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TOPIC: The Forest is alive !

The Forest is alive ! 3 months 3 weeks ago #4843

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Rotation is now.
Game type 5e +
Players 3 or more up to 5. Players from Adam's game get first should
Level 5th . Only one level of multi Classing

I will let you have any players guide or eberon no xge

The brief
You have come through a portal in a new forrest land. You are search for character who is from your lands named Voz. She is a half elf who caused you trouble last rotation. She has allies who are desperate and evil.
It will be a high combat setting. Yet social characters will also get a time to shine.
If you have a good back story or character concept that I like we will work you in quickly. May need some fast joining ... oh come join the party . ....

This will run for rest of the rotation... or as long as we get.
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The Forest is alive ! 3 months 3 weeks ago #4844

  • Candi
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Im In!

Gonna play Artificer, Gonna play very Support build!
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The Forest is alive ! 3 months 3 weeks ago #4852

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Candi has convinced me to come. I'm in. Will be buzzing off expresso but I'll be there!
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Sarge - Thu 9 Jul - 14:47

As a reminder, the coronation club opens at 7.30pm

TheRanger - Thu 9 Jul - 12:52

I wont be attending tonight. Wont be till August now. Due to me still shielding

Andrek - Thu 9 Jul - 08:39

More than happy to start this AP.

mikeawmids - Thu 9 Jul - 08:17

Reminder that we cleared all games for rotations 3 through 6 when Covid hit and tge club closed. GMs will need to repost games for R5/R6 and beyond (2021).

Sarge - Wed 8 Jul - 11:28

Candi, games will be a bit adhoc for a while whilst we build up numbers. I’ve already said I can knock something up, if you can then great

Candi - Tue 7 Jul - 21:37

sooo Thursday Rotation 4, any confirmations what GMs are happy too run what game. Just wanna know soo not driving all the way there too find out my game isnt on.

Vic - Tue 7 Jul - 14:16

How is everyone

Sarge - Tue 7 Jul - 13:05

Great news everyone, we can return to the club on Thursdays! Please see the CORONA VIRUS - COVID 19 topic for more info

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