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TOPIC: The Forest is alive !

The Forest is alive ! 1 year 4 months ago #4843

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Rotation is now.
Game type 5e +
Players 3 or more up to 5. Players from Adam's game get first should
Level 5th . Only one level of multi Classing

I will let you have any players guide or eberon no xge

The brief
You have come through a portal in a new forrest land. You are search for character who is from your lands named Voz. She is a half elf who caused you trouble last rotation. She has allies who are desperate and evil.
It will be a high combat setting. Yet social characters will also get a time to shine.
If you have a good back story or character concept that I like we will work you in quickly. May need some fast joining ... oh come join the party . ....

This will run for rest of the rotation... or as long as we get.
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The Forest is alive ! 1 year 4 months ago #4844

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Im In!

Gonna play Artificer, Gonna play very Support build!
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The Forest is alive ! 1 year 4 months ago #4852

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Candi has convinced me to come. I'm in. Will be buzzing off expresso but I'll be there!
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rhodsey - Thu 29 Jul - 18:07

I'll join in if ok Hugh. posted in the forum post as well so the shoutbox doesn't get overwhelmed

Mr. B - Thu 29 Jul - 17:39

Jim - it’ll be next week and the week after…

JIm - Thu 29 Jul - 17:29

Ah, actually, I will skip tonight and join as a special appearance for the conclusion next week. Beware tentacles.

JIm - Thu 29 Jul - 17:11

Im up for some Cthulhu, what time you going to start ;)

Mr. B - Thu 29 Jul - 17:02

Max of six! So five spaces left. Any newbies, pcs will be generated before play…

Mr. B - Thu 29 Jul - 17:01

With Sant being absent for the next two weeks, I’ll run a one/two-shot of Cthulhu - for possibly the last time!! It’ll be a mix of existing pcs (so, Scott’s in!) and newbies. Who’s in?

Sarge - Thu 29 Jul - 16:53

Won’t be around tonight as have no game. Can someone please collect subs and pay for room. Thanks

Sant - Thu 29 Jul - 13:18

Expanse...Rather than wait until later to make a call, I've been feeling off yesterday and today so I'm going to have to not run tonight, sorry I thought I might feel better by this afternoon.

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