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TOPIC: Hellfrost Savage Worlds getting rid of....

Hellfrost Savage Worlds getting rid of.... 6 months 2 weeks ago #3870

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All in one giant fat bundle, dig deep people. All books are in excellent condition (except for the one noted)
Players Guide
Encounters Book 1
Rassilon Expansion
Rassilon Expansion II
Matters of Faith
Arcane Lore
Official GM Screen
Adventure Compendium 1 (with highlighted bits by me)
Adventure Compendium 2
Saga of The Frost Giants
I'm sure ive got some initiative cards knocking around somewhere too. IF i can find those ill throw them in too.
That's over £175 quids worth new.
The whole lot for a hundred quid in my sticky paws...
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Andrek - Thu 12 Dec - 18:43

Still feeling Ill I'll try and get in next week

mikeawmids - Thu 12 Dec - 18:29

If there are no one shots running, I'm gonna' bail. See y'all next year.

Candi - Thu 12 Dec - 16:17

Im still running my Story

Sarge - Thu 12 Dec - 14:43

Only BattleTech has been mentioned so far

mikeawmids - Thu 12 Dec - 09:13

So what is running tonight?

Candi - Fri 6 Dec - 00:02

Bravo Loderan's your conquests are impressive.... lets see how you stand when you face me! In your last session you will face Kel'Thuzard!!! Muhahahahaha

Steboacha - Thu 5 Dec - 20:16

Sorry running very late. Should be there around 9.

Candi - Thu 5 Dec - 19:55

Janice! Cant find ya sheild in my folder have you taken it?

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