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TOPIC: Badlands

Badlands 5 years 2 months ago #85

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crusader_hank wrote:
It seems that even the demon finds it funny , that it shows me up at every turn , every time I try to help , it twists out of my control and make me mistrusted again.

Your not slipping out of it that easily Radagast, the turning of Summer into Winter was all you!!!
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Badlands 5 years 2 months ago #86

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Cough :)
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Badlands 5 years 2 months ago #110

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Regrouping and gathering supplies we set off again. The look on Mr The South’s face is enough to tell everyone not to go poking fun at his shorts and socks combo. Mr Hemmingway’s normal poker face is broken into a contorted smile and you can see his trying to hold back his laughter. Before Mr Hemmingway breaks down and Mr The South shoots someone (probably Radagast) Mr Winters shouts “Ye hah!” and we are off.

Side by side we set off, Radagast’s horse appears to be in a hurry as he goes past us, and Radagast has somehow managed to mount his horse the wrong way and is looking at us. How on earth he doesn’t do himself an injury is beyond me. Mr The South’s horse having the indignity of carrying at not so well dressed Mr The South bolts again. Mr Hemmingway follows and Mr Winters goes to help Radagast. One day we will leave a town looking like a posse!!

Regrouping again, we set off and this time we fall into step and surprisingly a song by Mr Hemmingway.

Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam,
Where the deer and the antelope play,
Where all that is heard is a discouraging word,
And the skies are not cloudy all day.


Home, home on the range,
Where The South and Radagast play,
Where all that is heard is a discouraging word,
And the bickering can last all day.

Where the air is so pure, and the zephyrs so free,
The breezes so balmy and light,
That I could not believe, how badly it went,
When Winters brought a gun to a knife fight


The Red man is being pressed from this part of the west,
And is likely no more to return,
The banks of the Red River still drip with their blood
And their flickering camps still burn.


How often at night when the heavens are bright,
With the light from the glittering stars,
Have I stood there amazed as I gazed,
At the undead trying to feast on our bones.


Oh, I love the lack of tailors in this dear land of ours,
The South I hear cry, as he laments the loss of his suit,
And I love how he rocks, those shorts and white socks,
That chafe on the side of his hoss.


Oh give the preacher a hand, when it comes to a fight,
As I thought that bar brawl was lasting all night,
Lord protects us all, from Radagast’s drawl,
When he spells don’t work for us at all.


Then I would not exchange my home on the range,
Where the deer and the antelope play;
Where all that is heard is a discouraging word,
And the skies are not cloudy all day.

“I don’t remember it going like that” I said,
“Good init’ he replied”

We saw smoke rising high into the clear blue sky, and we hurried our pace. As we drew closer we saw the smoke rising from a small hamlet and the buildings on fire. Was this another Indun’ attack? Mr The South, Mr Hemmingway and myself tied our horses out of a bullets reach from the town and walked in. Our friends Mr Winters and Radagast, carefully disappeared into the background.

As we go closer, it became apparent that the building that was alight was not being put out, what had happened was a mystery as no bodies were visible in the street. The first building we came across was a barbers, I went inside. Two white sheets were draped over the chairs, I whipped the one closest to me off and was disturbed by what lay beneath. I don’t want to go into details as I am sure this will open a new branch of doctoring. Let me put it like this, it was all the parts of a person, just not in the right order, and where was the blood?? Someone must have done this, to remove the blood and stack a corpse then throw a drape over it, who could do this?? The second chair was no better than the first. I went outside and lent against the back wall of the shop, when my hand came across a spade, I picked it up and started digging.

I don’t know how much time had passed but the hole was quiet big, just needed some depth now, when Mr Hemmingway came to see me. We talked, the whole town was similar, I kept digging and he left. These people need a proper burial.

Mr The South, came to visit, he quietly explained I would need a much bigger a deeper hole. He reasoned that making sure the buildings were raised to the ground would be an acceptable cremation for the masses. I agreed and I will bless this town and ask God to make sure they all pass to heaven because no one deserves to go out like this.

Mr Winters came over and said he thought whoever was responsible for this was holed up in a barn on the edge of the hamlet. There was a plan being discussed, I remember them discussing something, but God’s rage filled me. I had to strike down with God’s will the thing that could do this.

No gun, no speeches, no jesting, just straight down to business. I briefly stopped at the doors of the barn long enough to kick them open. Inside was the carriage we had been seeking, the horses had their necks broken. A pile of corpses presumably the people on the coach were piled up on the floor. That pile started to move and got up, making a mockery of a human. It stood at least twelve feet tall, the faces of the dead contorted in agony, it moved. I moved quicker and struck it with my blade, it made no sound, but turned and looked at me. God protected his servant and the abomination strode out the barn. The sound of gunfire rang through the air as my two gunslinger friends unleashed a lead frenzy. It lashed out at them, and once again I struck it with my knife. Radagast cast his magic and the creature shook for a brief moment but seemed to shrug it off. Pew, pew fired Hemingway, BOOM,BOOM,BOOM fired Winters and The South. I stabbed it repeatedly, and it shrugged it all off. Then it seemed to notice me and struck me, but filled with righteous rage I shrugged off the blow it landed.

This battle has six combatants but to be honest to me there are only two, me and this abomination.
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Badlands 5 years 2 months ago #111

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Nice one Bane. A blue chip for you this time!
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Badlands 5 years 1 month ago #115

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After restocking up on items we head out to try to catch up with the coach , unfortunately in my haste to catch up with the power crystal .i get on my horse backwards , if anything I am surprised that I am able to keep on the horse so well , but it is soon pointed out that if I facing the front of the horse I can move much quicker. The travel is uneventful , until we see smoke in the distance as we close towards it. It turns out to be a destroyed town , I recognise that immediately it was caused by huskers Magic , but on a more powerful scale , this magic amplifier is not good and should not fall into the wrong hands , I warn the rest to be careful and vanish into the shadows , I scout the town and find dead flayed bodies , I examine the body and ask my demon for help but he is still refusing to help. I hear a shout that they have cornered something in the barn , I move to the side door to see a mutated beast ( maybe the result of that hucksters demon playing him up or a trap set up for travellers ) either way I attempt to blast the creature I hit it but not much damage was done ) the priest is in hand to hand with it , looking like a guard on a bridge making sure it won't pass , it then retreats and vanishes out of the barn , when I catch up with it it seems to be attacking winters ( he doesn't seem to have much luck )
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Badlands 5 years 1 month ago #118

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I feel obliged to write again. I am destined it seems to be pursued by the horrors I thought to have escaped. I have seen my share of war and the charnel pits resulting from that slaughter. I have seen the wholesale destruction of towns and the ungodly efforts of Yankees to eradicate their enemies by burning them alive in their homes and churches. I still hear the screaming and the stink of burning flesh. But until this day I had never seen anything to match the wanton callous and gratuitous sacrifice of so many innocents.

we arrived in an unknown town, smaller than most in the area, in pursuit of our quarry. we noted smoke from burning buildings and advanced. The horrors of the place were evident immediately, with bodies on the street. But only with closer examination of the still smoldering buildings (mostly intact), did we find evidence of crimes against humanity and god both. The dead had been arranging in a theatre of destruction. as if some artist had sought to sculpt the slaughter into an horrific showcase of grisly proportions, that seemed to grow worse with each scene. I wont dwell on the imagines burned into my very soul, other than to say I ordered the town burned... they deserve no less - poor creatures.

The preacher seemed to feel the evil of the place and we advanced to the barn on the outskirts of town. The horror inside was not only an abomination to god and nature but to life itself. This gestalt combination of many beings was ravenous and sought only to attack and kill. This vile sorcery must be stopped...

I love you Mary, I pray these notes find you and I hope my actions in some way make up for my many failings...

Red Wine should always be opened and allowed to breathe....

if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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