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TOPIC: R1 2021 The Scarlet Games!

R1 2021 The Scarlet Games! 8 months 6 days ago #5282

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Greetings one and all The Scarlet games are close at hand, This challenge is not for the feint hearted!

The Grand Wizard Mograinne is hosting his annual games to test the metal of adventures and see whom may be worthy of his ultimate treasures!

Game mode : 5e
Players : 5 (ideally but will make exceptions based on the day)
Character Creation: If its in a DnD book ill allow it (Show me the source)
Starting Level: 5

What too expect;
A gruiling dungeon crawl adventure that will test your Strength, Cunning, Wit, Resolve and Courage.
This will involve some unorthodox encounters and challenges to be had here that will test even the more "exspirenced" of adventurers! This is not for the weak willed loosing your focus can and will likely be the death of you... bring your A game as mine is just getting started!


You will have the option of facing 5 tiers of challenges all scailing with party character levels.

1st tier - Entrance level (low quality magic rewards and loot)
5th Tier - Difficulty incarnete (The pinnacle of magic bestowed onto mortals!)

Tip: This game will have alot of combat but the outside the box thinkers might be able to turn the tables in their favor and turn certain death into assured victory.

Look forward too seeing you all back at the club! anyquestions please feel free too hit me up!

Tier 1 :
¤ The Wailing Caverns (Twisted Caverns haunted by the lost and forsaken!) ¤
The Dead Mines (The Secret home base too the Defias Brotherhood famous rougues guild)
Scarlet Monistary (Devout Zealots, Masters of Warfare against Undead scourge and all non Holy followers)
Blackrock Depths (The home of the Dark Iron Dwarfs practice pagan magics and reports have highlighted they have began too cast a ritural that could change the world forever!)
Zul'Farak (The Sand trolls awakened something deep in their altar, This cant be good Ancient things lurk down there)
Bloodsail's Ahead! (The bloodsail buccaneirs stalk these waters!)

Tier 2 :
Mermaid's Hideaway (Lost Island out at sea, Many renown pirates and treasure hunters have searched for the glorious riches hidden! but non have returned!)
Lagoon of Whisper's (Once a famous isle of trade for the free men of pirate kind, after a storm struck the shallow shores nothing left but the feint whispers in the wind)
Smuggler's Bay (Famous Smugglers use this Bay too deposit and pick up their ... questionable goods. Assume everything is out too get you here knowing where too step might be difference between death and riches!)
Zul'Gurub (The Hakkari Trolls are attempting too ressurect the cursed Blood God Hakkar! THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!)
Zul'Aman (Faithful Woodland Trolls belive in the power of the true Lower and as such have been bestowed by them with immesurable powers that threaten local civilizations if left uncheck could offer another WAR!)
Stormwind Stockade's (The Prison in the Center of the Humans capital has run riot! We need you too get in there and get that rabble back in their cells!)
The Trickster (This pirate lord never hid his treasure he openly told everyone where it was... Its more of a challenge to survive too see it)

Tier 3:
Mauradon (Ancient depths of Earth, the Pillars of the world are found here in there everchanging and struggaling balance to maintain the perfect eco system)
Molten Core (Deep fire debths of Blackrock Mountain lies the outter reaches of the plane of fire! Tread carefuly and make sure too bring you Cool Drinks!)
Throne of the four Winds (The citadel in the Sky, The entrance way to the realm of Air, Fantastic views and lots of THUNDER, Stay safe out there and thanks for flying with us!)
Depths of the Maelstrom (Beneathe the deep twisting chasms of the Maelstrom pulling all manner of creatures and secrets too the sea floor, Who knows what you may find at the Mouth of the plane of water!)
Theater of Pain (The Defenders of the Shadowlands hold games of Conquest and Strength too proove who the Primal of their faction will be! This year they are allowing you too test your will)
Halls of Reflection (Deep in the Icy Citadel of the Frozen Throne lies the Armoury of powerful weaonry, too get to it you must past the twisted Halls of Reflection that will push you too choices you never thought was within you)

Tier 4:
Magtheridon's Lair (The Right hand of the Burning legion and the most feared, most brutal, most powerful deamon on this plain. Bound in dark magics, help inplace against his will... but the power if failing "How long do you think you can HOLD ME!!!)
Gruul the Dragonkiller's Lair (This collossus of a Ogre was imbuned with wrath its self, He got his name from nearly single handedly taking out an entire Flight of dragons impailing their corpses as trophys of the caverns he lives!)
Onyxia The Broodmother (The mother of all Black dragons, Power this Ancient black dragon holds is enough to shatter mortals souls in her presence)
Vault of Archiavon (Famous Archielogists discoverd this vault deep below ground in the frigid north, They found what looks like Ancient markings and only one word has been deciferd thus far "TITAN")
Doom Lord Kazzak (Furious Demon known for his mastery of siege tactics and high attunement to shadow magic)
Doomwalker (This Collosus Siege mech was build too defend the Gnomes from invasions against their land, but they added an unknown powercell to the Mech and its been a walking tyrannicle cataclysmic force to behold!)
Mordekaiser (The Fully Plated Iron Juggernaught of Destruction)
Viego the Ruined King (The black mist comes)
Trial of Dragons!
The Cursed Weapon!
The Bearded Lady (Monther of Monsters Queen of the deep)
The King of Razors Edge (The Hunt for the Megaladon)

Tier 5:
Naxxaramas (The tall twisted floating citadel hovering in the sky the masters of undeath practice all that is haunting and wicked!)
Ahn'Qiraj (Deep below the sands of the deserts is the home too the worlds most ancient and vicious creatures, This civilization has lied in wait for a milenia sealed away by the world. are you brave enough too see why?)
Black Temple (Once home to the holy followers of the light, Until the demons game and ravaged all they held dear and desecrated this holy ground! Now a strong hold for powerful and unspeakable evils casting a shadow over the lands!)
Kharazhan (The Forgotten citadel to the Guardian of this world, Its rumoured that the libary here housed the pinnacle of magics and legendary artifacts collected from many fable stories. but since the dissappearence of The Guardian non have been able too step foot inside)
Fort of the Damned (Not much is known about this lone fort in the middle of the ocean, The Pirate lord Greymarrow launched a terrifying campaign from this fort and after years of looking for something we are not sure on, A red skull appeared in the sky and Greymarrow and his crew vanished and no one has dared set food back on the island!)
Icecrown Citadel (Home too the Lich king, Death incarnate)

............. And many many more, are you up for the challenge
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The Scarlet Games! 8 months 6 days ago #5284

  • moc
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Sign me up !
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R1 2021 The Scarlet Games! 8 months 5 days ago #5289

  • TheRanger
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Sign me up too. This sounds like a fun time
What level are we starting at?
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R1 2021 The Scarlet Games! 8 months 5 days ago #5290

  • Candi
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level 5
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R1 2021 The Scarlet Games! 8 months 5 days ago #5291

  • Candi
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As a side request could you provide your own character Sheets please, Stat rolling be done on the day i dont have means too print sheets.
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R1 2021 The Scarlet Games! 8 months 5 days ago #5292

  • moc
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Can we point buy with 27 points ? Instead of rolling
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MellyMel - Tue 11 Jan - 17:18

ta. i don't think i renewed last year!

Sarge - Tue 11 Jan - 16:42

The Coronation club have posted on FB that memberships are now due (by 31st Jan). Don’t know what the fee will be. I’ll be looking to get mine Thursday.

Garuda - Sat 25 Dec - 17:19

Merry Xmas

Inept - Sat 25 Dec - 14:18

happy Christmas all...

mikeawmids - Fri 24 Dec - 02:17

Merry Christmas y'all, and a Happy New Year! :D

Kaltek - Tue 21 Dec - 07:08

Sarge: Yeah that makes sense, I'll change the post, thanks!

Sarge - Sat 18 Dec - 10:46

Kaltek: I'm presuming you mean Rotation 1, not Rotation 5 given that the current Rotation ends next Thursday (23rd)

rhodsey - Thu 9 Dec - 09:24

I'm trying to gauge interest from my existing players for waterdeep but that will be for R2. I think Sarge has a game in R1 but won't be able to run anything myself.

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