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TOPIC: The Claws of Madness

The Claws of Madness 1 day 15 hours ago #4726

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Rotation 2 - 2020

You begin as an amateur band of adventurers seeking your first true test and, for the more material amongst you, your first steps to fame and untold riches.

In the taverns of the Sword Coast you hear tales of mysterious misfortune that has befallen the small port town of Sestone. Locals have been disappearing without trace. Some rumours go further to tell of some of the disappeared being later discovered having been horribly mutilated.

Mystery, fortune and your inevitable deaths await. You pack your kits and tread the road towards Sestone.

The adventure is from an independent publisher. However, I'll be placing Sestone somewhere along the Sword Coast of Northern Faerûn. Being set in the Realms gives some perspective to the place in which the adventure unfolds and allows players to draw upon the richness of the Realms for your backgrounds.

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Vic - Fri 14 Feb - 11:13

He said he will look on Saturday he has been on the site the other day I believe mel

rhodsey - Thu 13 Feb - 21:02

For anyone not yet booked up for next rotation I've now got a slot in my water deep game if anyone is interested

Raging Soliloquy - Thu 13 Feb - 19:13

Not attending tonight guys. Sorry, back is still playing me up. Have a good one.

Sant - Fri 7 Feb - 15:30

Garuda and Stew you have PMs

Garuda - Thu 6 Feb - 18:41

Ludwig has the lurgy and will not be in attendance to do anything outrageous tonight. See you next week.

Raging Soliloquy - Thu 6 Feb - 18:32

Not going to be attending tonight. Done my back in. Hopefully will feel better next week. Sorry.

Raging Soliloquy - Thu 6 Feb - 17:47

If anyone is on xbox live, as from the 16th feb call of chthulu the game is available for free as part of games for gold.

mikeawmids - Wed 5 Feb - 12:20

Anyone Stourbridge way interested in a weekly D&D game, every Sat, 10:00 to 12:00, Mary Stevens shop on the high street. PM me if interested.

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