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TOPIC: Descent into Avernus

Descent into Avernus 1 year 4 months ago #6618

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Introduction Masahika's Background

The jungles of Chult are distant in my memory now, that I nearly forget. I do remember the moist and pleasing warmth, the dominance of my people over the green wilderness and our resistance to interlopers. I was but a child.

The pitiful mammals called humans and dwarves, those fools from the Flaming Fist, they came. They sought the riches of bygone days, they sought the treasures that are ours, and finally they sought out the source of the mighty magical curse the one called Acererak levelled against their weak people, a curse that never bothered us…

Those that came invaded our doman, and in particular the city of Omu, caused damage and set back our grand racial plan. It came as no surprise that the elders chose to send some of use to discover who was responsible, evaluate the threat, and make them pay. Why the lesser races were interested in us was a mystery, but one that could be uncovered.

I was one of many chosen, we the youngest, were tasked to forgo our changes toward greater purity, in favour of ensuring acceptance in the homes of our attackers. We made the oath in the holy place at the Peaks of Flame.

I was sent to the place the mammals call Port Nyranzaru. I was to become one of them, to learn the their ways and find the answers and those responsible for the sacrilege committed against us. We play the long game. I can wait. I can learn and I only had to poison a few of them. Finally the opportunity to go the place called Waterdeep presented itself. I had apprenticed to a human Wizard of some power called Lazarian. He was intense for a human, his passions for the pleasures of the flesh, and the pleasures of magical power roughly in equal measure and his ‘adventuring life’ was at least stimulating and offered an opportunity to find those of his ilk responsible for the attacks on our city. I had quickly learned that these adventurers wander the realms seeking mischief and doing the bidding of the Flaming Fist mercenaries. I tolerated him and learned what I could, but I found his company, and constant pawing unacceptable.

I extracted his contacts from him in the journey to Waterdeep, and finally allowed him to be ‘caught’ by slavers, in exchange for my own freedom. A pity his contract of apprenticeship only specified that as an apprentice I should obey him, and do him no direct harm, not a mistake he will make again, I am sure. Particularly now he lacks a tongue. He did however have one last gift to give, as I stole his little magical ritual book, it was of no use to him, as he could not use the powers therein because he could not speak. I then left him to his fate and as much indirect harm as he wishes.
The journey there allowed me to learn of the lesser races, their pride, ego, vanity. Their passions for the material, rather than the perfection of self are laughably asinine, still, it allows them to be manipulated and managed to our ends. Apparently I look ‘human’ enough to pass for one of them and many find me attractive. Applying appropriate cosmetics and wearing suitable clothing also seems to ensure compliance to my wishes. I also learned to stop referring to them as ‘mammals’ as this irritates them.

I found engaging with those in Waterdeep difficult. They are different from those in Port Nyranzaru, and eventually it became obvious that to be accepted I needed a reason to be there. I came up with many. Deception is our life blood, I have many names, personas and reasons to be. But it appears that these mammals seems to desire constancy, reliability and routine, even as they inflict chaos, pain and suffering on others. I join an adventuring band and one destined to work for the Flaming Fist, what better way to find those responsible for the evils they commit.

We managed to succeed in our mission to find and defeat the evil cultists and particularly their leaders Vanthampur family, we found a strange puzzle box of magical design. I had hoped to obtain closer ties with the Fist leadership and find out who weas responsible ultimately for the activities in my homeland, however, despite some rewards, the Fist are clearly not without guile, they seek to use us as mercenaries only. Perhaps successfully completing another mission will ease their guard and I can find what I seek. They seek to send us to the mystics in Candlekeep to discuss the box, apparently it is import. The outcome of recent events we investigated has had repercussions.

I arrive in Candlekeep with the survivors of our company to be met with two others.

The Players
It is a curious group.
A female paladin whose faith it seems is lost. She is the last of her kind and a curious desire for vengeance on evil (and presumably the particular evil that slew her kind) is upon her. I can relate to her desires, but clearly she considers me ‘evil’ due entirely to my race that I could not entirely conceal. She is competent with her weapons. An ally in waiting? Or one destined to die alone and dishonoured, time will tell.

Another of my kind should be a natural ally, but is clearly an inferior, he is not one of those sent to seek answers, I don’t know him, I must therefore assume he is either one whom destiny has forgotten or an exile from the great plan. Having worked with him, I know him to be as greedy and wealth obsessed as the mammals, perhaps his history is something else? He has impressive stealth skills that may be useful.

A relatively new arrival, a dwarven cleric of a god of good to replace the one we lost on the previous mission, has not said much throughout our short venturing. I will reserve judgement, but it seems as greedy for gold and power as the rest.

Another replacement, an elven warrior seemingly trying to match his skills to some strange martial plan. I see him constantly practicing, again, quiet so far, and once again I will reserve judgement, but it is always helpful to strong silent types to take the front line…

Meeting the Mages in Candlekeep
The The City of Elturel has disappeared! The mages there suggest that infernal influences have caused the disaster.

We are allowed to conduct some research and ask questions, but the mages here are the greatest source of knowledge. We show them the box, and a number of revelations are made that connect to the events:
• An angel named Zariel convinced the knights of Elturel to ride with her to attack Hell itself.
• The knights and Zariel were not heard from again.
• It is considered that this attack may be the reason that Elturel has been targeted by the forces of hell as a reprisal against the unjust war committed by the Angel.
• Research into the recent history suggested that, for reasons unknown, the Vanthampur’s have sold the souls of everyone in the city to hell in order to accumulate personal power.
• A few days ago, that happened: The entire city of Elturel was pulled into Avernus, the first layer of Hell.

The mages of Candlekeep could learn no more despite their power. They could however, send us to Elturel to find answers and save the city.

We are to find the sword of Zariel and use it to destroy the artefact causing the city to pulled into hell.

Preparing as we might, and establishing that our rewards would be great, our mercenary group met with a mage the five of us were transported into Hell.

We arrived to the smell of sulphur and ash. The buildings are broken, the entire city floats above a plain where the distant sound of fighting (the bloodwar?) are present. Thousands of imps fill the air, and hundreds of infernal creatures stalk the streets.

Looking round its clear we are not all together. My kinsman, and the paladin are nearby but the others are not. It is to be hoped they are somewhere nearby. After a discussion we decide to move to cover, and avoid being seen as a target. There are so many devils that it is inevitable we will have to fight. Looking round for cover we spot a small group of refugees pursued by bearded devils. We intervene killing the devils and rescuing a woman with two children, and a militiaman. They advise that the castle on the hill is still holding out, and is safe.

Escorting the refugees, mainly because the paladin seems to want to, we scout the route ahead. Our path is blocked by a rift in the city where the river once flowed is now a chasm from which the eternal screamed of the bloodwar issue forth. Two bridges cross the chasm, one guarded by a large number of devils and their kin, the other by a solitary warrior in black amour. We leave the tactical decision to our noble paladin. She opts for the warrior.

We escort our charges to the bridge, and set a plan of attack. Employing what stealth and guile we could, my kinsman launches his attack with commendable accuracy. The creature bleeds.
The paladin charges her foe, and battle ensues. I confess to surprise that the outcome is a positive one. The black armoured succumbs to our assault, finally summoning a nightmare steed to flee the conflict. I cannot resist taunting it as it retreats. Clearly it cannot report its failure to hold the bridge or suffer eternal punishment, but equally clearly we don’t want it spying on us. My taunts work, and the creature comes within bow range. My kinsman looses an arrow and successfully strikes his target, but not with sufficient force to kill. With my taunts ringing in its mind, it retreats. I have made an enemy, but we have lost a spy.

Arriving at the castle, it appears our refugees are mistaken. The place is a mass of breached walls and wrecked structures. Only the central keep cathedral appears to be intact. We spot hell hounds, fearsome creatures that breathe fire. Before I can stop my kinsman he fires his bow. The hound is struct and battle commences. The other 5 hounds appear as I stand aside and attempt to calm them. Animals though they be, we don’t need to fight them, they can be reasoned with, I make my case, they stand down. The Paladin follows my lead, and manages to quell the fire of the one struck by my kinsman. We escort the refuges into the building and close the door to the relative safety of the holy building.

It is eerily quiet and cool inside.

The place is deserted, and has been attacked and looted. Damage to the structure blocks the stairs down, but a route up is possible. But the altar attracts our attention. The Paladin mentions it is holy to the god Torm. Obviously it isn’t that holy. A lever next to the alter provides a means to open and close a huge hand next to the altar. My kinsman places some looked coin, and a holy symbol to Torm into the hand and pulls the lever. The altar moves to reveal a way down to the crypts.

We venture down, quickly finding the tomb of an unknown warrior. She looks like a child, but is present, in almost pristine condition, and lies next to glorious sword. The weapon is clearly of fine construction and might be the weapon we seek. The Paladin grasps it and is immediately impressed. With reverence he leaves his own blade, a pale imitation in its place [does that warrant a inspiration? Awesome and cool RP!]. But he can tell, it isn’t the sword of Zariel.

We continue on, through tunnels and find an older part of the Crypt. The Paladin identifies undead. Such creatures can be dangerous and often guard items of power, like the Zariel’s sword. We advance with care but awaken them. Mummies burst forth and combat is joined. My kinsman once again striking hard, and the Paladin advancing with his new weapon.
More tombs burst open and a creature of majesty emerges. Its trappings mark it as regal. It hurls a mass of biting insects as us. Something is very wrong.

Dodging the insects plaguing us, my comrades fight to beat of the mummified remains. Dispatching two of the creatures, before I call out to the spellcaster. My mental connection to him is strong, his anger great but he responds when I cry out that his city is in peril.

The discussion between Yuan-ti and undead ruler is interesting. His knowledge of the area is time limited, he died and was interned centuries before the events leading to the fall of Elturel. But his passion for the place remains. He agrees to help. Handing over a scroll of locate object and indicating that we use it to find the sword.

He knows nothing of Mad Maggy, alleged to be a Night Hag and possible custodian of the weapon? He knows nothing of Zariel the Angels’ whereabouts, but he clearly doesn’t want his people and his city to suffer in Hell.

We leave him in peace, and decide to rest in the chamber with the peaceful knight.
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Descent into Avernus 1 year 4 months ago #6619

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Great write up.

Just a reminder, the Paladin is a she!
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Descent into Avernus 1 year 4 months ago #6620

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really ... she's way to butch for being a female...
Red Wine should always be opened and allowed to breathe....

if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Descent into Avernus 1 year 4 months ago #6643

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Find the Graveyard
So, it appears we have a lead.
In clearing the Cathedral of devils and other dangers we rescued a number of unfortunate mammals. Very strangely they had, in their weakness, allowed their heroic leader and guardian Lord Baboon Brain, to venture off in search of a magic helmet beloved of Torm (some strange mammal god). This worthy individual had one redeeming quality, he took with him all the remaining warriors these people had to protect himself and his noble quest. The mammals apparently didn't see this as any sort of problem...
But they did have a location - the graveyard - and some basic directions.

Feeling a desperate urge to poison them all, I instead persuaded the Paladin with the rather shapely ass, and my retarded kinsman that we needed to find this mammal. A task made somewhat easier by the return of the elf warrior, and the Dwarf who finally made it the rendezvous point. What ills had been wrought on them I cannot say, but clearly the Dwarf had suffered. His form was clad in metal sheets, his body experimented upon and stretched and a foul joke etched into his metallic skull.. ID: 4 - T4NK. After attempting to consol the dwarf, we discovered gnomes to be responsible. Regardless the dwarf's fighting spirit is second to none. Gnome workmanship protects the poor benighted creature even as it inflicts torment. The elf appears very strange with much and much interested in bolstering his/its' martial prowess and demanding my kinsman 'return' a shield to him that is apparently more useful in his hands. Notwithstanding this we depart the Cathedral and in short order find the graveyard.

The place is overrun with the dead. Hundreds of graves are present, but our target is the helmet and the missing lord. The elf seems sure that the helm and the lord were in an antechamber building. His conviction so strong that we elected to follow the advice. The elf did not mention the large undead creature that leapt out of the pits, or mention that neither he nor the others would be capable of killing it. The vile creature actually laid hands on me, before succumbing to my power.

It was just as well that we found the lord and his helmet in short order. he was sitting in a pond, clutching his head with lightning crackling around him. I attempted to contact him using the mental powers of my people, the psychic backlash was intense. I sensed the battle of veritable gods being fought in the mammals mind! His agony endless as they waged psychic war whislt destroying his persona. With no other choice we attempted to take the mammal and his fracturing mind as is. it was then a portal opened and more undead poured out. Fortunately they were no match for the cleric and his vile words of power, and the hunger of the void. The lord quickly 'joined' us (well ok was carried back to the Cathedral in a bag of holding. He might even survive the experience but at least his body would not crackle lightning and give away our position!

Cathedral Again
Arriving back with the mammals, they are overjoyed to get their hero back. we ask tor the helm. They look blankly and expect us to help remove it. Apparently they have a ritual and will pray. We accept their offer and a number of their acolytes die horribly enacting their flawed ritual. Whilst the mammals were clearly distressed that we had not volunteered, I content myself that the the vacant expressions left on the faces of the acolytes and the silent death throw screams, clearly made the point for us. either way we acquired the helm and with it an idea of the location of the sword. its in Avernus. we need to find Mad Mary and then Lulu, who knows the location. But we have to descend...

I have decided that climbing is not for me. the chains down onto the plane of Avernus, are long, slippery, oily and generally dirty. quite apart from this the task is exhausting. were it not for the view of place from the top of the chain, that identified our destination, the whole effort would be have more tedious. That said the small fortress home of the Hag was clearly identifiable and not too far.

We make our way. The plains of dust are clearly inspired by a mind interested only in the banal, nothing grows here, there is no change in landscape other than the slow winding of the Styx. We walk. finally we arrive. the walls are high, the gates robust, and the ramparts guarded by Redcaps - homicidal creatures of dubious temperament and a completely amoral approach. My colleagues decided to inspire fear through a physical challenge. The elf ultimately challenging the first half dozen of the creatures to combat. it was only mentioning Mary that curtailed the death of our elf, though seeing his ears decorate the belt of one of the Redcaps might have amused!

Entering the compound, the inhabitants proved to be a mix of creatures. These were almost boring compared to the most fascinating device I have ever seen. Apparently its a form of transport but with armour. it allows movement in Avernus without the attention! And its broken - so they say!

I spend a few minutes with it, and quickly spot the problem. Arcane symbols appear to be etched all over the device but the conduits of power were dislocated and required realigning. Touching the weave in this place was like sipping strong liquor, intoxicating and somewhat unpleasant, but in short order the device fired into live. Impressive!

At this point Mary arrived. The Hag was somewhat less unpleasant than expected, and ready to do a deal. She would take us to Lulu, if we would help Lulu find herself. After some discussion we readily agreed.

Each of us needed to enter the Dreamstate and help Lulu find consciousness. The Hag presented Lulu. A strange creature looking something akin to an elephant of my Chult home but apparently intelligent. The bargain having been struck we descend into Lulu's dreams. The living nightmares of her own creation assault us, the whispered words of Challenge to a Battle of Wits strike true but unfortunately for my comrades they seem ill prepared and albut unarmed... Still we prevail in spite their lack though I do wonder what costs are yet to be paid for their many failures in the mind of Lulu.

Disappointingly the information held by the creature was little more than another potential contact in this infernal place. Mary offered us the transportation device I had recently repaired as recompense for our service. My comrades spent the next several hours securing their own seats by performing a number of menial tasks. I enjoyed watching their struggles.
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Over the Styx to die…
Apparently have to take the elephant, (it calls itself “Lulu” which ironically means ‘offering’ in the language of my people) to a location where she will ‘remember’ more information or other materials in respect of the location of the sword. Apparently it’s a mountain across the Styx.
The Hag offers the use of the DemonGrinder as transport, she doesn’t mention (and I don’t need to be told) that the Styx is unpleasant and lethal to pretty much everyone. Her DemonGrinder will be able to traverse the Styx due to modifications made.
As we gear up to depart the Hag slyly mentions a small task. The insidious manner of her wheedling request confirms it to be dangerous. The task is to eliminate a rival, she did mention its name, but I was more interesting in trying to divine her motivations. She provides a number of crew to support the use of the Grinder, and the location of the Rival. We agree subject to reward. I am pleasantly surprised that the Paladin agrees. Murder is, after all, murder. That she rationalises it as simply ‘killing evil’ seems a little oversimplistic, but it suits all our purposes.
The Grinder performs well, though I confess that as we approached the deathly Styx, I had misgivings. The device sailed over with no issues despite my lack of experience, I find the machine quite intuitive and we make progress.

Monolith Man
The journey took us close to a strange site. Seven pillars surrounding a single taller pillar, some crackling with magical energy. I can feel the static from the bottom of the hill. Ordinarily I would consider investigating, but that a tall figure seems to be running between the pillars, turning them on? And cursing when he is unable to activate them all. Clearly he needs help. Also clearly, this is his torment to feel the power of the weave, and to be able to touch it, but always fail to obtain its full majesty. His shrieks and curses are audible even here.
Despite being on a mission of murder, the Paladin once again surprises me. She wants to investigate. Despite my observations she insists on stopping and talking to the man. What transpired directly I don’t know, but she returns (without helping thankfully) to advise that the man seeks to turn on the pillars of magic, one for each of the threads of the weave. Looking once again at the pillars, I note that the threads can only be the schools of magic, one for each, and one for the combined energy? Without asking us to assist, the Paladin re-enters the Grinder and we leave. We don’t have a name for the man, or any additional information and that is probably just as well.

Target Acquired!
The Grinder has done well for us, more so because travel appears to be less problematic using the armoured hulk, and probably because these devices are common? That’s my assumption as we see its twin in the distance. The engineers/guides with us shriek “that’s him!” and man the Grinders weapons.
I sharply remind everyone that we hold our nerve and see if conversation may yet prevail. I eye the approaching grinder device with some interest…. We have a borrowed device, it may be better to have one of our own! Not least such vehicles are bound to be expensive and a bargaining chip? Shouting instructions not to damage the advancing Grinder and prepare a boarding action, we plot a course directly toward it.

I attempt to converse, but the response is immediate, as a thumping crash hits our ‘vehicle’. My kinsman seems incapable of following basic instructions and fires back, slamming into the other vehicle, but then recovers himself, and prepared to board.
I try to disable the other driver using a psychic blast, but the creature has resistance. The pummel us again, huge blows. Knowing little of the tactics of such combat, I decide to summon Agravetal to attract some attention… the Slaad quickly carves into the driver, followed by further mental attacks to immobilise the driver. The Paladin launches a ballistae bolt striking the driver. My kinsman leaps onto the other vehicle, a brave decision and one destined to put an end to the stupid driver, but he screams as the external spikes find his flesh and start to burn. He jumps back nursing his wounds, and firing arrows with commendable accuracy.
I attempt to intimidate the driver, seeking their surrender, and am ignored. Then hit with a bolt from the other vehicle!
Deciding this is enough, I intensify my attacks and summon the soul void into the opposition vehicle, is quiet whispering partly drowns out the sound of screams until all is quiet except a Werebear crewmember (Finnick) who finally sees sense. I issue the creature with a nice shiny new contract. A year of Servitude to me, and he retains his life, and gets the vehicle as payment. One odd note was that the paper I originally drew was the devilish imp contract… and it appears that Finnick has signed that one as well as my own… I’m not convinced I could be persuaded to kiss the Lemure that seals the deal! My first servant however, appears happy.
We recover the new vehicle only slightly damaged… and call it the Cerberus. Having looted the rival of his goods, and recovered 3 soul coins, we strap his corpse to the front of the vehicle and make our way back to the Hag. We also loot the former bands base, and discover 3 other ‘bounties’
1. Bitterheath – a barbed devil
2. Faynor – a human sorcerer?
3. Princepos Kovic – a chain devil
I take the poster such bounties may lead to a useful contact…

Return to the Hag
She is clearly delighted. Her rival is gone and she offers rewards. There is no harm in this, we have performed a service, and receive our due. The rewards seem to fit the needs of the person… how very interesting… it begins. The subtle reward of desire has begun, and not one of us will refuse because we feel we have earned this. I am sure that this plane doesn’t care. It will slowly corrupt regardless. As I finger the ancient tome that will increase my psychic power, I wonder if the result will be worth the price I pay… but I am trapped as are the others. The Paladin more so than most. Her fiery new belt and the immense strength it confers is nothing if not a blatant symbol of the rewards this place has to offer. Does she not see that what happened to the angel is repeating itself with her? Still that’s her business, and she does have a wonderful shapely ass, I cant blame hell for wanting to keep it. My kinsman’s new bow may likewise cause him to reconsider his allegiance in due course. He seems only to see the power acquired and not the strings attached.

Lulu’s quest
Waiving off more missions for the Hag, we venture to the mountain that Lulu insists has clues to the location of the sword.
Disappointing note: Cerberus does not have the power to cross the Styx, but is better armoured.
Our vehicles in tandem are undisturbed by the local denizens. We happen upon a scout vehicle operated by Bitterheath according to the markings. Deciding a nice scout vehicle of our own may be helpful, we attack with care, right up until my idiot kinsman blasts the smaller vehicle to pieces with the wrecking ball weapon. His accuracy is commendable even if his wisdom is not!
The small interlude with the Bitterheath scout over, we proceed with Grinder to the mountain, but must approach on foot. The climb is steep with many sharp iron trees. Each has a humanoid hanging from it, dripping blood. The corpses are feed on by bloated sturges. Each tree appears to have the name of individual.
One such is still alive Zander Sunstar seems to be living despite being impaled and the attention of the sturges. Debating the matter openly before him, we consider releasing him from his torment, when the Devil Harryman returns on his flaming steed. The Paladin spots him and shouts warning. The creature launches a vicious and sustained attack. Striking the paladin repeatedly with mighty blows. My psychic attacks are less effective this time, and I decide to empower the paladin with great speed… which she puts to good use, raining down huge smiting blows!
After having been struck I used the weave to transform into the form of giant ape I once observed. I grabbed at the creature but its armour was slick with blood. I heard a cry in time to see Lulu being lifted by giant infernal wasps, I hurled a huge rock at them but the creatures are resilient, we have lost our guide as it flies away west.
My kinsman with more sense than the Paladin and I fired arrows at the Harryman. Striking true, Harryman shrieked in pain, but this time did not flee. I finally managed to grasp and hold it still whilst the Paladin finished it.
His glowing red spurs attract my attention and I realise they will be useful.
We turn our attention back to Zander Sunstar. After bargaining and having him sign a contract we release the vampire from his captivity. I have another indentured servant bound to my service, and this one a vampire, but we have lost Lulu…
Deciding to track the direction of the wasps, we follow to see a truly awesome sight. A wasp nest in the sky is literally hundreds of feet off the ground. It is also the likely destination of a missing Elephant Guide.
The Paladin advises her ‘steed’ will arrive soon, and with a click of my heals, my own stands ready. Its name apparently is Fireleap in the common tongue.
We ride to the nest though my kinsman is much discomforted by the flames and finds his seat barely tolerable! I am amused…
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if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Hi guys, apologies I cant make this evening....Doug can you collect the £1 from attendees and pay the barkeep her dues! many thanks.
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if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Reaper - Thu 11 Jul - 17:11

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Or 7 just to much, just hoping I can hop into a game for this rotation bit of a late joiner I know ????

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