know I play in a band, and sometimes we have rehearsal on Thursday evening. This coming Thursday is one of those days, and that will affect my arrival time! I shouldn't be late to start the game - we finish at 8 so I'll be there by 8.30 - but chances are we're going to have a new player on Thursday. His name is Richard and he spoke to me and Tony last week. I'd rather get the game going straight away if I possibly can, so can one of you guys run him through character creation for me please? If you could print off a character sheet for him and take him through the process (he's familiar with D&D but hasn't played for a while,) I'd appreciate it.

If not, don't worry about it, I'll do it - just might make things a bit more straightforward.


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D&D: Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts 10 months 1 day ago #3253

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New Characters:

Mya, Elf Druid. Protects the balance of nature and her own part in it. Affiliated with the Emerald Enclave.
Balsor, Dragonborn Cleric. Brave of heart, healer of wounds. Part of the Order of the Gauntlet.
Crowley, Gnome Wizard. The memory man; sees things others don't. No known affiliation.

Session Notes

The decision was made to search for Papa in the Quivering Forest.
On the way, ambushed by Elves and Mastiffs. Wan's attempts to reason fall on deaf pointed ears. Balsor and Amon fall before the fight is done.
Balsor may or may not have had his money stolen by Leshanna.
Mya detects a magical presence - approached by an old woman with Papa on a leash.
Old woman offers a trade - the heart of a Golden Elk for Ozzcar (Papa). Group accepts, though with some reservations from Crowley.
Elks are found - group kills three off them.
Offers heart to old woman, who they suspect is a hag - she hands over Ozzcar.
Ozzcar stole the herbs from the kitchen to try to recruit the hag.
Balsor, now recovered, provides a feast of Elk meat.

Next, the group pursue Hricu and the stolen wand.
Climbed the Vanishing Hills without setting off any of the Flame Thistles.
As the hill is mounted, the group is attacked by Ice Cats...

Get ready to roll initiative next week!
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D&D: Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts 9 months 3 weeks ago #3264

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Just a quick one lads:

Those of you in contact with me on WhatsApp, I've moved in to my new flat, my internet provision doesn't start until Wednesday and I've tanked all the data on my phone so I'm unlikely to see anything you send me. If you need to get in contact with me regarding the Sunday game that some of you are involved with, best just to text me.

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