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TOPIC: R2 A Fistful of One Shots

R2 A Fistful of One Shots 9 months 4 days ago #3646

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Rotation number: 2
Referee name: round robin
Game system: various
Scenario Name: various
Character Levels: various
New Characters: Yes
No. of players: 4/6

Since there are a few people without a game in R2, we'll be putting together a fifth table running a variety of one-shot adventures using different rules and run by a different person each week. You will have no idea what kind of game you'll be playing beforehand. This would be a great opportunity for players who haven't GM'd before to give it a go. We'll also be able to absorb any new members who join the club in R2.

Players signed up: mikeawmids, Tom, BC_Kidge & Andrek.
Luke (BC_Kidge) will be running... something in week one.
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R2 A Fistful of One Shots 8 months 3 weeks ago #3668

  • rhodsey
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Since Luke is running the first game I've sent a suggestion to your PM's if you want to check them...
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R2 A Fistful of One Shots 8 months 1 day ago #3736

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I will be coming along to the one-shots if that's ok. Also, my brother (Rich) would like to join too. Once we both have a little more experience I'm sure we would be both be happy to GM too.
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Sarge - Tue 19 Nov - 14:06

Raging - You're in the Saltmarsh game!

Aka - Tue 19 Nov - 11:12

thanks Mike game is now full

mikeawmids - Mon 18 Nov - 10:48

BCRPS Forums > Games Proposals. Your main issue is that Aka hasn't actually made a recruitment thread.

Raging Soliloquy - Mon 18 Nov - 10:16

Just spent 20 minutes trying to find where i post onterest for games and cant find it as i believe threads are unlocked. Would like to join Akas game - saltmarsh if there are spaces which is unlikely

rhodsey - Fri 15 Nov - 15:38

Same if still going on/there is space.

Sant - Fri 15 Nov - 14:36

Mirroring Mel's sentiment r1

MellyMel - Fri 15 Nov - 11:53

Aka I'd like to sign up for salt marsh but not seeing any thread to do so

mikeawmids - Fri 15 Nov - 11:01

!!! IMPORTANT !!! All recruitment threads have been unlocked effective immediately. See General Discussion thread for more info. Bumping to make sure everyone sees this.

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