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TOPIC: The road to Valorus 2e pathfinder game

The road to Valorus 2e pathfinder game 1 year 8 months ago #4597

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Opened this up for the write up's

Saw Mike's. ....
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The road to Valorus 2e pathfinder game 1 year 8 months ago #4598

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Reminder that I am not around tonight.

Keep my hero points warm for me!
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The road to Valorus 2e pathfinder game 1 year 8 months ago #4618

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Journal of Punt Smallflock #2

Wow, what a party! I drank far too much blackberry wine and fell asleep in a barrel! To be honest, the last few days are a bit of a blur and I can’t remember too much of what happened. Someone set the town hall on fire and we’ve volunteered to catch the villain, who has holed up inside an old castle. Torra said something about goblins living in the ruins. Urgh, horrible, smelly things!

Dante has decided that rather than address his friends by their names, he will give everyone a hilarious nickname! I am Punt no longer and am reborn as Chicken Little. Torra is now Choirboy, because he is a cleric, I presume. I laughed so hard I thought my face would split apart, leaving a grinning skull as testament to Dante’s wit.

The castle was still impressive, despite years of neglect and disrepair. The front gates were hanging off their hinges, but we couldn't get them open without making a lot of noise. I noticed a wall had collapsed, so we all climbed the rubble to get inside. We found ourselves entering some kind of courtroom. Part of the floor was flooded and a body lay face down in the brown water! Dante rushed forward to take all the best treasure (he thinks we haven’t noticed, but we totally have) and was attacked by two hungry monsters lurking beneath the water! Choirboy shot lightning from his hands to fry the beasts in their own juices!

Still no sign of any goblins. We continued to explore. Raised voices drew us to an overgrown courtyard, where a dishevelled halfling man menaced some goblins with a butter knife. Sid was convinced this shady character was the elusive arsonist! He grappled the halfling and I piled on top. Somehow, the slippery little scrote still escaped and stood poised with his own knife against his neck, threatening to commit suicide if we didn't let him go. Sid lunged for the knife and ‘accidentally’ killed the halfling! Sid healed the halfling back to full health and we tied him up.

I thought the halfling might be more responsive to another small humanoid and started questioning the prisoner myself. He claimed his mistress Voz was searching for Alsetta’s ring. Who is Alsetta and what is so special about her ring? Maybe it is magical! With the arsonist in custody, we returned to town.

Back in Breachill, we decided to visit Voz. Despite the early hour, her shop was closed and shuttered. Dante ordered Nyx to pick the lock. Nyx picked the lock. Dante ordered Nyx to check for traps. Nyx checked for traps, triggered one and nearly died, impaled on hidden spikes that shot out of the doorframe! While Choirboy tended the elf’s wounds, Dante moved on and started tearing Voz’s chambers apart in search of clues or treasure. All he found was a handwritten journal, indicating Voz had relocated to a place called Guardian’s Way… wherever that is.
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The road to Valorus 2e pathfinder game 1 year 7 months ago #4632

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These Write ups are Amazing! Bravo Mike!

Rest of the nicknames missed:

Nyx - Snow White (Because she got passed around by more then 7 dwarfs)
Sid - Nelly The Rainbow Dragon 9Its kinda self explained... right?)
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The road to Valorus 2e pathfinder game 1 year 7 months ago #4643

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Journal of Punt Smallflock #3

While the others ransacked Voz’s shop, I waited out in the street and kept an eye out for trouble. I wasn’t waiting long before a group of tough looking thugs wearing blue hoods came crawling out of the gutter. I slipped into an alley and watched them take up position outside the bookshop, waiting for my friends to come out. How could I warn Torra and the others without giving myself away?

It turns out I needn’t have worried. There was some kind of explosion inside the shop and suddenly the building was on fire! The blue hoods ran one way and my friends ran off in the other direction. I was left alone outside the burning bookstore. Then I saw something weird. A monstrous face appeared in the flame and howled something at me in a language I didn’t understand! Then the whole shop just disappeared and only the falling embers proved it had ever been there at all. Unable to believe my own eyes, I walked over for a closer look. An intense heat stopped me, and I felt a pain in my hand. Once, when I was young, Mama Smallflock left the metal poker in the fire and I picked it up without thinking, burning my little fingers. The pain I felt now was like that, only much worse! I plunged my hand into a puddle and when I looked, a leaf-shaped scar had been branded into my palm!

I went to the temple, hoping Torra would have some medicine for my hand. He wasn’t there. I thought about going to look for him, but must have fallen asleep. When Torra came back, he told me he’d ben at the bar and Nyx had played a prank on Dante. I went back to bed – but was awake again a few hours later, when a pillar of green fire appeared over the old castle where we’d been earlier that day! The leaf-shaped scar on my hand tickled and I felt myself pulled toward that alien light; a helpless moth being drawn into the fire. I wanted to head off immediately, but the spellcasters weren’t going anywhere without their spell slots. I went back to bed.

The next morning, we headed out. The green flame was still floating over the castle. Dante used the key we were given by the goblins to open a secret door into the dungeon. Two stone birds started screeching in alarm, until Sid silenced them with a spell. I saw the green light up ahead and my palm tingled. I felt like I should touch it! A secret door opened up! Inside, a horde of small hairy things were worshipping a huge monster statue! Sid decided to cast a spell! The small hairy things attacked!!!
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The road to Valorus 2e pathfinder game 1 year 7 months ago #4644

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The Diary of the Great and Wonderful Nyx.
Read at your own peril; snoopers will be barbecued

Dear Diary.

It's been awhile.
A whole month I do believe and in that month I appear to have gathered a few.. interesting comrades. How would I describe them?

Well.. How best to describe Dante? I would honestly say he's blessedly unburdened with the complications of a scholars tuition, but give him a couple of spells and he's second to none. Though you wouldn't want him as your barrister. Or maybe you would. He's a cracking liar.

Then we have lizard man. Even worse than Dante. For someone with the holy inclination he seems awfully trigger happy. Must be a lizard thing. Seems to be pally with Dante mind you so apparently the only treasure so far has been friendship. (Lame).

Where do I even start with choir boy? Total opposite of Scales McGee. Properly into the holy thing..Is nice. Heals us up. A lot less gung-ho than scales and grumpy.

And then we have chicken little.
As a child you're usually told to not stick your hands in suspicious places. Apparently not this guy. If Dante is blessedly unburdened then this guy is down right gifted. Good at stealthing though. Granted he's below most people's line of sight so it figures.

And naturally you know me, Diary. The heroine. (Deoending on who you ask). For some reason I'm now involved in demon nonsense and magic-nonsense. But gold is gold and this is potentially the longest I've gone without my face printed on a wanted poster. So that's changed my luck a bit. I must say I do feel sorry for the Goblins though. They seem to have bore the brunt of whatever these lunatics are up to.

Now diary, I don't want you to think the whole situation is bad. Torched a building and it was spectacular. Same building stabbed me so it was only fair. Decided to play a prank on Dante.. Boy. Did that go up in flames (ha!).

Now we've been woken up and sent off to the dread knight hill. The name really inspires a sense of whimsy and wonder, doesn't it? Here's hoping what's waiting for us has all the threat and foreboding presence of a duck.

Until we meet again, or I'm bored in a jail cell, waiting to escape, or dead.

ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ'ꜱ ꜱʜɪɴʏ, ᴄᴀᴘ'ɴ. ɴᴏᴛ ᴛᴏ ꜰʀᴇᴛ.
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