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TOPIC: R4: 2018 Horror on the Orient Express

R4: 2018 Horror on the Orient Express 1 month 3 weeks ago #2661

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Rotation number: Rotation 4 2018
Referee name: Sarge
Game system: Call of Cthulhu 7th (1920's classic era)
Scenario Name: Horror on the Orient Express
Character Levels: n/a
New Characters: Yes
No. of players: 5

As per 'Seeing if there is still interest...' thread, the following players have be assigned to this rotation: Val, Moc, Stew, Andy B, MellyMel

Should any of these players choose to not to participate I will open up the space.

Players will need to create 2 characters, to allow for continuity of play should anything untoward happen to them. Character creation can be on the first night, but happy for players to create their characters beforehand. I am going to be quite strict however in that I don't want character creation on the first night to take more than one hour. Please be happy with your character, as there won't be an opportunity to change it once we start playing.
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R4: 2018 Horror on the Orient Express 1 month 2 weeks ago #2690

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Thanks Sarge. My first character will be Father Donald Murtagh. More details to follow.....
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R4: 2018 Horror on the Orient Express 1 month 1 week ago #2711

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mikeawmids wrote:
I will say that It's not unreasonable of me to expect a reasonable attendance rate during the rotation, otherwise you are just taking up a space that could have gone to someone else. If I deem your attendance rate to be unacceptable, you'll forfeit your place in future rotations of this campaign.

I'd also like to echo Mike's expectations in respect of Horror on the Orient Express. I will have quite an investment, in both time and money, in this campaign. I don't think it unreasonable therefore to expect a firm commitment throughout this and future rotations in return. If it isn't working for a player for some reason, then we will have to have the discussion about that player leaving the game. This is for everyone's enjoyment, both players and referee.
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Pelgrane - Thu 15 Mar - 18:28

Sorry, still on train from Leeds; won’t get back home til 9, so won’t make this week. Also, next week away at a conference so no-go there either. Looks like no-go for this rotation for me.

Bane - Wed 14 Mar - 20:05

Please see my latest forum post.

Viggi - Wed 14 Mar - 19:27

I'd also recommend their regular podcast, one of the most entertaining actual plays going.

mikeawmids - Tue 13 Mar - 23:58

I recommend checking out the Glass Cannon podcast! https://glasscannonpodcast.com

Steboacha - Thu 8 Mar - 19:03

I'm not feeling well today so I'm not going to make it.Hopefully see you next week.

mikeawmids - Sat 3 Mar - 16:56


mikeawmids - Sat 3 Mar - 16:53

That was R3 last year. See R3 2018 for next rotation.

Raging Soliloquy - Sat 3 Mar - 16:44

Book of the dead. Game in rotation after this one. Topic is locked. does this mean all spaces are gone?

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