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TOPIC: R6 Ghosts of Saltmarsh

R6 Ghosts of Saltmarsh 1 year 4 months ago #5142

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Adventure: Ghosts of Saltmarsh
Rotation: 6
System: 5th Edition World of Greyhawk
Ref: Aka
Players: maximum 5
New Characters: Yes

There is a lot to read
It is no longer safe to be out at night. It is dangerous to travel from town to town, except in groups. The night somehow seems darker, more sinister. Only the very powerful travel alone or after dark. - or the very foolish. What was once thriving farming hamlets are now walled villages. Towns are heavily fortified. Only the desperate are outside the safety of town walls at night; even the farmers travel to the fields to mind their crops during the day, returning to the protection of civilization at dusk.
Goblin, kobolds and their ilk fill the vast spaces between towns now, bullied by hobgoblins, and gnolls, and orcs. It is said that their evil grows stronger each day. There are likely fouler, more evil masters above them, such as trolls, and giants, and drow, with even more hideous evil creatures above them. It is even rumored that great fiends and other abyssal creatures now sit at the top rung of the ladder, with the strong ruling the weak.
Kings, lords and nobles now clash against one another, trying to become the one who is able to unite the various small political entities. Some want to do it for the benefit of all, others only to feed their own egos and power.
No, it is not a safe world anymore The Flanaess needs new heroes. Are you ready to answer the call?

Character Creation Guidelines
Point Buy. Purchase ability scores using 27-points as described in the Player’s
Handbook on page 19.
To create the traditional feel and flavor of the World of Greyhawk, specific races and sub-races are available for play. Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-orc, Halfling and Human but not variant.
Humans of Greyhawk
Baklunish folk have golden-hued skin and hair that ranges from blue-black to dark brown. Their eyes are often green or gray-green.
Ability Score Increase. +1 to Strength, +1 to two other abilities.
Feat. You gain the Mounted Combat feat OR Prodigy (XGE)
Language. You can read, write and speak Ancient Baklunish.
Pureblooded Flan boast a bronze-colored complexion, varying from a light copper shade to a deep brown hue. Eyes are typically dark brown, black, brown, or amber. Their wavy or curly hair is usually black, brown-black, dark brown, or
Ability Score Increase. +1 to Constitution, +1 to two other abilities.
Feat: You gain the Mobile feat OR Prodigy (XGE)
Language. You can read, write and speak Flan.
Oeridian skin ranges from tan to olive. Their hair is an array from honey blond to black though brown and reddish brown predominate. Eye coloration varies, and brown and gray are most common.
Ability Score Increase. +1 to Wisdom, +1 to two other abilities.
Feat. You gain the Savage Attacker feat OR Prodigy (XGE)
Language. You can read, write and speak Old Oeridian.
Purebred Suel typically have pale skin, with albinism being far more common than among other races. Violet and pale blue eyes are common, with gray and deep blue less common. Hair color is fair, from several shades of blond to light red, and is often kinky in texture.
Ability Score Increase. +1 to Intelligence, +1 to two other abilities.
Feat. You gain the Magic Initiate feat or Prodigy (XGE)
Language. You can read, write and speak Suloise.

The ancient Olman culture originated in Hepmonaland until most migrated west across island chains and settled in the Amedio Jungle, although many can be found in the Hold of the Sea Princes after the end of the Scarlet Brotherhood occupation. In ancient times, they were one of the most advanced of all human cultures, but events related to the creation of yuanti and later the misdeeds of powerful cultists of the bat god Camazotz led to the collapse of their once great empire. Olman characteristically have reddish-brown skin tones with straight black hair and brown to nearly black eyes.
Ability Score Increase. +1 to Wisdom, +1 to two other abilities.
Feat. You gain the Ritual Caster feat OR Prodigy (XGE)
Language. You can read, write and speak Olman

The Rhennee are relative newcomers to Oerth. Legends say they came from another plane roughly 500 years ago, and settled in and around the Lake of Unknown Depths. Since then they have become a common fixture along the waterways throughout the world, living and working on barges and serving as expert inland sailors. They are superstitious and routinely considered to be keepers of secret lore. They still have much animosity with the native cultures of Oerth and do not interbreed with the other people of the Flanaess. Their complexion ranges from olive to tan; their hair is usually curly and dark. Most have eyes of gray, blue, or hazel.
Ability Score Increase. +1 to Charisma, +1 to two other abilities.
Feat. You gain the Lucky feat OR Prodigy (XGE)
Language. You can read, write and speak Rhennee

The Touv are currently the main culture of the Hepmonaland continent, although a few tribes have been relocated to the Hold of the Sea Princes following the Scarlet Brotherhood occupation of that nation. The Touv are largely egalitarian and highly religious, believing that the nature of all things is change therefore one should not place himself too highly above his brothers and sisters, who may come to rule in the next season. They prefer open spaces and abstract/minimalistic designs in art and architecture. Touv have dark brown to black skin tones with eye colors of blue or brown, and tend toward black hair worm either straight or wavy.
Ability Score Increase. +1 to Dex, +1 to two other abilities.
Feat. You gain the Inspiring Leader feat OR Prodigy (XGE)
Language. You can read, write and speak Touv
You may select your starting class from any of the options in the Player's Handbook and XGte.
You may choose any of the backgrounds available in the Player's Handbook. In addition, you can select from any of the following Backgrounds in the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide: City Watch, Clan Crafter (dwarf only), Courtier, Mercenary Veteran, Urban Bounty Hunter. Additional background options Fisher, Marine, Shipwright, Smuggler.
Any non evil alignment
each character starts with maximum g.p. for their class to but equipment.
equipping magic items maximum of 10
SALTMARSH IS A NONDESCRIPT FISHING VILLAGE tucked away on the southern coast of the Kingdom of Keoland. For several generations, Keoland was a formidable military power. Its superior cavalry and bold knights pushed the kingdom's borders outward to the north. west. and east. Each successful campaign
increased both the crown's wealth and power, and each one in turn drew the Kingdom's attention even farther north. The southern coastal regions of Keoland
remained a backwater.
The crown's benign neglect allowed piracy and banditry to flourish. Saltmarsh and similar towns kept to fishing, content to maintain a low profile and avoid governmental entanglements. Decades ago, the pirates who prowled the waters off Saltmarsh grew strong enough to create their own realm, a loose confederacy known as the Hold of the Sea Princes. With the rise of that nation came increased raids on Saltmarsh and its neighbors. The Sea Princes' raiding ships pillaged the coast for more slaves to support their growing realm. and Saltmarsh suffered heavily. The memories of those times loom heavily over the area, and the locals' hatred of the Sea Princes runs deep.
In time, Keoland's victories in the north gave way to a string of defeats in which its neighbors pushed the kingdom back to its original boundaries. With the world
closing in, King Kimbertos Skotti looked to the south and saw unchecked banditry and a rising pirate nation. The crown struck peace treaties with its former foes to
the north, raised a navy, and dealt a sharp check to the ambitions of the Sea Princes- but the conflict is by no means over.
King Skotti has decreed that the pirates must be put down, the sea lanes secured, and trade cultivated. If Keoland cannot prosper as a military force, it must grow
mightier as a center of trade. Saltmarsh. remote though it might be from the center
of power in Keoland, is entering a new phase of its life as it reacts to the king's plans. The crown's agents want to expand the village's port and make it a prime location for trade with the world beyond. In another recent development, a band of dwarves bearing a decree from the king himself- have arrived and begun to excavate the hills and seaside cliffs near town, looking for precious metals. If their work bears fruit as expected, the mine stands to become a major factor in the village's-and.
indeed, the entire region's prosperity.
Naturally, not all of Saltmarsh's residents feel the same way about the recent developments in and around their community, which is the key issue that affects their
lives and livelihood. Although the recent changes stand to bring new prosperity to the area. many locals don't want to see their home changed.
roll high or go home
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R6 Ghosts of Saltmarsh 1 year 4 months ago #5143

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Permission to come aboard, Captain-Sir? Yaaarg!

I'm thinking a Cleric of the Tempest domain is the way to go for this campaign.

With your permission....

Half Orc, Cleric (Tempest)
Formerly a ranking priest in an evil elemental cult, Khabba received a visitation from the god Velnius and abandoned the cult to live as a hermit near Saltmarsh. Khabba believes his god has a plan for one or more of the other heroes and will stick with the group until they fulfil their destiny. Since leaving the cult, his alignment has shifted from Chaotic Evil to Chaotic Neutral.
He is very old and kind of weird. He has been living near Sandpoint for a long while, watching over the 'special one' from afar and defending the town from various threats - some real, some imagined, until Velnius' prophecy comes to fruition.
He lives in the hollow trunk of a dead tree overlooking the town and likes to caper atop the bluffs during stormy weather. He has been struck by lightning several times and views his survival as a sign of Velnius'' continued favour. He constantly smells of burnt hair and unwashed socks.

Can the Sacred Flame cantrip be reskinned to do Lightning damage, instead of Radiant?
Last Edit: 1 year 4 months ago by mikeawmids.
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R6 Ghosts of Saltmarsh 1 year 4 months ago #5145

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Count Me in Aka, hopefullyI wont get quarrantined again!
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R6 Ghosts of Saltmarsh 1 year 4 months ago #5147

  • Aka
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mike great idea. talos is not worshipped in greyhawk alternatives are Obad-Hai, Procan, Telchur, Velnius, Kord, Osprem, Phaulkon, Vatun, Xerbo, Joramy, the 2 highlighted are most appropriate. and yes you can change the spell.
welcome aboard mike and andy
roll high or go home
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R6 Ghosts of Saltmarsh 1 year 4 months ago #5148

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Sign me up ta !
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R6 Ghosts of Saltmarsh 1 year 4 months ago #5149

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Hi Aka! I have edited character concept in above post to reflect your observations. Thanks for the steer. :D
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