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TOPIC: R3: Princes of the Apocalypse continued.

R3: Princes of the Apocalypse continued. 3 years 1 month ago #2152

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I am backstage this week so unfortunately won't be there on Thursday. If there's a way to email the DM my sheet I will do that.
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R3: Princes of the Apocalypse continued. 3 years 1 month ago #2155

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Change of plan, im having thursday 'off' so should be there. Panic off lol.
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R3: Princes of the Apocalypse continued. 3 years 1 month ago #2156

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5 Flamerule DR

The party rested in the fountain courtyard. Before they were ready set out again a nasty niff was detected in the air. “Is that you?” somebody asked Bort. The shuffle of approaching creatures was soon heard. Khalan decided to take a stroll along the northern passage to investigate. Moments later she ran back through the courtyard yelling ‘Troggs!” at the top of her voice as she continued past the picnicking party. The party rose to their feet and readied to receive their visitors.

Damok charged forward, but was left fighting alone as everybody else decided to bravely hang back a bit. As the last of the troglodytes was felled reinforcements arrived, cultists with doubled edged swords and spell casting allies. Damok retreated back and he, Ellass, Slade and Bort formed a defensive line with Burlap the Pyromaniac and Kahlan behind them providing ranged attacks. Furious fighting erupted. The flash of steel was highlighted with fire, lighting and bolts of magical force.

Towards the end, Khalan felt a cold grip on her shoulder and an invisible foe materialised, shrouded in a black cloak. Pounded upon by all the party, the mysterious dark enemy transformed before their eyes into a watery serpent that wrapped around Khalan and then slithered away.

As the party chased it north into the market hall beyond the passage they were just in time to witness the serpent slide into the subterranean canal at the edge of the market’s quay.

Connecting to the market hall were barracks (one human one troglodyte), empty ruinous chambers, passages and canals. Continuing north the party reached a set of steps up to a bridge that spanned the 15ft wide canal. Beyond the bridge were double doors of stone marked with a symbol, recognised as the symbol of the Crushing Wave (the elemental cult of water).

Khalan snuck carefully across the bridge, opened the doors and almost fried when she set of the glyph of warding. Peering into the chamber beyond – the temple room is divided in two by a narrow canal over which is a small bridge. The occupants were lizardfolk and something else – something big and nasty, something with scales and spikes and teeth.

Khalan and Bort attempted pot shots before withdrawing in haste, hoping the stupid lizardfolk would follow. In anticipation of the stupid lizardfolk following on, Bort cast sleet storm on the bridge. It went cold. It snowed. Visibility was impaired. But it was a no show from the scaley ones. The lizardfolk it would seem were too stupid to be stupid – or maybe they were actually being clever but too stupid to realise it?

Burlap had a grand idea, the one-eyed zombie (previously thought lost but apparently the gods were wrong) was summoned forth and the catch on the water tank carried on its back was released. The water cascaded out and formed up into a watery creature (the second one today). “Attack!” the command was given. The watery creature just splashed and sploshed without moving from the spot. Bugger! The most useless watery creature ever created. The damned thing won’t budge!

There was nothing else for it. The party would just have to do this the old fashioned way. They drew their weapons and advanced towards the bridge…. …..

Damok discovered a nice dragonbone longsword (magical, +1) in the ugly lady’s bed chamber.

Bort... ... ... Award: 1,500 XP..... Total: 27,300 XP..... Level 7
Burlap... ... Award: 1,500 XP..... Total: 25,700 XP..... Level 7
Damok... ... Award: 1,500 XP..... Total: 24,500 XP..... Level 7
Kahlan... ... Award: 1,500 XP..... Total: 25,000 XP..... Level 7
Ellass... ... Award: 1,500 XP..... Total: 21,500 XP..... Level 6
Slade... ... Award: 1,500 XP..... Total: 22,000 XP..... Level 6
"Gentlemen, we're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun" - Capt. E. Blackadder.
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R3: Princes of the Apocalypse continued. 3 years 3 weeks ago #2177

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5 Flamerule DR

Bort and Kahlan took point. From the doorway they used spell and bow against the lizardfolk within the temple chamber. The lizardfolk charged. Kahlan made a strategic withdrawal (ran away like a little girl, across the bridge and past the rest of the party). Bort was left alone in melee against six adversaries. The rest of the party did the decent thing and left Bort to it; choosing instead to take a few pot shots from the safety of the other end of the bridge.

Soon half of the lizardfolk crossed the bridge to engage. Slade immediately swept out the blades, Ellass tried his best with his bow before he too resorted to steel. Kahlan was satisfied to continue twanging her bow string, whilst the little pyromaniac, Burlap, decided to try his hand at a bit of swordplay – fresh air and the back of Ellass’ legs is what he mostly connected with after each stab and slash.

Bort was being carved up, but luckily the lizardfolk were being felled – and that’s when the slaad joined in (the slaad, that is, that never truly was). The beast was ferocious – and Bort stood alone against it. Even when it was the last enemy standing, Bort’s allies continued to hold back and use ranged efforts. Bort cast a thunderous spell that pushed the beast back, allowing him some breathing space. As the slaad (that’s not really a slaad, or a salad as my spellchecker keeps changing it to) charged forward again, it slipped on the icy bridge and went arse over tit into the canal. It splashed and submerged beneath the murky waters, and failed to re-surface.

It’s at this point I’d like to ask for a few moments of reflection for poor Hawkey Hawk II; swatted to death by the big beastie during combat. Hawkey Hawk - gone and all too soon forgotten. The next morning he was replaced by Owly Owl.

The only feature of note within the temple was the stone alter. It had a few coins and gems (offerings) scattered around it. The temple offered meagre pickings but did though provide a place of sanctuary within which to rest undisturbed.

6 Flamerule DR

The party explored most of the remaining areas of the Crushing Wave’s domain (or at least this level of it). They met some interesting folk, including two trolls named Marrowsucker and Nine Teeth -and killed them both. They also met a strange bipedal insectoid creature guarding a stairway. The stairs led downwards into the darkness. Bort was all for charging straight down the steps as his instinct told him he’d find Shatterkeel down there in the further depths. The party managed to calm him and they struck up a conversation in the lovely polite tones of Abysal, and engaged in a pleasant game of riddles –which the they lost.

Deciding against picking a fight on this occasion they took their leave of Mr. Insect and closed the chamber door on him, leaving him alone once more to guard the stairway in utter darkness.
The party declared before the gods their intent to return to the surface for a while and take a breath of fresh air.

Until next time… … …

12 gold pieces
25 silver pieces
6 small agates (worth 10gp each)
That’s it boys and girls – you’re rich beyond your wildest imaginations. I told you it’d all be worth it.

Bort, Burlap, Kahlan, Ellass and Slade each earn 2,200XP for this week’s exploits.
In addition, for clearing out this level and general progression every character receives a bonus 3,000 XP.

Bort... .... Award: 5,200 XP .... Total: 32,700 XP .... Level 7
Burlap .... Award: 5,200 XP .... Total: 30,900 XP .... Level 7
Kahlan .... Award: 5,200 XP .... Total: 30,200 XP .... Level 7
Ellass .... Award: 5,200 XP .... Total: 26,700 XP .... Level 7
Slade .... Award: 5,200 XP .... Total: 27,200 XP .... Level 7
Damok .... Award: 3,000 XP .... Total: 27,500 XP .... Level 7

The one-eyed zombie trudged through the darkness, condemned to wander the passageways for the rest of his undeath. As he passed though each hall and chamber the only sounds he could hear were the soft shuffling of his own feet, and his own occasional groan; and something else – something that puzzled him: What the f**k was that strange slopping and gurgling watery noise he could hear behind him everywhere he went? Every time he turned around there was nothing there. He adjusted the uncomfortable leather straps on his shoulders –and traipsed onwards into the darkness.
"Gentlemen, we're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun" - Capt. E. Blackadder.
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Sarge - Thu 9 Jul - 14:47

As a reminder, the coronation club opens at 7.30pm

TheRanger - Thu 9 Jul - 12:52

I wont be attending tonight. Wont be till August now. Due to me still shielding

Andrek - Thu 9 Jul - 08:39

More than happy to start this AP.

mikeawmids - Thu 9 Jul - 08:17

Reminder that we cleared all games for rotations 3 through 6 when Covid hit and tge club closed. GMs will need to repost games for R5/R6 and beyond (2021).

Sarge - Wed 8 Jul - 11:28

Candi, games will be a bit adhoc for a while whilst we build up numbers. I’ve already said I can knock something up, if you can then great

Candi - Tue 7 Jul - 21:37

sooo Thursday Rotation 4, any confirmations what GMs are happy too run what game. Just wanna know soo not driving all the way there too find out my game isnt on.

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How is everyone

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Great news everyone, we can return to the club on Thursdays! Please see the CORONA VIRUS - COVID 19 topic for more info

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