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TOPIC: R2 2018 (01/03/2018 > 19/04/2018)

R2 2018 (01/03/2018 > 19/04/2018) 1 year 6 months ago #2579

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TABLE 1: The Dracula Dossier
System: Night's Dark Agents
Ref: Viggi
# of players: 5
New players: Yes
Players: Pelgrane, andrewstatham99, Andrek & Steboacha (1 open)
Recruitment: bcrps.co.uk/cms/index.php/forum/games-pr...-night-s-dark-agents
Discussion: bcrps.co.uk/cms/index.php/forum/games-di...-night-s-dark-agents

TABLE 2: The Rise of Tiamat
System: D&D5
Ref: Sarge
# of players: 6
New players: No
Special: Seats reserved for returning players
Players: Val, Bane, AndyB, Mr.B, Inept & MellyMel (RECRUITMENT CLOSED)
Recruitment: bcrps.co.uk/cms/index.php/forum/games-pr...-tiamat-continuation
Discussion: pending

TABLE 3: Curse of Strahd
System: D&D5
Ref: mikeawmids
# of players: 5
New players: Yes
Players: Garuda, TheRanger, Aka, Gekz, Sant (RECRUITMENT CLOSED)
Recruitment: bcrps.co.uk/cms/index.php/forum/games-pr...f-strahd-recruitment
Discussion: bcrps.co.uk/cms/index.php/forum/games-di...rand-discussion#2698

TABLE 4: Other Mike's Epic 32 Week Fantasy Time-Travel Homebrew Extravaganza
Ref: Other Mike
System: Homebrew
# of Players: ???
Players: The Magic Guys
Notes: I am given to understand that Other Mike plans on running the same game for the next four, consecutive rotations...?!
Recruitment: no Recruitment thread
Discussion: no Discussion thread

More games needed! Post to Recruitment subforum!
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Mr. B - Thu 18 Jul - 19:22

There for 8.45pm.

JIm - Thu 18 Jul - 15:44

Running late, maybe.

TheRanger - Mon 15 Jul - 18:56

That wasn't meant for the chat haha

TheRanger - Mon 15 Jul - 18:15

Okie dokie. Please let me know mate :)

mikeawmids - Fri 12 Jul - 12:05

Tomb of Annihilation open to players.

Sarge - Fri 12 Jul - 11:38

Calling all GM's: Please post your games now for Rotation 5

Sarge - Fri 12 Jul - 11:30

Andy/MIke - You are now moderators of the Proposals and Discussion Forums. To Unlock a thread, go into it by clicking its link and there is a Lock/Unlock button at the top. So feel free to moderate!

Andy Boyne - Fri 12 Jul - 08:05

Sarge - please unlock my game for the next Rotation so I can, hopefully, get some players.

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