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TOPIC: Gazathon - Masks

Gazathon - Masks 3 months 1 week ago #3575

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The players are aware this is a prequel to the game they finished a while back, and characters exist already therefore

Here's the price list for the day (Must be declared and paid for before rolling)

Ensure a roll succeeds£1
Improve a roll£1 per level
Add a Bonus Dice50p (Max 1 per check)
Add a Penalty Dice50p (Max 1 per check)
Make a 'Pushed' skill check£2
Recover Sanity / Luck£1 per 10 pointsPrice doubles each time used
Have a Yithian (Stew) take you back in time 5 mins to save your ass£2Recovers all hit points, must wait 5 minutes before rejoining game
Falling Asleep at any time£5

Can I just add that as this is a rotation in the graveyard shift (4am start), the game needs our full attention if we are going to make it through. Please therefore be prepared and properly ready for it. I would imagine we'll be having fairly regular breaks to help us through..
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Gazathon - Masks 3 months 6 days ago #3577

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“…shapeless lurkers and caperers in darkness, and vacuous herds of drifting entities that
pawed and groped and groped and pawed; the nameless larvae of the Other Gods, that
are like them blind and without mind, and possessed of singular hungers and thirsts”.
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Gazathon - Masks 3 months 6 days ago #3578

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That’s not a nice way to talk about the group!
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Gazathon - Masks 3 months 6 days ago #3580

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I feel a bit like a vacuous herd occasionally so probably fair comment...
guess I might pay upfront... lol.... could be an expensive morning.
Red Wine should always be opened and allowed to breathe....

if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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MellyMel - Fri 12 Apr - 12:28

ok ta - i'll keep an eye out.

mikeawmids - Fri 12 Apr - 11:34

That was Rich, Timbo's brother. I don't think he's submitted his membership request yet, but he did say he'd do it shortly.

MellyMel - Fri 12 Apr - 10:14

someone was asking about getting there user id validated last night - i'm not seeing anything pending so i suggest trying again

rhodsey - Thu 11 Apr - 12:41

Hi all. I've been travelling this week and am knackered don't think I could do a late night sorry. Billy has a game ready to run he can mix in with the one shot group.

Temrane - Wed 10 Apr - 22:22

Due to family circumstances no Galleons tomorrow

Mr. B - Fri 5 Apr - 09:11

Majikthise - hope such things go (or have gone) as well as such things can.

Eomak - Thu 4 Apr - 18:23

Hi Ross, won't be there tonight, hopefully see you next week. Ps if the drow dies, he dies no biggie.

rhodsey - Thu 4 Apr - 09:32

Will do. Oneshots guys me and billy/Callum may jump in with you if that's ok?

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