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TOPIC: R3 Anglo Saxon Chronicle

R3 Anglo Saxon Chronicle 4 years 10 months ago #16

  • Eomak
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Continuing the Pathfinder campaign. Currently Bane, Gaz, Matt, Adam & Vic are signed up to play.

Timeline: Season 3
1094 - Alexios of Byzantium calls for aid against the Seljuk Turks encroaching into Byzantine lands.
1095 - November - Pope preaches for crusade at council of Clermont to capture Jerusalem. On the way they will travel thru Byzantine territory & defeat the Seljuk followers of Islam.
1096 -November - Events in season 2 - The dying land.
December - The first snows of winter begin to fall heavily across the north. Our heroes return thru undead infested lands to Oakthorpe & the Elven tower. Luckily in some ways the snows of winter prevent more than a few undead reaching the outskirts of Oakthorpe & they are quickly despatched by the fyrd. Upon seeing the recording of the crystal ball given to Septimus, master Auralius is sent into a whirlwind of activity. Despite poor travelling conditions & advanced age, Master Auralius sets off for London & the court of King William II accompanied by the heroes.
December - Godfrey of Bouillon contingent arrives at Constantinople
1097 - Throughout 1097 Master Auralius & co travel to all of the major kingdoms of western Europe, trying to find help to battle the Titan.
March - Robert of England's contingent arrives at Constantinople
April - Raymond of Toulouse contingent arrives at Constantinople
May - After the leaders of the crusader army swear fealty to Emperor Alexios & agree to turn over all captured territory to the Byzantines, the crusaders are ferried across Bospherus & lays siege to Nicaea.
June - After the Crusaders defeat several attempts by Seljuk forces to relieve the city the siege of Nicaea is successfully concluded on the 19th.
July - Battle of Dorylaeum. A combined force of Seljuks of Rum & Danishmandids are defeated by the numerically superior Crusader force.
August - Crusaders capture the city of Iconium. Meanwhile an Anglo Saxon fleet in Byzantine service captures the port of Latakia from Banu' Ammar of Tripoli.
September - Crusaders capture Caesarea Mazacha
October - Crusaders capture Marash. A week later they lay siege to Antioch.
December - Crusader defeat Saljuk forces led by Duqaq of Damascus at al-Bara.
1098 - February - Byzantine army led by Alexios himself advances to Philomelium, Byzantine general Tatikios withdraws his men from the siege of Antioch & rendezvous' with the Emperor at Philomelium.
Cruaders defeat a relief army of Seljuks under command of Ridwan of Alleppo at Lake Antioch.
March - Count Baldwin of Boulogne creates county of Edessa as an independent Crusader kingdom renouncing his oath to turn conquered territory over the Byzantine Emperor.
June - Antioch falls to crusader army but the citadel remains in Muslim hands.
June 14th. Peter the Hermit "discovers" the Holy lance in the ruins of Antioch. Spurred on by religious fanaticism the Crusaders destroy a final relief army of Seljuks under the command of Kur Bugha of Mosul. A day later the citadel of Antioch surrenders & every man, woman & child is put to the sword by hysterical Christian soldiers who claimed an Army of Angels helped them win the battle against Kur Bugha.
Season 3 - The Crusades. Our heroes are called before the King & his council in closed session.
December - Ma'arat al nu'man falls defenders massacred by crusaders reports of cannibalism & torture
21st - Eclipse of the sun leads to further hysteria
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R3 Anglo Saxon Chronicle 4 years 10 months ago #32

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Excellent! Looking forward to being Septimus again!
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R3 Anglo Saxon Chronicle 4 years 10 months ago #33

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Matt, Did you ever really stop?? lol
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Candi - Fri 6 Dec - 00:02

Bravo Loderan's your conquests are impressive.... lets see how you stand when you face me! In your last session you will face Kel'Thuzard!!! Muhahahahaha

Steboacha - Thu 5 Dec - 20:16

Sorry running very late. Should be there around 9.

Candi - Thu 5 Dec - 19:55

Janice! Cant find ya sheild in my folder have you taken it?

Candi - Thu 5 Dec - 18:50

Great No probs!Death awaits all who seek it!

Andy Boyne - Thu 5 Dec - 18:27

Hi Black Falcons - I am coming but will be late. Estimating between 8:30 and 9.

rhodsey - Thu 5 Dec - 16:13

I'll skip as well then since I've got lurgy and was nly coming for Battletech :) Sant if you can run next week please let me know

Sant - Thu 5 Dec - 16:05

Something's come up tonight since silly season has started so I'm going to miss this week. Sorry sarge.

Mehitabel - Thu 5 Dec - 15:39

Sorry Black Falcons, not going to get there tonight. Knuckles, I made the revivify scroll for you, so consider it given to you and I hope you don't have to use it.

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