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TOPIC: Tales of the Mud Road discussion

Tales of the Mud Road discussion 2 weeks 3 days ago #3706

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World Building time!

This is a world in three parts; the realm of Gods, the realm of Men and the realm of Demons.

Thousands of years ago, the demon king Mingrollath sought to expand his empire and sent the armies of Hell to conquer the realm of Men. The gods could not stand idly by while Mingrollath strove to upset the delicate balance between the three realms and the Council of Heaven decreed that the demon king must die. However, the gods soon discovered that to kill a king of demons is a task easier said than done.

Joraeth, the god of the dwarves forged a lightsteel lance that would pierce the demon king’s armour and Lysander, god of men and fiercest warrior among the gods carried the weapon into battle. Castine, the goddess of elves and Lysander’s lover, enchanted the weapon to slay its victim in a single strike.

But Mingrollath had anticipated the gods would intervene and laid his plans accordingly. The demon king removed his own beating heart from his chest and split it into thirteen parts. Some he gave to his most powerful minions to protect, others he hid in the darkest corners of the world.

In the great Battle of the Three Realms, Lysander sought out the demon king and gave challenge. The two fought and Lysander drove his spear through Mingrollath’s breast, slaying the demon king and ending his wicked ambitions once and for all – or so the god of men believed. Feigning death, Mingrollath waited until Lysander turned away, then drew the spear from his body and drove it through the god’s back.

Lysander, the god of men was killed that day. The death of her lover drove Castine insane and she fled the battlefield, taking with her Lysander’s body and the lance. Although Mingrollath could not be killed without first reuniting the fractured pieces of his heart, the demon king was weakened by his wounds. Joraeth bound the demon king in chains forged from the last of the lightsteel and sealed him away in a prison to the frozen north.

Mingrollath the demon king was defeated, his army scattered, yet the price of victory was steep. Lysander, god of men was slain and Castine, goddess of the elves driven mad with grief. Only Joraeth survived and even he withdrew from his temples, to seek out the hidden hearts of the demon king.
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Tales of the Mud Road discussion 2 weeks 3 days ago #3707

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Following the death of their god, humans have had to adapt to life without divine oversight. As per the SWADE rules, humans start with one free edge that they meet the requirements for.
Humans cannot take the Arcane Background (Miracles) edge, because their god is dead. Their shrines are untended and the warrior priests of Lysander are reduced to mercenaries calling themselves the Mourning Men, hiring their sword arms out to the highest bidder. Recently, the Cult of the Icosahedron has been gaining followers among humans desperate to believe in something.
King Cardell rules the lands of men from the city of Whitecliff.

Adaptable (start with one free edge).

With the death of her lover, Castine was driven mad and her personality split. When petitioning the goddess of the elves, her clerics can never be sure if her mood will be kind, capricious or self-destructive. To reflect the schism in their faith, the elves themselves are similarly divided. Yan elves (also called sun elves) are the bright sentinels of the forest. Yin elves (shadow elves) are the skulking wretches that malinger in shaded groves. The ancestral forest of El’y’medorei is bitterly contested between the two peoples and it is rarely a good idea for strangers to get involved in their quarrel.

Yin/Shadow Elves: Agile, All Thumbs, Frail, Low Light Vision, Racial Enemy: Yan/Sun Elves, Stealthy (+2 Stealth rolls).

Yan/Sun Elves: Agile, All Thumbs, Charismatic, Code of Honour, Fast Healer, Racial Enemy: Yin/Shadow Elves.

Beneath the lava spewing peak of Mount Krammerlug lies the kingdom of Kradroc. Scowling faces carved into the sides of the mountain face cast their stony gaze upon all who would enter the fortified city of the dwarves.
Few of the bearded folk travel beyond their darkened halls and although they can see without light, their eyesight is generally poor.
The noble caste are called Gold Dwarves, for the golden bands that braid their long, bushy beards. Poorer, working class folk are called Copper Dwarves, for the inferior rings that adorn their less impressive facial hair. Guards & civil servants are Silver Dwarves and the beggars & thieves beneath the notice of society are called the Ringless.

Bad Eyes (minor), Hardy, Low Light Vision, racial Enemy (Wyrmkin), Reduced Pace, Tough.


Luck, Reduced Pace, Size-1, Spirited.

While the dwarves still stoke their massive furnaces with prodigious quantities of wood and coal, the diminutive gnomes have unlocked the secrets of electricity. As versatile as it is dangerous, the discovery is driving a technological revolution in the underwater city of Jubil. The gnomes trawl the seabed in their submersible ships, gathering the priceless joltpearls that are driving the rapid advancement of their society.

Size-1, Curious, Calculating, McGyver, Handy (start with d4 Repair).

The orcs live in the frozen wastes to the north and are a hardy, warlike folk who defend their icy territories with great ferocity. They are fat and blubbery, to better survive the cold and traverse the ice fields on war sleds pulled by packs of large, white wolves. Even the orcs know to avoid the Black Glacier, where demon king Mingrollath is bound within the ice, for unspeakable horrors roam that bitter plain.
Unlike goblins, who are generally reviled, orcs are grudgingly accepted by the other races, although their aggressive nature often triggers arguments.

Blubber (as per Obese), Outsider (-2 Persuasion), Thin-skinned (-2 to resist Taunt), Environmental Resistance (+4 to resist cold effects/trappings), Infravision, Strong (start with d6 Strength), Tusks (Strength+d4).

Descended from the ancient bloodlines of the extinct race of dragons, the wyrmkin bear little more than a passing resemblance to the winged titans that once ruled the skies. Now, the wyrmkin govern only Parashahr, the desert continent to the south. The wyrmkin revere the dragons as though they were gods. Dwarves and wyrmkin are mortal foes, as Joraeth designed and built the weapons that annihilated the last of the dragons. The wyrmkin have developed a technique for creating dragonglass weapons and armour.

Bite (Strength+d4), Fiery Breath (Gifted, Burst power only), Flight (6"), Scaly Hide (AV2), Draconic Heritage (Arrogant, Greedy & Racial Enemy: Dwarves).

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in case anyone missed it, the BCRPS library thread is located in the General Discussion forum.

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Sorry Galleons chaps, not going to be back in time!! :(

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I’m going to be at the hospice tonight. Sorry guys. I’ll keep you all posted.

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Link to Rotation forum: http://www.bcrps.co.uk/cms/index.php/forum/games-rotationsMake sure you sign up for a game!

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Sorry I wont be at class today this is Callum by the way so sorry Richard I feel sick so I will see you next week.

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