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Sarge - Thu 16 Aug - 18:50

I won’t be there tonight as Mel has cancelled. See you next week

Sant - Thu 9 Aug - 18:57

Lvl 5 5e

mikeawmids - Thu 9 Aug - 16:31

Sant, what game / level ?

Sant - Thu 9 Aug - 16:10

Mike you can join in your game

TheRanger - Thu 9 Aug - 15:45

Of course ya can mike. Just bring a lvl 1 character along :) same to anyone else whos lacking a game tonight :)

Inept - Thu 9 Aug - 14:23

allAs Garuda concluded the SK stuff last week, I wont be there tonight. enjoy!

mikeawmids - Thu 9 Aug - 12:25

I am at a loose end tonight if I can get in on some of that sweet D&D action, plz?

TheRanger - Wed 8 Aug - 23:40

No worries Bane. and just so its out there, for anyone who doesnt have a game tomorrow, ill be running a one shot dnd campaign. if interested just bring a lvl 1 character :)

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