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TOPIC: The Expanse - Rings of Redemption

The Expanse - Rings of Redemption 9 months 2 weeks ago #6915

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As Secretary Avasalara's shuttle descended towards the simple, dusty farmstead in the American Midwest, the scene below came into view. The crops in the surrounding fields struggled to find purchase in the scarred earth, their withered leaves and parched soil reflecting the relentless drought that had gripped the region. Above, the sky had taken on hues of orange, a testament to the turbulent environmental changes that had affected the planet.

The farmstead itself, weathered by time and neglect, stood as a stark contrast to the once-flourishing fields. It was a modest collection of buildings, the farmhouse itself appearing to have been hastily constructed and added to over the years. A sense of isolation permeated the air, as if the farmstead had been forgotten by time and progress.

Adjacent to the farmstead was a large, dusty warehouse, its structure showing signs of decay and disrepair. It housed the ISS Promethean, an old frigate that had seen its share of notoriety in its prime but now sat dormant, gathering dust and bearing the scars of countless battles.

The shuttle touched down, its landing thrusters kicking up a brief cloud of dust and debris. A security team quickly disembarked, surrounding the area to ensure Avasalara's safety. With practiced precision, they scanned the surroundings and monitored for any potential threats.

Moments later, the shuttle's hatch opened, and Avasalara emerged. She was dressed in a functional yet elegant Punjabi-inspired gown, a nod to her cultural heritage and a testament to her enduring sense of style even in the harshest of environments. Her presence was commanding, and she exuded an air of authority that demanded respect.

On the porch of the farmhouse, Angelus, a semi-retired OPA diplomat, stood amidst a scattered array of children's toys. In one hand, he held a glass of scotch, the amber liquid glinting in the fading sunlight. His weathered face showed a mixture of curiosity and wariness as he observed the arrival of the UN Secretary.

Avasalara met Angelus' gaze with a nod of acknowledgment, her expression a mix of determination and diplomacy. As the wind whipped across the desiccated earth and the harsh, orange-hued sky loomed above, it was clear that this meeting on the forgotten farmstead held significant implications for the future of the system.
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The Expanse - Rings of Redemption 9 months 1 week ago #6916

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In the eerie stillness of space, we behold the grim silhouette of "Mica's Paradise," a decrepit and hideous bulk freighter that has seen better days. Streaks from coolant clings to its hull, and flickering warning lights illuminate its battered interior.

Inside the cramped and dimly lit bridge of the freighter, Captain Mica, a weathered and cynical figure, clenches the control panel as sweat beads on his furrowed brow. The crew, a motley group of individuals, exchange anxious glances, their expressions marked by fear and uncertainty, even now, much fear surrounds the transit of the ring gates.

Captain Mica: (in a low, ominous voice)
This is it, folks. We've reached the Ring Gate.

The crew members nod hesitantly, their eyes locked onto the mysterious, shimmering expanse of the Ring Gate before them.

Navigator: (whispering)
Coordinates set, Captain. We're ready to transit.

Captain Mica's hand trembles as he reaches for the control lever. Outside, the Ring Gate shimmers with an ominous, pulsating glow—a gateway to the unknown.

Captain Mica: (voice trembling)
Here we go... Steady yourselves.

As "Mica's Paradise" inches closer to the boundary of the Ring Gate, an uncanny, disconcerting hum fills the bridge. The ship's aging hull rattles and groans, and the crew's anxiety intensifies, their faces etched with dread.

Engineer: (with mounting panic)
Captain, we're reading power fluctuations. Something's not right!

Suddenly, as the freighter grazes the edge of the Ring Gate, an invisible force seizes hold of the vessel. The crew's terror escalates as the ship is gripped by an unimaginable power.

Captain Mica: (voice filled with dread)
Hold on, everyone! Brace for impact!

With a horrifying, bone-chilling crescendo, "Mica's Paradise" is torn apart. It explodes into a cataclysmic burst of energy and debris, leaving behind nothing but a maelstrom of wreckage. A brilliant, blinding flash consumes the screen.

Then, an eerie and ominous silence descends. The Ring Gate, once radiant and beckoning, blinks out, leaving only the chilling void of the Orion's Nexus system in its wake.

The ominous tone lingers, but only empty space reamains.
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The Expanse - Rings of Redemption 9 months 1 week ago #6921

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Expanse session 1 – Getting the band back together.

It’s not often the Secretary General of the UN makes house call but when she does she, quite literally, does it in style.

Turning up at Angelus’ retirement farm where he lives with his hetero life partner (or, as he claims, bodyguard), Ziang she tells a tale heard from her sources of a Corvette flying out of the laconian Gate, the first transit seen in the 6 years since Duarte and his renegades travelled through and barred all passage and heading directly through Ringspace to the Orion Nexus system with it’s sole colony of Veridian haven. (those names may or may not be correct).

As she doesn’t officially know since the Transport union have chosen to not make it public (as well as being the sole people with jurisdiction over Ring space) she needs someone unofficial to look into it. There’s only one crew she has ties with who have the skills, the political savvy and the expertise to pull off such an investigation… but the Rocinante is busy so she go’s for the group that has that other key attribute. Availability. Offering to “sort the crew out” if they can find out what is going on for her quietly with the minimum of political fallout.

Angelus and Ziang decide to accept, Angelus wanting to do one last job to help setup his grandson for the future and Ziang basically just bored of making Sand Gardens (plus the son of the Dragonclaw clan leader is making noises about him becoming second on his fathers death and Ziang does not want that level of responsibility so a nice trip away would be welcome). They quickly reach out and search for the others. Several of whom they have not really spoken to since they, amicably, went their separate ways 6 years prior at the end of the Inaros war.

The comms message to Thatch comes back as unread (unbeknownst to them, and Thatch, he wasn’t ignoring it that particular comm unit was just buried under a half assembled oxygen fresher unit and had been for the last 4 years). Reaching out to Avasarala for help they get the response “why have you not fucking left yet?” but calling the contact number she gave and the agreed passphrase “Corn on the cob” gets a grainy picture of an older, but still grumpy, looking Thatch on Ganymede.

A quick look into Joe finds multiple news stories and records of his face, under several names, starting and bankrupting multiple companies until he was finally chased off Mars pending several investigations into financial irregularities (I just put “dodgy business shit” in my notes so hopefully this is mostly right). The last message stating he was on Luna.

A search into Victor, surprisingly, finds a mugshot and a news article from New Hong Kong about the death during surgery of the Dragonclaw leader. Deciding to head to him first they get a sub-orbital to Victor. They find him a worn out paranoid wreck who initially doesn’t answer then meets them at a gogo bart in “china town” (in a city... In china…). He is eager to get away and jumps at the chance to leave with them. They are jumped by what they assume are triad bounty hunters on the way back to the ship but Xiang, having lost none of his edge (literally) despite his newly pacifistic ways takes them both down before the other two can even draw their pistols. On the flight back Angelus leaves a message for joe explaining the situation and asking to meet up.

Heading back to the farm, where the Promethean has been sat for the last 6 years in a converted grain silo that they had to spend several days dismantling, they find their crops ruined and tracks leading up to the now open cargo doors of the ship. Sighing to each other they land and go to look for Joe. They find some handy men in the cargo bay installing some sort of safe and a pod of some sort. He tells them, at the threat of knifepoint, that Joe is up stairs and they quickly hear him loudly complaining about the state of the ship and trying to fire the railgun, in atmosphere, while the ship is on the ground. Realising that Joe does not the laws of motion they placate him and ask how he got here so fast when it had only been a few hours since Angelus sent the message and also why he felt like he had to right to come on their land and bastardise the ship. He claims he was contacted by someone called “sweetcorn” and briefed on the situation.

Resigning themselves to their fate they take off and make the flight to Ganymede in search of their technician. After a 12 day journey they dock and gird their loins for a long search for the Elusive Thatch… then check the business directory and find something on the local net listing him as the owner of “Thatchers Fixit emporium”.

Finding the store down a short, dark, alleyway it’s a dingy worn down looking store. Upon entering it’s an Aladdin cave of broken tech. Everything from old CO2 scrubbers to Data banks to what looks like half a small RCS module. This is not a business doing wel. The counter is unmanned and they can hear familiar banging and swearing from the backroom. After announcing their presence they are greeted with a “fuck off we’re closed”. Eventually Thatch sticks his head out and, after explaining the situation he once more tells them to sod off once more not really sure why it’s his problem. During the flight Angelus had pulled in some favours from someone at Medina station and managed to get the raw data recording of the Laconian Corvettes transit which he asks Thatch to review.

Looking at the data the ship shows some origins in Martian design but is clearly something never seen before and, at least some of it, seems to be protomolecule derived. On seeing this Thatch states. “Ok I’m in”.
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The Expanse - Rings of Redemption 8 months 4 weeks ago #6926

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Arklight Foundation Report on Veridian Haven Research Dr. Elena Voss Date: XXXXXX

Executive Summary:
I am writing to provide an update on the research conducted on the planet Veridian Haven, particularly focusing on the mysterious alien monolithic structures, the Luminar Nexus, and their potential symbiotic relationship with the local fauna and ecosystem. Our findings suggest a profound connection between these structures and the planet's unique ecosphere, with low-frequency emanations playing a pivotal role in influencing wildlife behavior.

The Arklight Foundation's mission to explore, farm and understand the cosmos has led us to Veridian Haven, where we have uncovered a series of enigmatic structures known as the Luminar Nexus. These monolithic formations have a distinct bioluminescent quality and have remained a focal point of our research. The yield potential for earth orgin crops remains high.

Symbiotic Relationship:
Our investigation indicates that the planet's ecosystem, from the unique flora, geology and seismology to the creatures known as Lumisnakes, shares an intricate symbiotic relationship with the Luminar Nexus structures. While the full scope of this symbiosis is yet to be comprehensively understood, some compelling findings are worth noting:
1. Affects of the Nexus:
The Lumisnakes exhibit protective behavior around the structures, suggesting a symbiotic role in maintaining their integrity. Some have reported nausea and dizziness in close proximity to the structures. None have attempted to gain entry.
2. Ecological Balance:
I believe that the removal or relocation of the Lumisnakes disrupts the planet's fragile balance, causing disturbances in local wildlife populations and even geological instability. This underscores the necessity of preserving their presence.

Low-Frequency Emanations:
One of the most intriguing aspects of our research involves the low-frequency emanations emitted by the Luminar Nexus structures. These emanations appear to be crucial in manipulating the behaviors of Veridian Haven's wildlife. We have observed the following phenomena:
1. Wildlife Attraction:
The low-frequency emanations from the Luminar Nexus structures appear to attract and influence the local fauna, particularly the Lumisnakes. They often exhibit a circling or guarding behavior, which seems to be in response to these emanations.
2. Energy Source Hypothesis:
These emanations could potentially serve as an energy source that sustains the Lumisnakes and other aspects of the ecosystem. This theory warrants further investigation and validation.

The research into Veridian Haven and the Luminar Nexus structures has unveiled a profound ecological and symbiotic relationship. Preserving this balance is not only crucial for the planet's health but also for our continued exploration and understanding of this unique world.
Our work is far from complete, and I recommend ongoing research to delve deeper into the mysteries of Veridian Haven. Understanding the full extent of the symbiotic relationship between the Luminar Nexus, Lumisnakes, and the ecosphere may hold the key to preserving and harnessing the unique qualities of this planet for future scientific and ecological advancement.
Thank you for your support and continued commitment to our exploration endeavors.


Dr. Elena Voss Lead Researcher, Arklight Foundation
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The Expanse - Rings of Redemption 8 months 4 weeks ago #6927

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[Transcript of Secret Message]
Sender: Unknown Laconian Operative
Receiver: Unknown Operative
Date: [4 weeks ago]
Voice Disguised: (A raspy, electronically altered voice) We trust you comprehend the gravity of our communication. We have infiltrated the system, now preparing for a covert landing near the Astral Spire. Our objectives are critical, and your cooperation is essential.
Operative A: (A calm, professional voice) Our presence must remain concealed from all entities in the system, especially the colony on Veridian Haven. The Astral Spire presents a unique opportunity to access vital information.
Operative B: (With a sense of urgency) Regarding the Luminar Nexus structures and the Nyx Stalkers. It appears the Arklight Foundation is uncovering their importance. We must secure this knowledge before it reaches their hands.
Voice Disguised: (Reiterating) Time is of the essence. As your affiliations and intentions are, shall we say, multifaceted, we trust you to employ your persuasive skills and covert networks to gather information for us.
Operative A: (Instructing) We have provided you with a discreet transmission device. Use it to relay any pertinent data regarding the Foundation's activities.
Operative B: (Warning) However, should you fail to cooperate, we possess knowledge that could be detrimental to your interests. You understand the consequences.
Voice Disguised: (Emphasizing) The path you choose will determine the course of events in this system, it would be unfortunate if the Consul should see fit to undo all you have achieved here. We expect your assistance on demand.
End of Transmission.
[Transmission Ends]
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The Expanse - Rings of Redemption 8 months 3 weeks ago #6928

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Expanse Session 2 – Guinea Pigs

Thatch calls Dave and tells him to watch the store. Since he decided to put a pod on the ship without telling anyone what is in it and they are about to go through a pocket dimension known as ring space the crew inform Joe the pod is staying in storage at ganymede and not coming with. He decides to then stay in his room conveniently for a single session.

The group then start to decide what to do. Researching what they can about Veridian Haven quickly realising that they need a lander rather than risk flying the Prom down to the planet and landing it.

Angelus contacts his Son and agrees to meet him at Medina Station in Ring space with a shuttle borrowed from the OPA. Next is the question of how to get THROUGH the ring since the Transport Union controls the entire space.

Angelus was all for just telling Drummer, the President of the Transport union, what they were doing and who for until the group reminded him Avasarala hiring them for plausible deniability means not telling the person she specifically doesn’t want to tell her.

So Angelus meets with her and tells her. To be fair to him she’s pretty much worked it out herself and he managed to sell it as she truly just wanted to know what was going on for the good of the system. She agrees to let them go through but explains the gate is closed as a supply ship heading there went dutchman, something that should not happens there. They believe they can find the cause (something Thatch massively speeds up) and it’s agreed the Prom can head through as a “guinea pig” to test the new entry path on behalf of the founding corp. They also agree with the next scheduled supply ship to take the stores with them. A few days are spent calculating the correct entry path as well as adjusting the Prom to take the offered lander before they set off.

The ship slowly enters the ring using Thatch’s calculations. Transponder off since they know at least one potential enemy corvette is in system. The transit is smooth until they look backwards… and find the gate is dead. Instead of a swirling blue light all they could see were stars on the other side. Tests (throwing something out the airlock) proved that the ring was inactive. They also found debris from a trader they identified as the Micas Paradise. All signs pointed towards the ship RUDing (Rapid Unexpected Disassembly) by impacting something at high speed. Passive sensors do not pickup the black box or anything else so the group start the journey in system to the goldilocks zone and the colony.

Having no sign of the Laconian ship they reach the planet but even on Passive sensors their telescopes can pickup what should be a temperate planet perfect for agriculture is a swirling mass on storms. Nothing in the planets data would indicate such a thing. They get into orbit but cannot even see, let alone contact the colony. The comms satellite is still in orbit so Angelus flies alongside while Thatch ops out the airlock and hooks up. Other than the normal communications you would expect there is one message to the Micas Paradise not long after they departed (around 7 weeks ago) saying the weather was turning and that they need supplies. Other than that there is evidence of the satellite putting through a transmission tot he colony. The message is lost but the file has clear fingerprints of a Martian derived format, Very likely from the Laconian ship.

The group discuss and decide to hide the Prom on the planets moon rather than leave it unmanned and unprotected in orbit then take down the lander. After some nifty flying in the storm they make it to the colonies landing platform with the supplies. They are quickly met buy colonists proving they are still around at least. The head Teamster Jackson meets them and arranges to offload the supplies they have bought while transporting the crew to the colony proper. When there thye meet “captain” Aidan Drake who is in charge as well as Elena Voke, the chief scientist. The colony is primarily here to research crop breeding techniques with a secondary objective of studying the strange crystal formations here. The group explain the situation and Thatch, in his charming way, asks(demands) to see the colonies comms to see if he can find the other end of that Laconian communication. He does (see post above). They clearly landed at the largest crystal (known as the Spire) right before the storms started and liaised with someone in the colony.

He tracks it to a Dave Wilson.. who coincidentally passed away two weeks earlier falling off some scaffolding...
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