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TOPIC: Regarding BCRPS Subs

Regarding BCRPS Subs 1 week 2 days ago #2991

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Following our much-missed friend Gary’s bequeath of a years room hire being paid, some members were a little confused when I came around and collected subs last Thursday

So, I just wanted to explain and remind members of a few things.

Whilst primarily ensuring the room is paid for, the payment of subs covers a number of other things. The BCRPS website has hosting and domain fees that increase annually, and whilst we have a good deal, we have no control over price increases.

Not all members have to pay. We have always had a club rule that those at school, are unemployed, or are Pensioners don’t have to pay, hence other members making up the shortfall.

Depending on the time of year and other commitments, numbers can fluctuate a lot, so there are times that what is collected wouldn’t cover the room cost, so we have to have some pool of money to make up any difference.

The weekly sub of £1 has never gone up in all the years the club has been in existence. I wouldn’t mind betting that other similar clubs charge more than this on a weekly basis.

It has never been, and isn’t, about making profit. Any excesses are either kept as a pool of money to cover any shortfalls, or there have been free weeks, or on occasion free drinks for attending members. Also, when t-shirts/hoodies etc. have been available, the BCRPS subsidised half of the costs.

The fact that Garys most generous donation means more money will go into the pot, gathering subs continues to allow the BCRPS to pass on these kinds of benefits, and this year, likely more often.

Ideas for the use of club funds is always welcome

I really hope this clarifies everything, and I am happy to discuss this in person should anyone have any concerns.
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Raging Soliloquy - Thu 24 May - 09:05

I'll be a little late tonight don't finish work til 8, will come straight to the club expect me around quarter to 9. Cheers

Sarge - Fri 18 May - 08:18

Can all members please read my new post regarding BCRPS Subs

Ant - Thu 10 May - 18:04

I have a cold. Don't want to infect everyone so will see you next week.

Ant - Thu 3 May - 19:00

Running late as waiting for a van to be dropped off. If it gets too late I may give it a miss tonight.

mikeawmids - Thu 3 May - 15:25

Pre-order WFRP v4 from Cubicle 7 website later this week, if you're interested: http://cubicle7.co.uk/warhammer-fantasy-roleplay-pre-order-opens-this-week/

moc - Thu 26 Apr - 19:26

Shadowruns: i am ill. Really hot and cold. So will see you guys next week

Steboacha - Thu 26 Apr - 14:25

I'm taking a break for rotation 3 and probably 4. I'll be back for Scott's game for definite.

TheRanger - Sat 21 Apr - 18:07

Are there any games going for next rotation that arent full?

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