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TOPIC: The Expanse - Abzu's Bounty

The Expanse - Abzu's Bounty 2 months 1 week ago #5424

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Well if he's there tomorrow great, if not there's a slot free i guess. I think folks need to actually post themselves there interest and not have others do it for them, maybe that should be a rule? It's 2021 and there's no excuse for looking here to be honest.
no biggy.
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The Expanse - Abzu's Bounty 2 months 6 days ago #5425

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Hi All

Sorry been a busy week but I would like to join the game tonight if that's ok.
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The Expanse - Abzu's Bounty 2 months 6 days ago #5427

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The Leader as a Jack of all Trades sounds interesting, so I'll go for that
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The Expanse - Abzu's Bounty 2 months 6 days ago #5429

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I like the sound of leader as ell but i'll let the dice decide. Depends if Ade will make us do it hardcore mode or not!
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The Expanse - Abzu's Bounty 1 month 3 weeks ago #5467

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Abzus bounty

Dramatis Personae (please feel free to correct or expand on any character details since some are quite sparse from being made on the night). I can copy them into this post so we have everything in one place to refer to.

Colin (pronounced Co-lin) Arms (Jim) – a disgraced Earthen Politician

Balvinder “Bally” Ortega (Steve R) – Belter from a splinter colony. Trained as a doctor on Ganymede but lost his license due to overindulgence and a patient dying. Definitely doesn’t have a drink problem

Jamelia Rodqriquez (Tom) – Belter pilot and techie. Worked as a pilot on what she thought was a legitimate salvage ship that unbeknownst to her (until she got arrested) was also smuggling goods.

Jenson Phoenix (Sarge) – Former Martian marine. Mostly here because he really likes the catering.

Hughs character who’s name I definitely didn’t forget to write down – Martian doctor.

Session 0

Aboard the Ice Hauler Abzus bounty ‘C’ Watch are called to their rock hopper **insert name here because I forgot it think it was something like trashcan so we’ll go with that** to go down and plant charges to break up a chunk of ice for harvesting by the drones. A task they’ve done many times before being 4 months into a 6 month cruise.

Jamelia flies them down without issue then stays with the Trash can while the rest of the crew head out to set their individual charges. The group plant the charges in good time but receive an emergency broadcast from the Bounty warning of a micrometeorite storm on it’s way to them and to get back to the armoured safety of the Trash can. At this point they see the pufts of dust from the silent vacuum swallowed impacts all around them and seriously rethink their colleagues concept of “on the way”.

They all scramble back to towards the Trash can but almost all are punctured at least once. With their oxygen rapidly dwindling most make it back just in time apart from Bally who somehow (despite succeeding on a roll) overshoot the pod before doubling back on himself. One final chunk of rock pierces him as he heads through the door and he falls inside the depressurised pod. Luckily they bought a spare doctor who checks him over then, once the last person is inside and pressure restored rapidly patches him up and stabilises him.

After the storm has passed the survivors are sent out to regather the drill rigs from the charges (which cost more to replace than they do!) and dust off to return with Bally quickly going to the medbay.

For the next few weeks Bally recovers in the bay but, to their surprise, the rest of C watch are pulled off the rotation by the ships XO Mitchell. Usually a hard-ass he seems to be going out of his way to give the crew an easier time and be nice to them. Using Bally's condition as an excuse.

As rumours flow through the ship about some sort of Silicate found in the ice they harvested Mitchell approaches Phoenix with a Proposition...

EdIt - I have now been informed our ill fated rockhopper was known as Dusty Bin.
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The Expanse - Abzu's Bounty 1 month 3 weeks ago #5470

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Please feel free to fact check it all as I probably got names wrong.

Session 1

Two weeks or so later while Bally recovers the ship is filled with rumours about the silicate found in the ice. Everything from it being worth a fortune to it being a martian super weapon or even something to do with what happened on Eros. Curiously the rest of C watch are taken off the rotation when the XO Mitchell approaches Phoenix with a… well… Plan is a strong word. Let just say “idea” to steal the silicate and sell it saying hew knew some people (turns out they were the friend of a friend of a friend but the guy was an idiot).

One by one Phoenix convinced the rest of the group to join them and a (rather good) plan was hatched to fake a solar flare to get the crew to lockdown in quarters with a device made by Jamelia then pump the captains quarters (where the captain would retreat to) with nitrogen to force her to pass out. Bally, Phoenix and mitchell would then go in and secure her quarters while Colin watched from the bridge and shutdown the cameras. They would then ideally hack the safe or, if not, drill it out.

Everything went to plan until another ship turned up threatening to board. Turns out Mitchell had sabotaged the comms and had no idea who this was. In the ensuing Argument Jensen took the obvious route (to him) and shot mitchell in the face to shut him up. Thankfully it was gel rounds so he was just unconscious.

All attempts to communicate with the approaching vessel (later found out to be the Pirate ship Anne Bonney) were rebuffed with a warning to prepare for boarding and Jamelia, Bally and Colin went to meet them at the airlock. They appeared to have come for the sample (which looked suspiciously like the stuff in the footage from Eros) and the person in charge, one Claire O’Rourke, was known to Jamelia from the old days. While Claire in front of her crew tried to play it straight she told Jamelia to trust her if she wanted to stay alive. After demanding all who had found the sample meet her at the airlock there was a slight panic when Jensen vanished with said sample until he was found in the canteen stuffing his face.

They were eventually escorted off the ship, their crewmates still trapped in their cabins and mitchell left behind. Kinda expecting it Bally wasn’t surprised when they heard the sound of torpedoes launching. He was more surprised when a chunk of what WAS the Abzu’s bounty burst into the cabin they were locked in causing them to quickly seal it.

They were flown to Prometheus another moon of Saturn with Capt O’rouke telling hem to keep quiet and she’s try to get them out alive as she thought someone might want to speak to them. That someone was an OPA cell leader who was all set on stiffinf O’rouke and killing her till an unknown security team burst in and started killing everyone. The group grabbed pistols from the downed pirates and thought back just about surviving bar a nasty injury to Jamelia. AS Bally went to try and patch up O’rourke, figuring they were the closest thing they had to an ally she shoved a Pad into his hands telling him the Anne Bonney was theirs and to tell her crew to help them.

In short...

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MellyMel - Sun 12 Sep - 21:07

+1 get well soon

Garuda - Sun 12 Sep - 14:09

Hi Jim, Hope you're feeling okay.

JIm - Sat 11 Sep - 16:40

Had a positive pcr test for corona

MellyMel - Fri 3 Sep - 19:33

hi kaltek - welcome to the club!

Kaltek - Fri 3 Sep - 07:50

Hi all, thanks for a great first session! Really welcoming group can't wait for next week.

Tom - Thu 2 Sep - 19:08

Hi AllRunning late tonight, should be there about 8,.

mikeawmids - Thu 2 Sep - 16:45

Message relayed, new bloke is a go, his name is Richard. I tolkd him to bring some d6.

mikeawmids - Thu 2 Sep - 16:35

I'll pass that on.

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