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TOPIC: ROTATION 4 We are fighter’s!

ROTATION 4 We are fighter’s! 5 months 3 weeks ago #3876

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We are fighter’s!
You are a group of disparate melee fighters. You may have a monk in the group but no magic users. Healing will be available for a price. The first week will be organising your fighting styles. More importantly how you fight together as a unit. I will also get you to design a band feat. Cannot be over powered, I get the last say. But something that adds flavour and colour will be rewarded. The monk will be the magic killer.
Your background is the you were mustered under the Blue Baron banner. You then were given blue and yellow tabards. Maybe you were heavy infantry? Maybe you were spearman? This will be a gritty combat heavy tactical game. No snowflakes need apply. Your characters may end up looking like the dog from GOT. Or maybe Jamie Lanister? Each of you should know your roles. Your opponents will be organized. You should be too. The choice is yours….
Starting : 2nd level.
Stats : 27 point buy.
System : Pathfinder
Max No. Players : 6
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Sarge - Tue 19 Nov - 14:06

Raging - You're in the Saltmarsh game!

Aka - Tue 19 Nov - 11:12

thanks Mike game is now full

mikeawmids - Mon 18 Nov - 10:48

BCRPS Forums > Games Proposals. Your main issue is that Aka hasn't actually made a recruitment thread.

Raging Soliloquy - Mon 18 Nov - 10:16

Just spent 20 minutes trying to find where i post onterest for games and cant find it as i believe threads are unlocked. Would like to join Akas game - saltmarsh if there are spaces which is unlikely

rhodsey - Fri 15 Nov - 15:38

Same if still going on/there is space.

Sant - Fri 15 Nov - 14:36

Mirroring Mel's sentiment r1

MellyMel - Fri 15 Nov - 11:53

Aka I'd like to sign up for salt marsh but not seeing any thread to do so

mikeawmids - Fri 15 Nov - 11:01

!!! IMPORTANT !!! All recruitment threads have been unlocked effective immediately. See General Discussion thread for more info. Bumping to make sure everyone sees this.

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