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GHOSTS OF SALT MARSH 3 months 3 weeks ago #4551

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Are asaimar ok?
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GHOSTS OF SALT MARSH 3 months 1 week ago #4575

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Name: Aifer Gott - mostly known as *Hunter*
Race: Human
Class: Blood Hunter

Aifer stand 6'1 with jet black hair with 2 streaks of white running from front to back. Unshaven face and unnaturally light blue eyes. He wears simple studded leather armour under a dirty brown coat. A ornate longsword strapped to his back and a hand crossbow on his thigh. Dirty black boots adorn his feet.

Background: Haunted One's

Aifer grew up in a northen village. His mother and father were simple farmers. One night the village was befowled by monsters of the night. They tore through the village slaughtering everyone in sight. Aifer's parents hid him in their cellar a d went to help anyone they could. After an unknown amount of time, Aifer emerged from the cellar to find his home and village in ruins. Everyone dead. He wandered aimlessly for 2 weeks before he collapsed. He was found by the  Blood Hunter, Master Kobak, who took him in and cared for him. Listening to his tale and taking him under his wing. Teaching him how to be one with the dark to kill the dark. When  he came of age, Aifer drank the Hunter's Bane. Imbuing him with the power and knowledge of the dark. Now he travels the world helping those who cant help themselves so that none will feel the pain he felt
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GHOSTS OF SALT MARSH 3 months 4 days ago #4580

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tucked away on the southern coast of the
Kingdom of Keoland. For several generations,
Keoland was a formidable military power.
Its superior cavalry and bold knights pushed
the kingdom's borders outward to the north.
west. and east. Each successful campaign
increased both the crown's wealth and power,
and each one in turn drew the kingdom's attention even
farther north. The southern coastal regions of Keoland
remained a backwater.
The crown's benign neglect allowed piracy and banditry to flourish. Saltmarsh and similar towns kept to
fishing, content to maintain a low profile and avoid governmental entanglements. Decades ago, the pirates who
prowled the waters off Saltmarsh grew strong enough
to create their own realm, a loose confederacy known as
the Hold of the Sea Princes. With the rise of that nation
came increased raids on Saltmarsh and its neighbors.
The Sea Princes' raiding ships pillaged the coast for
more slaves to support their growing realm. and Saltmarsh suffered heavily. The memories of those times
loom heavily over the area, and the locals' hatred of the
Sea Princes runs deep.
In time, Keoland's victories in the north gave way to
a string of defeats in which its neighbors pushed the
kingdom back to its original boundaries. With the world
closing in, King Kimbertos Skotti looked to the south
and saw unchecked banditry and a rising pirate nation.
The crown struck peace treaties with its former foes to
the north, raised a navy, and dealt a sharp check to the
ambitions of the Sea Princes- but the conflict is by no
means over.
King Skotti has decreed that the pirates must be put
down, the sea lanes secured, and trade cultivated. If
Keoland cannot prosper as a military force, it must grow
mightier as a center of trade.
Saltmarsh. remote though it might be from the center
of power in Keoland, is entering a new phase of its life
as it reacts to the king's plans. The crown's agents want
to expand the village's port and make it a prime location
for trade with the world beyond. In another recent development, a band of dwarves bearing a decree from the
king himself- have arrived and begun LO excavate the
hills and seaside cliffs near town, looking for precious
metals. If their work bears fruit as expected, the mine
stands to become a major factor in the village's-and.
indeed, the entire region's prosperity.
Naturally, not all of Saltmarsh`s residents feel the
same way about the recent developments in and around
their community, which is the key issue that affects their
lives and livelihood. Although the recent changes stand
to bring new prosperity to the area. many locals don't
want to see their home changed. At the same time. as
an undercurrent through all the goings-on, agents of the
secretive and mysterious Scarlet Brotherhood work to
thwart Keoland's ambitions while advancing their own.
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GHOSTS OF SALT MARSH 3 months 2 days ago #4583

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Yoodoo Mystic Forest Gnome
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GHOSTS OF SALT MARSH 3 months 2 days ago #4585

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Bagel, the gnome druidess will join the party.
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GHOSTS OF SALT MARSH 3 months 2 days ago #4587

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If Raging is still going Barb looks like we don't have a Rogue currently. I've rolled one up this afternoon since that was a close 2nd for me anyway so I'll bring both characters with me and go rogue if needed he looks like he could be an interesting one anyway.
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rhodsey - Fri 20 Mar - 18:37

For those who want to get their RP fix in https://www.polygon.com/2020/3/20/21188141/lord-of-the-rings-online-dungeons-and-dragons-online-dlc-free-coronavirus

moc - Thu 19 Mar - 20:12

SARGE / everyone... club shut for 2 weeks till Thursday April 9th ...

Garuda - Thu 19 Mar - 16:46

Madness boys. Please see post in the Claws of Madness thread for my pathetic excuse for not being able to attend tonight. Sorry.

moc - Wed 18 Mar - 17:46

New game being posted for the ranger aka Adam's game

TheRanger - Wed 18 Mar - 14:06

Hoard of the dragon queen folks please read discussion thread

rhodsey - Wed 18 Mar - 13:23

Waterdeep players please see post in thread.

MellyMel - Thu 12 Mar - 19:41

Warning for anyone coming via Oldbury, roads are carnage. Avoid if possible

Andrek - Thu 12 Mar - 14:16

Hi, Can't make it this week, I'm in Sandwell A&E

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