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TOPIC: Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread

Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread 6 months 2 weeks ago #4220

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I am Tamarin, I am a scholar and a researcher, but more importantly a historian. The old books and tomes lack the colour and vibrancy of life, to learn you must truly observe in person, to understand you must truly experience and to master you must embrace. You need to know more…?

Elven children are schooled in many things. I say schooled but I have already spent more than one of your lifetimes learning the basics, so you may consider me proficient! I learned of art and history, nature and religion, but then, as all elves do, I chose my aspect. The specialism that would provide me with focus and the means to make my way in the world. I chose the study of the weave, what you call magic.

Most elves are naturally inquisitive. I suppose I am no exception. Choosing to study the arcane taught me many things, it allowed me to learn about different cultures, different places, the natural and unnatural forces are play in the fabric of the world around us, it also provided me with an unparalleled appreciation for history, and nature, and nowhere is as rich in these as Chult. A land of myth and mysticism. It became apparent to me that simply reading of such things was not enough, I need to experience!

To the irritation of my tutors I made for Port Nyanzaru, I found work as a shipping clerk in the docks whilst I considered my options for study of this culture and the dangerous lands beyond. I have tuned my skills to the exploration of this land, I can be a guide or a source of knowledge, and I am handy with a blade. I also have contacts in town who may assist.

If you seek adventure in the beautiful, serene dangerous jungles of Chult, I would be delighted to accompany you. Who knows we may make our names and our fortunes!
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Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread 6 months 1 week ago #4222

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Sorry guys, can't make it tonight. I'm still in hospital.
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Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread 6 months 1 week ago #4223

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Get well soon Steboucha! Have a good session chaps and see you in a few!
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Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread 6 months 1 week ago #4228

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The Spellweavers tale – Musings of Tamarin the Mage

Waterdeep Day 1
When one arrives somewhere, it is usual to take a moment and contemplate a plan.
A plan invariably helps structure the events and can avoid waste of time and effort, or more importantly, risk to life and limb.

The new adventurer’s guild seemed a logical starting point and their new ‘matching’ option would ostensibly provide a reasonable (if expensive) investment. I had of course already seen the notice board and had been advised that a licence was needed to trade as an adventurer within the city limits.

Forms, psychometric profiling, and a variant of a truth spell provided an interesting diversion.

After several hours I met with a number of aspirants. All it seems having completed the forms and awaiting ‘placement’.

A young halfling dressed in his PJ’s seemed intent on his lack of fiscal perspicacity and soliciting various creamed cakes into a satchel.

A human barbarian type appeared to be of above average intelligence (for his type) by way of conversation but his experience may be in question (a shield?).

The wood elf surprised me briefly with his cool contemplation of the scene, he made no issue of his larcenous skills, I greeted him silently with a sign shown to me by a former comrade.

The other human was a pleasant surprise, and probably the best dressed druid I have ever seen! I admit my experience with druids relates more to elven practitioners, who tend to the scruffy, sticks in hair, and moss on cheeks variety and are normally crawling with animal pests, so the more upmarket version was a blessing.

The guild representative finally arrived just as the halfling was stuffing his face, pockets and clothing with food from the buffet. He seemed unfazed and slightly smug when advising the group that we were in fact paired… with a 47% chance of survival. Looking at my ‘comrades’ with new eye, I could guess where the other 53% percent was as the cream squirted slightly out of the halfling’s pocket.

The guild rep, went on to note that a cleric and a warlock were to join us but were currently being subjected to additional testing. I found myself thinking this probably involved some form of colonic irrigation as that was the only test they hadn’t administered to the rest of us.

First mission
The Halfling is mildly irritating, he seemed intent on starting a fight with other adventurers. I had to intervene to prevent further issues. However, we have a job. Meet a man in a local tavern for a quick quest that may lead to more work. Interestingly, the method of recruitment appears to be magical in some way. The note on the notice board was addressed to us. The rogue had a quick leaning experience as a harmless puff of magic exploded as he opened the note.

Despite my initial concerns, the note revealed that the patron ‘S’ was someone of repute (our fellow adventurers were helpfully forthcoming), and my misgivings further subsided when we reached the tavern for the meet. The Principal appeared competent, the mission clear, and the instructions very specific. Travel to a vacant house, enter ONLY the kitchen and the cellar, acquire some mushrooms using the silvered daggers provided, and return. Nothing else. The fee, 20gp per person, payable on completion.

We agreed to the quest, and followed the directions provided, a short 2 hour journey interrupted by my need to check the daggers to see if they were safe for us to use, (interesting crafted items with several use once enchantments protecting the user, but nothing potentially harmful).

The same cannot be said for the Mansion we approached an hour later. The long dirt track appeared to be used only occasionally. The fields either side were planted with crop, and strangely scarecrows stood like sentries on the road. To be fair to the halfling, he did suggest this was a bit strange, but the druid decided to detect for magic on the stationary scarecrows… we simply continued on.

The scarecrows were anything but stationary as the barbarian decided to prod one. It and several others leapt to attach with strange claws as hard as they shredded the barbarian, the rogue and the druid in short order.

Interesting that the halfling (a monk) proved very resilient. Even more interesting that no one bar me appears to have a ranged capability… a learning point to be sure.

Note to self. Human physiology is peculiar. When dying plugging the wounds isn’t sufficient, they require some form of internal stimulus… thankfully a mage hand sufficed…

It occurred to me that burning the other scarecrows was a good idea. However, the druid was convinced it would only mark our presence, irritatingly he appears to be able quench my fires.

Making our way to the mansion, we encountered gypsies. The rogue, and the druid decided to engage them in conversation. Apparently, they are itinerant and stay here for short periods. They have a password to get past the scarecrows but showed no inclination to share it. I let them ramble on but it became clear that a different tack was required. I claimed to know Gabriel Vistani family the gypsies around Evermeet, and used this to illicit some trust. The password and somantic
components were forthcoming, I believe we now have a measure of acceptance.

Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, we made for the kitchen and the cellar as instructed. Then druid recieved his instuction by triggering the trap on the back door. but we entered the mansion after attempts to pick the lock failed and the barbarian applied a few well chosen blows. sticking to our instructions we entered the kitchen and found the cellar. The druid was a little unlucky fall for the second trap of the day by breaking the stairs (obviously requires further reinforcement of lessons. I belive that our brief conversation whilst rigging a rope in respect of 'letting the rogue go first' may have sunk in, but you never know!

Once in the cellar, a shadowy monstrosity attached immediately. The fact that I am able to write this indicates a measure of success. I am unsure if the creature was bowed by our ineptitude or my use of the somnolence weave, it fled leaving no trace.

A moaning voice within the mansion requesting rescue may bear further investigation, it offers all sorts of riches… and is therefore obviously a trap. Research on the mansion required.

Note to self: research shadow form creatures.

We obtained the mushrooms, unusual variety with sporacyst nodules. The silvered blades nullified any effects. (1 mushroom retained for study).

Summary of day 1
Preliminary results indicate that the group functioned well enough. The druid may be a liability if he wonders off by himself. Roles within the group need to be defined and some basic tactics established. At the moment 47% is looking generous.
Red Wine should always be opened and allowed to breathe....

if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread 6 months 1 week ago #4237

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Where am I?

Why is it so brilliantly white?

It so white, I can’t see anything, it is so white it may as well be black! Thought Dave the Crow.

“Calm down Dave”

“Narr is that you”

“It is Dave”

“Where am I?”

“You are in the existentialist realm of the construct”


“Neh mind Dave! It is sufficient to say you are required again.”

“What Jebado, Issy, Maria, Flint, Ilias, Elias, and Oz are back and need me?”

“Not quite Dave. We need to discuss Omnism briefly”

“What’s that then?”

“Well you know GM, DM or the memory maker?”

Dave knew only too well, he was afraid of GM, who could be very mean and nasty and do terrible things to Dave’s companions

“Well there is more than one, there are many”

“How many?”

“Many, many Dave”

“What two?”

“No Dave, there must be twenty at the BCRPS alone, and outside that there maybe two or three more”

“Oh Many, are they all as fearsome and terrible”

“No, Dave, some are nice, some are mean and some are okay.”

“Stop sugar coating things and tell me”

“You have a new GM, for a few weeks anyway, and this one is fearful and fair”

“So like the other one?”

“No Dave this one has a sense of humour!”

“Okay and Issy…..” Narr cut Dave off before he could list all the names again

“No Dave it is a new group of adventurers, you have Tamrain a delusional wizard, who thinks he weaves his magic like a Seamstress.”

“A prostitute then?”

“No Dave, HE is not I meant like a weaver of cloth, and stop interrupting. Then there is Elias”

“The world’s greatest rogue, I know that one”

“Dave, what did I just say.”


“No not like the world’s greatest Rogue, this Elias is a Druid, and is exactly like Maria, in that this druid also leads with his face”

“Druids Eh!” says Dave with a knowing wink and tilt of his head.

“Then there is wood elf Robyn Rouge, a rogue of no repute, yet. Then there is Bing the human Barbarian, I actually think this was more a lifestyle choice rather, than a terrible passage to adulthood, finally there is a Halfling Monk by the name of Ding Dong”

“What kind of name is that? Halfling Monk it makes no sense”

“Well it does Dave when you consider they get a plus two to dexterity, and weapons and damage are finesse, so it is all relative”

“Power gamer eh!”

“Of the worst kind”

“There will be others, but that is it for now.”


“Are you ready Dave?”


Dave’s vision went from brilliant white to more sedate colours. There before him Dave saw his new friends fighting, what were they? Scarecrows, oh hell’s no, bugger this thought Dave, I’ll catch up with them next week!!! When whatever this is, is all over. Bloody Narr Scarecrows the dirty F…er.
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Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread 6 months 1 week ago #4238

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So funny (harsh?) mate, great to see the return of Dave.
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@mike can you bring those DND blank sheets from the library on Thurs please incase we need any?

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I ay got anything planned. I'll give it a miss too

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Hey guys, I won't be there tonight. Caught what feels definitely like the plague. Will be there next week though!

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I shall be giving it a miss then. Ho hum

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To Orienteers B - we still suiting and booting for tonight?!

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saltmarsh guys sorry cant make it tonight

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