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TOPIC: Shadowrun

Shadowrun 1 month 1 week ago #7227

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Hoi Chummers

Following a chat with Doug, decided to modify the start a little....
Rather having you create a character, I'll have a handful of pregen's ready along with background material and other useful bits. The game start will focus on your first job as a team, you will know everyone else by reputation or personal knowledge, the characters will be deliberately only partly created to all you to develop them from the proceeds of your actions after we've played the session 1 intro.

The characters will be based on the following archtypes but have different basic paths based on the history...
Street Sam - a cybered warrior using inbuilt tech to enhance beyond human norms
Physical Adept - a magically enhanced atheletic warrior with many and varied skills using magic to enhance beyond human norms
Decker/Rigger - tech data hackers and remote tech bot warrior types who battle with brains and not braun
Shaman - a magician with special afinity with spirits that pervade the 6th World which grants them power to influence the mundane and astral realms
Hermetic Mage - a magician who uses mathematics and formulae, real spells to influence the physical world and dominate the astal realm

Each of these types of player types tend to specialise in particular skills, but a player can literally be anything.. its entiely possible to be a Decker who hates computers and fears loosing his mind to the electron jungle, or have a peace loving street sam was hardwired reflexes, whatever you choose will form the basis of the skills selected.

Character Background
Character backgrounds will be already prepped, but clearly this is shadowrun, whats written isnt the whole truth... your background may simply be a figment of the electron realities created for you by a hacker to obscure your real history... or you may have little or no background to speak off, and therefore be an enigma. The pregen's therefore can be changed to suit but, if you are going to change anyting or develop a background further please let me know!

Once we have your character, and some background you need to determine how careful you are about that background. What do the others know about you. we will be using a modified version of Street Ettiquette (a skill) to determine how secret your back story is. Low street ettiquette scores will probably make you an open book, high ones might make you inscrutable. Your choice.

At the start of the game you will have Catt contact you once again.

"Got a new gig chummer. You up for biz?
Mr J wants a snatch job done, needs to be fast, quiet, and discrete pays 30k for a few hours work, you want the job? Meet at the Grey Goose Diner on 51 tonight @ 7 for the pack, hand off same place 10. Bonus for an early finish"

This quick scenario will play in real time... i.e. 3 hours. you will need to plan, execute and finish within 3 hours.
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if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Dice Mechanics.

I'm going to be using the warhammer dice system.
  • Hammers are sucesses (you need at least one net sucess to pass a test, the more sucesses the better the result)
  • Bird icons are boons (whether you pass or fail something good comes out of it)
  • Skull are banes (whether you pass or fail something bad comes out of it)
  • Swords are fails (these are bad chummer).
  • Comet (expert dice only... this is a super success something really good)
  • Chaos arrow
  • s (this is really bad... only comes into play with a failure... or cancels a comet (situational).

    The blue dice will be based on your skill level, this will be from 0 - 5 on most sheets. you get one dice for each skill point.
    if you have specialised in a skill, for example, you hav firearms 4, and specialise in pistols, you have four blue and one yellow expertise dice, if you further specialise in the Ares predictor pistol, you get a second expertise dice. Some magic and cyberware may provide additional dice.

Rolling skill checks

Your skills will detemine sucess but applying a skill against a diffcultly level.
Difficulty is based on simple, average, hard, extreme

Each Level of difficulty assigns a purple dice. so simple checks are 1 purple die, extreme 4 purple dice.

Each check might be have situational modifiers that affect the difficulty. picking a lock in broad daylight may have no modifiers to difficulty doing so at night might apply 1 or more black dice to account for inability to see. if you are under fire at the time, you may acquire another black dice, and if wounded, you may acquire more black dice. Equally positive environmental factors also apply. maybe you are using the latest SecuricoteTM automated lock pick, and that gives 2 white bonus dice as a situation modifier, and maybe you installed the lock, and you get another!

The skill check is therrefore an amalgam of those dice into a pool and then rolling them. you are looking for net sucesses, net boons or banes, and any chaos stars or comets. The results are then interpretted.

Dice Pools and Karma
Players familiar with Shadowrun will remember we used dice pools for various skill types. We will still have them, but will use them differently. Dice pools will be used to reflect overall expertise/luck and allow player to expend a dice to 'buy' net sucesses.
There dice pools for Combat, Decking, Social, Athletics and Magic. Once used these pools are gone until they refresh.

Karma... is a mix of experience, luck and fate. as characters gain experience Karma increases. It may be spent on improving skills and stats, or developing magical skills or new tech, or, more usually, its an all purpose hail mary... Karma can be used to reroll failed dice, or sacrificed to change an event (normally a death shot).
You can spend 1 point of karma to reroll, or all your karma to effect a more significant result... (think Sean Connery in Highlander 2. "Most people have a full measure of life... and most people just watch it slowly drip away. But if you can summon it all up... at one time... in one place... you can accomplish something... glorious... horrid film...)

This all sounds very complex, but really isnt!

Two Tonne the Troll has joined his fellow runners trying to break into a warehouse. The perimeter 3m high electrified fence is a barrier that obstructs their path...

Two Tonne is strong but not agile, and decides that jumping the fence requires a run up...

He has an athletics sklll of 3 three blue dice, and a strength of 9. He sizes up the obstacle, and decides its a hard check. three purple dice. Generously, the DM decides that the 'run up' will give the troll 2 bonus dice, but as he's carrying a large pack, an Ares MonoAx he also gets 2 Black bane dice. Two Tonne quickly decides to throw his kit over the fence and then perform the stunt...

the dice are not kind.

The troll rolls 2 success hammers with the blue and white bonus dice, but 4 failure cross swords with the purple dice, and has a net two skulls bane dice. Net result no sucesses and two bane and a chaos star...
The troll charged the fence and jumped straight into it. The electricity crackles and the troll takes some light nuisance burns and is partly stunned. Two Tonne rouses himself as the alarm sirens begin to wail, and then remembers that his kit is lying on the ground over the fence 3m away....
His colleage Bob then points out "Hey Chummer isnt that your fav sack, you know the one you Mom put yer name on?"

edit, apoligies for some reaosn I couldnt get the image to load of the dice... :(
Red Wine should always be opened and allowed to breathe....

if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Shadowrun 1 month 10 hours ago #7233

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From Shadowrun II, p245:

A credstick is a combination passport, keyring, credit card, checkbook, and business card. It’s a small plastic cylinder tapering to a point. The blunt end houses a computer. The chip in the credstick contains the owner’s System Identification Number (SIN), credit balance, financial records, and resumé, as well as passcodes for the owner’s locks.

Quality Minimum ¥ Verification Lifestyle
Plastic 0¥ Passcode Street-Low
Silver 5,000¥ Fingerprint Low-Medium
Gold 20,000¥ Voiceprint Medium-High
Platinum 200,000¥ Retinal scan High-Luxury
Ebony 1,000,000¥ Cellular scan Luxury

The first thing to realize about credsticks: The quality of a credstick (plastic, silver, gold, platinum, ebony) and the quality of the associated fake ID are largely independent. Credstick quality is a measure of how much a bank likes you; if you don’t have the minimum amount of funds for a given quality of credstick, it’s highly unlikely that a bank will like you that much. Fake ID quality is a measure of how hard it is to detect that your ID is not legitimate.

The next point regarding credsticks: the quality of the credstick and the amount of money it carries are not rigidly correlated. A bank will happily let you use a plastic credstick whose access to a million nuyen is protected only by a passcode, but since using such low security is risky, the bank is not going to give you any of the privileges that would go with accepting a higher-rated credstick and the corresponding higher quality of identity verification, and it’s probably going to require extra identification in order to transfer more than 5,000¥ off the stick in a single day.

Credstick quality generally involves a certain amount of security on your account, and a certain batch of attached privileges. In general, a credstick has access to a line of credit on the order of the minimum nuyen to have such a credstick. Credit is mostly useful to folks who have very little in the way of savings (in which case their rating is quite low), and for those who have money tied up in investments where they can’t get at it immediately.

Another point is that you don’t need to have a given quality of credstick in order to store identity information on it. No bank is going to object if someone wants to have retinal scan and cellular scan information on their silver credstick because they want to be extremely sure that no one will be able to steal their credstick and abuse it. (Some banks may charge a small amount extra for the higher security; many won’t.)

One of their functions is holding E-cash. This is the equivalent of pocket change; you can carry around almost arbitrary quantities of the stuff, setting various levels of protection on it. (For instance, you might specify that you can spend no more than ten nuyen every ten minutes without giving a passcode or voiceprint.) E-cash can be stolen if someone swipes your credstick and it isn’t designed to prevent someone from reading its memory; it can be traced to you, if you withdrew it from your own bank account and didn’t launder it. However, you can spend it like cash without worrying about going through the tedium of verifying your identity. This is how you’d buy things the way you’d pay cash today: instead of handing over your wallet, you just slot your credstick. (Most home telcom units will have a slot for hooking up to a credstick. This allows sending immediate payment to someplace you’re ordering from over the phone, and makes it trivial to make your guests pay for their own calls.) You do need to go through an ID process in order to download more e-cash onto your credstick from your bank account.

It should be easily possible to transfer a variety of different currencies into subdivisions of this buffer on your credstick, giving you the equivalent of a subdivided wallet full of international cash.

Another of their purposes is connecting to your bank account for an EFT. Almost all major transactions for most people are going to occur with a direct connection to a bank account, rather than a side trip into e-cash on your credstick. This is equivalent to using your ATM card or credit card for a transaction, and requires going through a credstick verifier.

One common phenomenon on credsticks is private encryption key storage. Rather than keeping an encryption key where it could potentially be stolen, special credsticks (and other jewelry, such as rings that happen to be just the right size to plug into a credstick terminal) could have on-board processors that perform encryption and decryption themselves, rather than allowing a private key onto a potentially insecure computer.

The same processor can be called upon to verify your password and provide the appropriate data for matching up voiceprints, retinal prints, and so on. This data is often used with lower-rating credit verifiers handling E-cash. Medium-rating credit verifiers that handle the kinds of transactions you need to contact your bank account for will also verify your retinal prints and so on with the bank as well; as credit verifiers get to progressively higher and higher ratings, they will also do searches of databases to make sure that you’re a legitimate being, in order to avoid electronic fraud.

One credstick can carry a large number of private keys, and can thus function as a key ring: you slot your credstick into the lock, submit to whatever level of identity verification is required to prove that you’ve got the right credstick, then prove you have the right private encryption key to show you have access to the rooms behind the door. (A lock can operate this way independently; it can also check with a central computer to make sure that the retinal prints also match someone in the database.) If you lose your credstick, you go down to the bank, have them verify that you’re the person you claim you are with the identity information in storage, and get a new one. Credsticks offered by banks will often only yield up their store of private keys when talking to a computer that can prove its access to the bank’s private key. These keys can then be stored in a digital safe deposit box, protected by all the security surrounding the bank’s own information.

Many shadow credsticks are built to change their identities when appropriate manipulations are applied to them, allowing a runner to keep one credstick with multiple fake ID’s. Anti-tamper circuitry is usually present to wipe such evidence from the ’stick before anyone can get inside it to look for such things during an arrest.

Credstick Specifications
A credstick is usually a small plastic cylinder about 10cm long and 1cm in diameter, with the end tapering to 5mm in diameter over the last 2cm of its length. The interface at one end is capable of slotting into a port on a machine or another credstick, permitting stick-to-stick transfer of certified credit. A small LCD display near the back of the stick can display the amount of certified cred on the stick, or the amount it’s ready to transfer. The back centimeter of the stick is usually in a locked position, but by pushing down and twisting it can be released to spring outward, allowing the user to set up a stick-to-stick transfer by twisting in one direction to increase the amount and in the other to decrease it. (The control operates like many car stereos: you twist it a bit and hold it there, and the display starts incrementing its numbers faster and faster until it reaches the amount of cred on the stick. Twisting the other way decreases, and pushing down twice quickly on the control authorizes the transfer. Doubleclicking allows switching between different buffers on the same stick, a useful feature when carrying multiple different currencies of E-cash.)

Credsticks usually have a very tough plastic casing; most are a neutral color like grey or black, but some have a fake finish to resemble woodgrain or some form of stone such as serpentine, granite, or obsidian. They may bear the logo of the issuing bank, though those purchasing designer credsticks may prefer the elegance of anonymity. Anti-tamper circuitry will usually wipe the contents if the stick is opened. The quality of the credstick is sometimes displayed in a band near the readout, so gold, silver, and platinum credsticks often have a very thin band of the appropriate metal embedded in a tough piece of plastic. Certified credsticks have narrow rings around that end of the barrel, indicating the order of magnitude of nuyen they’re permitted to carry. (Thus, a three-ring certified credstick holds up to a thousand nuyen, and a six-ring one carries up to a million.)

The credstick may carry personal information such as photographs, résumés, and so on; however, it is not going to hold credit balance and financial records. (Those will be in the bank it’s linked to: after all, transactions can take place without the credstick knowing about them, such as automated bill payment.)

In Europe, most people use European Cash-Free Transactors (ECTs), which are basically credsticks that are boxes about the size of a pack of cigarettes. There are, of course, adaptors to allow ECTs to use credstick jacks and vice versa. Very expensive credsticks can be unscrewed to fit inside a specially designed ECT case, or have two stacked screw-on attachments at the far end that can be stacked in either order, one to talk to ECT ports, one to credjacks.

Alternative credsticks do exist in the form of rings, cyberfingers, knife hilts, and anything else you can imagine or pay for.

Credsticks are fundamentally linked to System Identification Numbers (SIN) that are used as ID and passports world wide and linked to vast governmental databases.

SIN's and Fake ID’s

Identity verification often involves cross-checks with financial institutions (banks), government institutions (SIN registry, DMV, passports), and educational institutions (K12 and college). I can see no reason why it won’t be possible for a decker pretending to be a good credstick verifier to get a great deal of information about someone; however, this would require getting access to a good credstick verifier’s sealed black-box encryption software, as credstick verifiers will use.

Getting a fake ID
Rating Cost Availability Street Index
1-4 2,000¥ × Rating Rating/12 hours 1
5-8 10,000¥ × Rating Rating/72 hours 1
9-12 50,000¥ × Rating Rating/14 days 1
13+ 250,000¥ × Rating Rating/30 days 1

Encrypted Group Computation.
This means that people who wish to keep things secret will pay for banks to not keep their records available to credstick verifiers; getting one of these banks to vouch for you as an account (but not disclosing your transactions) is a good way of establishing yourself a high-quality fake ID. (Because of this, such banks will make it very difficult to do so, with high security and either through a great deal of background verification or requiring that you keep a great deal of money with them. Some will have better reputations than others, and this will factor in to the quality of a fake ID.)

A fake ID should appreciate with time, if it’s being used well. Misuse of one should be able to degrade its quality almost instantly (if you perform extremely spurious transactions, such as money-laundering). You maintain and/or enhance an ID through use or spending karma (experience) and this can increase quality, so the same amount of effort required to create a level 3 credstick could improve one from 5 to 6.

Things that make your credit rating get better include:

Proof of stable residence. This is often done through having your name on electric bills, phone bills, cable bills, and so on in the same place for a given time.
Making payments on time. Always paying your credit account on time looks good. The bigger the purchase you’ve put on your credit account and paid back, the better.
Verifiable income. Having a company that says they’ve hired you as a full-time employee helps a lot. (Even if this is an offshore holding company owned by shadowrunners...)

Legitimate ID’s do exist. It should be possible to manufacture something that works as a legitimate ID and is immune to all electronic background checks. (Naturally, if someone becomes suspicious of the ID, they might check it out with real legwork, but that’s much harder to do.) This process should be defined. Alternatively, there should be a reasonable number of people every year who get picked up because their own credstick isn’t very well rated, and the process by which they exonerate themselves (or get shafted) should be documented.

When an ID is called into question, a number of levels of suspicion can operate:

Cross-examination. If the verifying computer looks askance at your records, it will query the computer containing the potentially suspicious records and have it generate some questions to ask the person with the ID. This usually consists of questions about their coursework at university, when they opened a bank account at a particular institution, the geography of a place they resided for a long time, their mother’s maiden name, and so on. Some are allowed to be missed, such as the name of the café next to the college campus’ bookstore; some aren’t, such as the mother’s maiden name. This can occur at any level of background check.
Cross-correlation. This can take a few minutes as the computer spends some time checking different databases to make sure that all the records match up: spending activity correlates with income or adjustments in credit rating, large transfers of credit don’t involve other transactors that are on publicly available lists of shady dealers, and so on. This is part of what takes time, starting with a level 4 background check, and becoming more thorough at level 6.
Backup verification. This can take a while as records are pulled out of successively older and older storage to show that a person’s account records didn’t suddenly appear with backdating or data suddenly change. In general, this kind of retrieval takes time and resources, and people paying money for verification service are only going to pay for so much background checking. Of course, if someone else is already running a search or records just happen to be in cache from a recent search, the runner might get unlucky... Fortunately, this is unlikely until you reach level 8 background checks.
Investigation. This can take some time and quite a lot of nuyen if it gets expensive. An investigation can involve contacting college professors, relatives, coworkers, and so on, often requiring real legwork (since a good decker can play merry hell with an investigator’s phone calls). Passing an investigation is a mixed blessing: people with access to the appropriate background records will find it suspicious you went through an investigation, but will take the amount of nuyen spent on the last one as a guideline on whether they want to bother with one themselves. (Of course, most VSP’s will not release the record of an investigation occurring or its result to anyone who isn’t paying for it, so there’s always the chance that someone will mount a fresh investigation. And yes, investigation records can be doctored...) In general, this is only done to check out major transactions such as giving someone a security license, purchasing valuable property, getting a passport when you’re under suspicion, and so on. This qualifies as a background check of level 10+.

SINs can be acquired in a variety of ways with a variety of qualities. All are necessary for a decent fake ID.

Natural SIN: one assigned to you at birth. Makes for an excellent legitimate ID, but if it gets associated with criminal activity, it’s sunk.
Naturalized SIN: one assigned to you on becoming naturalized after immigrating. This is just as legit as a natural SIN, but if someone gets really suspicious, they can start checking your datatrail in the country you immigrated from.
Appropriated SIN: a natural SIN that belongs to someone now dead or vanished, or who never existed in the first place. These are also extremely good, though you need to make sure that all references to that SIN (in all the computers that have interacted with it) now believe that your ID codes are appropriate for it. This is the most common one used in fake ID’s.
The main trick is obtaining them without generating a death record that inactivates the SIN: appropriating a SIN from someone by mugging them generally gets their relatives up in arms. This means that part of the process often involves tracking down people who have very little in the way of folks to care about them, and assassinating them for their SINs. Muggers who kill will often try to fence credsticks in order to get a little cash; the people who make the money off these SINs are the deckers who find out if the SIN is worth anything or not. (This provides a splendid plot hook for troubling runners with consciences...)
Decked SIN: a SIN that has been added to the central databanks by an external decker. If it gets called into question by a credit verifier, it can be checked against backups, at which point it’s sunk. This checking can take a while; the longer a time has passed that you’ve had a decked SIN, the less likely it is to be noticed in a backup check. (But there’s always the possibility someone just checked one of your neighbors and it’s in cache...)
Bulletproof SIN: You added the SIN to the central computers and changed the backups, you sly runner. Your SIN cannot be disproven without some serious amounts of legwork costing tens of thousands of nuyen (at least). However, if someone got that suspicious of you, you’ve already got some problems tied up with that SIN now. These are almost impossible to obtain.
Note that “morgue SINs” as specified in the Lone Star sourcebook should be nonexistent. (If it’s possible to acquire a SIN from a computer in the morgue, it’s possible to flush the record from the computer that it ever acquired it, and you get to wander off with a brand-new official SIN that isn’t going to generate any of the cross-checking “you should be dead” problems suggested in the sourcebook. SINs are for tracking citizens, not bodies; you can track a body quite well with any random index.)

In general, doing a search based on a SIN requires knowing which database to talk to and providing a query based on the SIN. The main SIN registry at the UCAS Department of Records, for instance, merely keeps track of name, date and location of birth, date and location of death, date of SIN issue, and current address (for voter registration purposes). However, the SIN links to a number of other databases, none of which a person is required to be in.

Department of Motor Vehicles: keeps name, fingerprint, height, weight, hair color, eye color, photograph, date of birth, contact information, sex, and visual correction required. If you want to drive, you have to be in here.
Passport Agency: name, fingerprint, voiceprint, photograph, date of birth, sex, state of birth. If you want to leave the country, you have to be in here. They also record entries into the country. An extensive background check finding that you keep coming back to the UCAS but your ID doesn’t turn up in other countries can raise eyebrows.
Internal Revenue Service: name, all past addresses, all past tax returns. If you have a fake ID that makes any reasonable money, it has to be in here, if only to submit returns that show why you owe no taxes.
Federal Bureau of Investigation: name, fingerprint, voiceprint (if possible), retinal scan, DNA scan, data from hair samples and blood typing, results of cyberware scans, and your full arrest record. It’s rare to get in here without being booked, but even a fine for carrying a weapon with an expired permit will wind up in their databases, unless something gets in the way when the security company arresting you goes to file the report.

In general, it can be assumed that these databases are indexed by SIN (so it’s trivial to get a record out based on its SIN) and by simple things such as name and address. Looking up a SIN and then checking the listed identifiers (voice prints, etc.) is a very quick operation. Looking someone up based on such identifiers should take a little while— it’s an O(n) operation, taking an amount of time proportional to the number of people in the database. Cross-correlating all identifiers on file in a database is O(n2), taking an amount of time proportional to the square of the number of people on file. If finding one person from a million only takes ten seconds, it could end up taking eight weeks to cross-check the whole database. (These numbers are pure fudge; if it’s too easy, it becomes improbable that anyone could keep a fake ID.)

Creating a good background can require a sizable labor force. Fixer networks that provide fake ID’s probably have a number of people whose jobs are to go around spending money to make ID’s look legit: buying books, groceries, trideo, paying rent, ordering food in, and so on. Many of the apartments are available as rentable safehouses from these same fixers, or come with the ID’s. (These people could also take part in a money laundering operation, moving small amounts of money around to completely confuse a data trail; these same people could also be professional tenants, happy to verify to investigators that a person had indeed lived there for a given period of time and seemed a fine, upstanding individual.)
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if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Shadowrun 1 month 7 hours ago #7234

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Session 1 Making a name
The Players:
Doug, [name] 8’ 6” Honour bound Troll with a Samurai fettish and a problem with authority, civility and politesse and a very large Ax.
Alex, Brak a bulked up Human with a fastidious need to cover up his robust form, and a tendency to apply various creams to obvious rashes and welts on his face neck and hands. Lightning quick with his pistols.
Rhodsey, [name] a down and out elf with an undisclosed history, clearly he was a man of some standing but recent year have been harsh. The man’s magical ability marks him a different class of bum.
Steve, [name] Human, An old ex special forces, human with a wide range of skills, down on his luck since his wife died and with debts that force him to undertake work he considers beneath him.

In the Biz its all about rep. Whether you crawl the electron highways or lurk in the shadows of corp town, work is there if you know the right chummers.

A Troll, an Elf and 2 Humans walk into a bar… they all had a message from Kitt E Katt, and an offer to make some scrip. The message leads to the a chat to the barman, Gunter Metal (aka GunMetal) who hands over a holographic chip and an address. This leads to a soykaf VR café and a private booth and a message from Kitt E Katt and a job offer.

Kitt E Katt is a fixer. A name with some street rep, and, as far as biz is concerned, he/she/it has played straight. Like some fixers Katt is just an icon on a screen, but the cred is good and the deals so far simple enough…

25k Nuyen for a series of scores plus a bonus if you complete quickly.

The first one was simple, acquire a layout schematic from an architecture firm. You were given a file reference and told to acquire that only, and not look at the file contents. Some simple breaking and entering, and use of a one-shot file locator program (provided by Katt), and the deal was sweet. Scanning the file noted it was encrypted and discretion won out…

The second was a little more unusual, acquiring some SIN data and population intel. The data was clearly marked as public information, and only required a legitimate reason for review and search. Any competent decker could acquire it, but would leave data trails of illicit access. It needed a real SIN and a real person to acquire, or a fake one and good background story. The Troll had a SIN he was happy to use and ‘should be ok’, and the data was acquired without difficulty…

The last job was the most difficult. Blain Rodriguez an Ares Tech Manager was looking for an extraction. Katt advised that he was willing but that time was short. The extract had to happen without hours. The location was the Ares depot at 140th Ave SE Renton. Applying magic and direct contact through stealth, the John was advised to stop for food on his way home, and was extracted with efficiency and without complication. The ‘naked’ truth was delivered back to Katt, and funds, including a bonus changed hands.

Life is good chummer, and all that’s needed is a place to spend that scrip!

Fallout – and in local news
You are awakened by a call from an unspecified number. Its Katt…

“Get up, we’re hosed chummers. Turn on channel 422 SCNN. Then clear out of wherever you are and get someplace safe… I’ll contact you when I can.” The line goes dead.

The TRID on channel 422 lights up with a local news report with Gail Steppingleaf reporting:

“This is SCNN report Kae Cable reporting from Yansisu VR Café on Hobourne West, where last night the body of a naked man was found in a VR booth.

Whilst these venues are no stranger to the death of individuals in suspicious circumstances what is unusual is the presence of Seattle’s Police chief Amman Gren and what appear to be senior representatives of Ares Security.

Rumours suggest that the victim might have been exposed to some form unusual toxin.

Eye witnesses report that the victim was not seen entering the booth where the body was found, and that he might have been accompanied to it by an unusual group of individuals, a Troll wearing distinctive samurai styled armour, a hobo elf, and a robustly built Human were the only patrons at the time of the death.

Police officials ask that these individuals come forward, [images], and report that Ares Security has offered a reward for information on the killing.

This is Gail Steppingleaf for SCNN on the site of the local killing.”

You recognize the place, you were there only hours ago… you recognize the corpse, Blain Rodrigez is somewhat greener than he used to be though it could be a trick of the light.

Its then that the knock on the door occurs. Standing outside is a man in a black suit and tie. He’s holding in his hand some form of ID with a shield on it..

“Federal Agent Mr [Name], may I come in?”

The agent appears to be holding a coat that seems to belong to your colleague a Mr Webber?

“I couldn’t find him this morning but your name was included in the contents of the pocket, scrawled on the back of a bar mat if you believe it. Very careless.”

The Agent quickly identifies himself as Special Agent Juarez. He asks if you know the whereabouts of the Mr Weber?

He also asks if you know a… Mr Miles Pendrake, AKA Sonic, AKA Kitt E Katt?

“Gentlemen you are advised to speak to me, the repercussions may be severe… particularly if your details were to be… accidently released to Ares?”
Red Wine should always be opened and allowed to breathe....

if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Shadowrun 3 weeks 4 days ago #7236

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HI guys, apologies for the late notice, I have to go to newcastle tomorrow and wont be back in time to run the game.

catch you next week.
Red Wine should always be opened and allowed to breathe....

if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Shadowrun 3 weeks 3 days ago #7238

  • rhodsey
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Ok thanks for heads up.

anyone got a one shot they can run or week off? I've nothing prepped right now work has been hectic.
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Val - Thu 18 Jul - 19:06

Shadowrun is cancelled tonight, sorry.Tony had a blowout and is stuck waiting for the AA See u all next week.

Reaper - Thu 11 Jul - 17:11

First two uploaded are already full

Reaper - Thu 11 Jul - 17:11

Yhyh thank you. He has said that Tony might have a space either way I’ll come down, see if anyone is willing to have me. I will sign up for rotation 5 just waiting on games to go up

rhodsey - Thu 11 Jul - 17:10

That'd be up to Morgan :) but I assume wouldn't be an issue.

Reaper - Thu 11 Jul - 17:03

If I do come and can’t get a game will I be alright to sit with Morgan. I have been to the club before this was like 4 years ago tho

rhodsey - Thu 11 Jul - 16:59

Hi Reaper. I'd say come down tonight either way. we've a few other games on and the DM's might not see but you can come see the club and where we're at as well. Plus the drinks are a decent price.

Reaper - Thu 11 Jul - 16:39

Or 7 just to much, just hoping I can hop into a game for this rotation bit of a late joiner I know ????

Reaper - Thu 11 Jul - 16:31

Yhyh no worries mate, just lookin to see if I can join any this rotation. 8 people is definitely to much to manage

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