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TOPIC: R5 L.O.V.E vs H.A.T.E

R5 L.O.V.E vs H.A.T.E 1 year 2 months ago #3952

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In L.O.V.E vs H.A.T.E players will be members of a team who work for H.A.T.E, they've been called in following their most recent mission for an emergency briefing from the leader of H.A.T.E Doug T Hoegy,

The campaign is set in the stencian Sector of space a region of 7 systems containing 53 Planets named after the ancient race who once inhabited the area, the sector was first discovered 700 years and since then colonies from the many races of the galaxy have sprung up.

5th Dimension: When the stencian's disappeared several thousand years ago they did this by transforming themselves into energy and ascended to the 5th Dimension.

H.A.T.E (Helpful Alliance against Terror and Evil), This is the organisation the players work for, they run missions across the sector for the benefit of all the races, they are in constant competition with the agents of L.O.V.E

L.O.V.E (League of Villains and Evildoers), This organisation operates in secret across the sector spreading fear and chaos wherever they go under the leadership of Dr. Levi Ima.

Setting Rules

Character start at novice level with 3 advances to simulate experience from previous missions.


Arcane background Magic - Not used in this setting

Arcane Background Miracles - Powers are bestowed from a connection to one of the stencian's in the 5th Dimension, by aligning yourself with one of these beings they will channel 5th dimension energy to grant you powers.

5th Dimensional Manifestations (Seasoned, arcane Background Miracles) - With an effort of will the user can call forth an avatar of their chosen stencian. Roll Spirit - Success summon avatar stats tbc/Raise adds additonal benifit to the avatar unique to the summoned stencian.

Engineer Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Repair d8+
The engineer adds +2 to his Repair rolls. With a raise, he halves the time normally required to fix something. This means that if a particular Repair job already states that a raise repairs it in half the time, an engineer could finish the job in one-quarter the time with a raise.

Hacker Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Hacking d8+, Notice d8+ Hackers have spent a great deal of time learning the digital world. They can immerse themselves in computer systems and can combine their programming expertise with a cultivated and ruthless approach to hacking computer systems. Some of these heroes are actual legally authorized computer experts, while others may be guns-for-hire. Hackers add +2 to Hacking and Notice rolls, as well as Research, rolls made to search through computer stored evidence

Atmospheric Acclimation Requirements: Novice Travelers who have spent substantial time in Thin or Dense Atmosphere (see page 26) can learn breathing techniques to negate its ill effects. This Edge may be taken twice, once for each kind of atmosphere. Doing so allows the character to operate normally in that environment—he doesn’t have to make Vigor rolls.

Gravitic Acclimation Requirements: Novice, Agility d6+ The spacer knows how to operate in different gravities. He ignores the typical –2 penalty for operating in a gravity other than his own (see Gravity on page 27).


Doubting Thomas - Not used in this setting

FTL-Sickness (Major) Some thought-patterns are in fact hyper-sensitive to the effects of FTL flight! For each round that begins in FTL flight, the character suffers a -1 penalty to all actions for that round

Synthetic (Minor) The character’s physical form appears human, but it is actually a synthetic construct. Without a medical examination, it is impossible to detect that the character is not organic. The character cannot heal the damage the normal way, and Wounds are fixed using the Repair skill instead of Healing.

Low-G Worlder (Minor) The being hails from a world with light gravity, making his muscles weak compared to most other species. He subtracts 1 from all Strength rolls (including damage). Low Tech/High Tech


Occult- This skill is not used in this setting

Spellcasting - This skill is not used in this setting


The following races are available in this setting, feel free to modify these or create new ones using the race creation rules in the sci-fi companion.

Those who hail from aqueous worlds are collectively termed “aquarians.”
•Aquatic: Aquatic species cannot drown in water, move at full Swimming skill, and get a free d6 Swimming.
•Dependency: Aquarians must immerse themselves in water one hour out of every 24 or become automatically Fatigued each day until they are Incapacitated. The day after that, they perish. Each hour spent in water restores one level of Fatigue.
•Toughness: Life in the depths of their watery worlds has made aquarian flesh tough and res

The aurax hail from a primitive world of rolling plains and hostile beasts. They combine the lower body of a small hippo with the upper body of a gray-skinned humanoid.
•Low Tech Hindrance: The aurax home-world is low tech compared to most developed worlds. They have the Low Tech Hindrance (Major).
•Size +2: The humanoid part of an aurax is thick, stocky, and man-sized, while the rear body is the size of a bull. This adds +2 to Toughness.
•Strong: The aurax are large, bull-like creatures. They start with a d6 in Strength.

On some worlds, “plant people” evolved into humanoids. The example below is representative of a leafy green origin.
• Dependency: This type of plant-based life-form must bask in sunlight (artificial or otherwise) once per day or suffer Fatigue. This can lead to death. Fatigue is recovered at the rate of one level per hour of sunshine.
• Environmental Weakness, Heat/Fire: Florans suffer +4 damage from heat or fire attacks, and a –4 penalty to resist any other effects.
• Hardy: A second Shaken result doesn’t cause a wound.
• High Tech Hindrance: Florans come from very advanced worlds and find standard tech confusing. They suffer a –2 penalty when using typical electronic systems.
• No Vital Organs: Floran’s organs are spread out along their strange vascular systems, making them less susceptible to called shots.
• Regeneration: As long as they’re not Exhausted from lack of sunlight, florans may natural healing rolls once per day.

Broadly, humans are both people from Earth and any race with the same basic form and penchant for adaptability. They may be given a free Edge as usual, or may be customized to reflect a particular world or culture by giving them new abilities instead.
•Adaptable: Humans are a large and varied species. They begin play with any Novice Edge of their choosing. They must meet its Requirements as usual.

On some worlds, insects developed to be the dominant, sentient species. This particular example represents a sort of antmantis-humanoid hybrid.
•Armor: Insectoids are covered in exoskeleton or hard carapace. This grants them +4 Armor.
•Cannot Speak: Insectoids communicate with pheromones and weird clicking noises. Most wear portable screens to translate their speech to others.
•Natural Weaponry: The creatures have extremely strong pincers or mandibles, causing Str+d6, AP 2.
•Outsider Hindrance: Everything from the insectoids’ eating habits to their hive-like mentality is strange and alien to most other races. They have the Outsider (Minor) Hindrance.

A four-armed race of highly agile humanoids, kalians are known for their quick reactions, razor-sharp wit, marksmanship, and swordplay.
•Additional Action (+3): Due to their four arms, kalians get one extra nonmovement action per round at no multi-action penalty.
•Frail (–1): Kalians are of average height, but have very slim builds. This subtracts 1 from their Toughness.

Rakashans have the form of humans with the features of felines. They come in a wide variety: the bright colors of tigers, the speckled hides of leopards, and the exotic look of Siamese cats are all appropriate. They have sharp claws and teeth and a cruel nature when it comes to dealing with their prey.
•Agile: Rakashans have the feline grace of their ancestors. They start with a d6 Agility.
•Bloodthirsty Hindrance (Major): Rakashans can be cruel to their foes, often toying with them for simple amusement. They rarely take prisoners and feel little compunction about punishing captured foes. They have –4 Charisma among “civilized” types.
•Racial Enemy (–1): Rakashan society rose at the expense of another. Pick a common race in your setting (Floran). Members of each culture suffer a –4 Charisma when dealing with each other. Unless fettered by other authorities or common goals, individuals of the two races typically attack each other on sight.
•Natural Weaponry (+2): Rakashans have retractable claws that do Str+d6 damage, AP 2.
•Low Light Vision (+1): Rakashan eyes amplify light. They can see in the dark and ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.

On a remote world far from the usual trade lanes lives a race of beings called the serran. They are a thoughtful, cautious people often gifted with powerful telepaths. Would-be conquerors have thought the serrans weak given their disposition—but quickly learned otherwise when they sought to cause them harm.
•Weak: Serrans are weak compared to most other races. They suffer a –1 penalty to all Strength rolls.
•Danger Sense Edge: Serrans have either extremely developed intuition or perhaps limited extra-sensory perception, giving them the Danger Sense Edge.
•Parry: Serran ESP increases their Parry by +2.

Any breed of fur-covered mammalian from a cold world inevitably winds up being labeled as “yetis” by earthers. These types of xenos are tall, hairy, and ferocious when threatened.
•Environmental Resistance, Cold (): Yetis add +4 to resist the effects of cold, and have +4 Armor versus cold and ice-based attacks.
•Environmental Weakness, Heat (): Their thick coats are a liability in extreme heat and humidity. Yetis subtract 4 from Fatigue checks made to resist the effects of heat and take 4 additional points of damage from heat and fire based attacks.
• Low Tech Hindrance (Major): Yetis often come from less developed worlds. Many are fascinated by technology but aren’t as adept with it as most others, and their digits aren’t well-suited to keyboards or touch screens (which they break with alarming frequency).
• Size: The beings are typically about 7’ tall, very broad, and very dense. Add +2 to Toughness.
• Strong: Yetis are large and ferociously strong. They start with a d6 in Strength.

Additional Rules

Dumb Luck
Dumb Luck allows a player to spend a Benny even after a Critical Failure. The failure still happens in some way, but the character can spend one Benny (and only one) for one more roll. The hero still drops her weapon, flubs her Taunt, or otherwise “fails” the attempt—but if the reroll from the Benny is actually successful, it somehow still results in whatever success the new roll provides. A character trying to pick a lock might break the lock on a Critical Failure, for example, but only after cracking the lock. Or a warrior who fumbles a Fighting roll might hit a foe as if he’d thrown the weapon! The player and Game Master should work together to describe the scene in some fun or the bizarre way that explains how the mishap ultimately results in success
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R5 L.O.V.E vs H.A.T.E 1 year 2 months ago #4070

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Just incase anyone needs one ( as I didn't have one) You can get a FREE Savage worlds AD PDF character sheet here that you can fill in and print off.

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R5 L.O.V.E vs H.A.T.E 1 year 1 month ago #4233

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So. turns around I will be missing the next TWO weeks of this because of a last minute work trip I only found out about yesterday. Not back till around 11pm on the Thursday. Sorry. I won't be back until week 4 at least. I may just play in the one shot group this rotation as I've still not managed to sort a character anyway
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R5 L.O.V.E vs H.A.T.E 1 year 3 weeks ago #4263

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Sorry Tom I think I will just join the one shots group instead. this rotation seems a bit of a right off for me due to all the travelling etc.
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R5 L.O.V.E vs H.A.T.E 1 year 2 weeks ago #4287

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Hi HATERS, unfortunately due to recent changes with work I am going to have to pull out if this rotation, sorry again, have a great game!!
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R5 L.O.V.E vs H.A.T.E 1 year 1 week ago #4306

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Sorry guys. Migraine has hit
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