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TOPIC: Odyssey of the Dragonlords

Odyssey of the Dragonlords 10 months 4 days ago #5430

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A Truce with the Trogladytes
Meandering passageways and caverns. Dark and extremely offensive to the nose. The heroes are invited to an audience with the Trogladyte King: “Welcome Sweetlings”. An uneasy truce ensues. Spear-happy heroes stand before hungry troglodytes. The king secures a deal. The heroes will clear the mines of devilish hounds that have been attacking his people and in return the heroes will be provided a secret word to a dwarvish contraption that will take the heroes down into the deep.

Of Two-Headed Statues and Scrawny Chicken-Dogs
The rough hewn caverns and passages give way to masonry corridors, vaulted ceilings and constructed chambers. On a bridge overhead is the stone statue of a large two-headed hound. The heroes sneak by only to be attacked minutes later by a very much alive two-headed hound and a weird, scrawny-looking bird-dog creature. The first of several similar encounters through the adjacent rooms and corridors.

An Elevator to the Depths of the Mines
A dwarvish contraption with wooden floor and metal cage allows the heroes to descend for an eternity into the cold, dark depths of the ancient mines. The secret word ‘durgan’ is spoken (dwarvish for dragon) and the descent begins. The whole construction of the cage with its sinister looking metal-work dragon-head decorations is rickety and unnerving. Being cramped together in a dark confined space with no way out until the cage reaches its destination leaves everyone feeling vulnerable.

The Forgekeeper
The heroes reach the depths of the mine and enter a room with a lava pool. Within, swims a strange scaled, wyrm-like creature. She introduces herself as The Forgekeeper. She is genuinely pleased to see people. She has been trapped here for so long. She is unable to leave the chamber, bound to it by contract. If the heroes free her from the contract, she’ll be most grateful. She agrees to relight the forge in exchange for freedom. The contract is kept in the forge – right next door. Bring it back so the Forgekeeper can destroy it.

The Cerberus in the Forge
The forge was a large space – big enough in fact to be the lair for an enormous three-headed hound. A dangerous fight ensued, but with a blood-curdling howl the hound was finally brought down. The contract was presented to the Forgekeeper who promptly dropped it into her lava pool.

Working the Forge
The Forgekeepr relights the forge. Volkan, the smith from Estoria, steps out of the dark. Nobody questions the craftsman’s sudden appearance but taking Pythor’s hammer from Castor he begins to fashion new weapons and armour at the forge with the assistance of the Forgekeeper who agrees to remain a while longer. A few days later, the heroes are presented with their rewards:

Ajax – human, fighter, son of Helios (demi-god/the vanished one)
Alexander – half-elf, monk (haunted one)
Bidderus – human, Cleric of Mytros (reskinned) (doomed one)
Castor – satyr, rogue, son of Pythor (demi-god)
Duane – minotaur, paladin, grandsire of Sydon (oath of the dragon) (gifted one)
Ezrael – fallen aasimir, warlock (cursed one)

Ajax: A +2 round shield
Alexander: A +1 quarterstaff
Bidderus: +1 armour, and Dragonlord shield blessed upwards to +2.
Castor: A Luckblade (xiphos/rapier)
Duane: +1 armour
Ezreal: A further +1 blessing to Stormherald, and a set of bronze wings. Wings have a 10ft wingspan but fold away into an extra-dimensional pocket when not in use. Wings allow use of Fly spell (once between long rests).

LEVEL UP – Level 4
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Odyssey of the Dragonlords 9 months 3 weeks ago #5460

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Before Leaving the Mines
Each hero dreams of a soft woman’s voice, a beautiful landscape and then of a strange old man with his eyes, ears and nose stitched closed. Volkan tells Alexander that The Amazon Queen possesses one Alexander’s family heirlooms. The Amazon Queen can be found on the Island of Themis.

The City of Mytros and a Spot of Bad Weather
The heroes navigate south along the Arkelon River and then trek west through the Oldwood. A few days paddling and walking brings them to the country around the magnificent city of Mytros. Dragon riders are spotted in the sky and as they approach the metropolis, the heroes witness a ferocious storm battering the city. Ezrael spies a face in the storm clouds, moments later he is struck by lightning. The city gates open and the gatekeepers urge the heroes to enter quickly for refuge against the raging storm.

King Acastus and Company
Tarchon, Captain of the Guard, greets the heroes and leads them to the opulent throne room of King Acastus of Mytros – possibly the most powerful mortal in all of Thylea. Acastus asks the heroes to consider the proposals of his councillors, all of whom have conflicting ideas of how to placate Sydon, Lord of Storms, and lift the accursed weather from the city.

The Council
Commander Gaius recommends destroying the Temple of the Five Gods (the heroes recognise Gaius as the dragon-rider who hailed them in the name of Sydon and prophesised their doom just before the centaur attack). Bella (the young and beautiful king’s consort) recommends the use of magic, but nobody knows anybody powerful enough to dispel Sydon’s storm. Chondrus (a nefarious tiefling who only addresses the king and ignores all others) demands seventy children to take the black robe (which apparently means taking seventy innocent children of Mytros to be given over to the Cult of Lutheria). Queen Vallus, reveals herself to be the goddess of the same name, and tells the heroes that the combined might of the four gods who still walk the firmament could combine to dispel the storm. However, though she can summon the gods, it will require the skills of the heroes to persuade the gods to intervene in Sydon’s actions.

The Gods
The heroes put forward their arguments, and not all are in favour of the gods acting against Sydon as this could breach the Oath of Peace and start a war (before the heroes have a chance to quest against the Titans). A decision is reached: Vallus combines her will with Volkan, Pythor and Kyrah to dispel the storm and save the city.

Acastus gives the heroes a map and Duane gives Vallus the Horn
Acastus provides the heroes with a map to find the legendary Ultros. Vallus receives the Horn of Balmytria from Duane who takes it into her safe-keeping. She warns the heroes that Acastus is a powerful and jealous man. He is the last known descendent of the Dragonlords and is seeking to rebuild the order – breeding dragons and training riders. Though Acastus will genuinely want the heroes to succeed in their endeavours against the Titans- he won’t want the heroes to win fame and glory for it – Acastus will no doubt seek to claim the glory for himself.

The Path of the Dead
After several days in Mytros, the heroes set out north, to the mountains once more, in pursuit of the Necropolis of Telamok – the Citadel of the Dead, the last resting place of the Dragonlords. The climb up the mountain along the Path of the Dead is treacherous. Sound is deadened to an almost absolute silence, the air becomes colder and a dusting of snow lies on the rocky crags. Beyond a wide chasm comes a beautiful, haunting song, followed by ugly winged female creatures who burst forth from dark crevices in the mountainside. Four dead winged creatures later, the heroes continue their advance up the mountain.
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Odyssey of the Dragonlords 9 months 3 weeks ago #5463

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A metropolis of 50,000 people. Founded five centuries ago by the Goddess of the Dawn and named in her honour. A centre of commerce and culture. It’s port welcomes trade ships from across the seas. The port is dominated by the colossal bronze statue of Pythor that watches over it. The hills above the harbour provide great vistas over the surrounding seas and wilderness as far as the Oldwoods to the east and the Mithral Mountains to the north.

The city nestles on and between the hills. The backdrop to the city is the long dormant Mount Volkan. The city is beautiful and clean and boasts the greatest architecture in all of Thylea. Some of its finest structures are built entirely of marble, their walls inlaid with painted tiles and mosaics. When the sun shines, the air shimmers in a haze and buildings glint with reflected sunlight.

The people of Mytros represent the most diverse melting pot of races anywhere in known civilisation. It’s a city of tolerance (unless you’re a minotaur, in which case expect to be feared, shunned and even ritually sacrificed). There are even half-orcs here (you don’t see those very often) and it has lead to an ages old riddle – if there are half-orcs, what an earth is a full orc? Nobody knows. Nobody has even seen one. Perhaps they don’t exist and the half in half-orc is a misnomer?

Things to see and experience in the City of the Goddess of Dawn

The Temple of Sydon
The Order of Sydon has many members from all walks of life. Some worshippers of Sydon are malcontents while others can actually be good and honest people who revere the Lord of Storms because their families always have, or because they pray to the Lord of Storms to keep them safe at sea, or because they fear his return, or because they welcome his return. Some people need saving from themselves. Commander Gaius is the leader and most prominent member of the Order in Mytros. A man despised by some but respected by most – as a gallant servant of the city he is often respected even by those who don’t see eye-to-eye with his beliefs.

The Cult of the Snake
A nefarious order, synonymous with some of the city’s more shadowy operations.

The Temple of Lutheria
The whole city likes to celebrate festival days. And festivals dedicated to the Lady of Dreams are no exception – food, wine and song bring cheer to all. Apart from that, there’s little to like about the presence of the Cult of Lutheria in Mytros and their black-robed adherents.

The Minotaur Market
This is not a place run by happy minotaur merchants. No, this is a place to buy miserable minotaur slaves and ritually sacrifice your old unwanted minotaurs. Great entertainment for all the family.

More Places to See in the city's many wards and dsitricts
Theatre of the Gods
The Temple of the Five
The Great Royal Palace
The Academy
The Royal Gate
The Agora
The Vault of Thylea
The Courts of Mytros
Bathhouse of Vallus
The Great Gardens
Commerce Gate
The Ruined Colossus (not to be confused with the splendid bronze Colossus of Pythor)
Fish Market
The Vineyards
Soldier’s Gate
Harp Bridge

Rumours in the City
You just can't enter a pub in Mytros without some drunkard telling you his life story and spouting utter bollocks.

•The Order of Sydon is petitioning to have the statues of the Five Gods that stand in the Great Agora to be knocked down. A demand that King Acastus has so far dismissed.

•The Great Games will take place soon. Participants and spectators will flock to Mytros for this grand event.

•Commander Gaius, the leader of the Order of Sydon, has far too much influence at the Royal Court for most peoples’ liking.

•Somebody came across one of those huge arms of Kentimane a few days ago and swears he saw it move.

•The great vortex, known as Charybdis, swallowed another ship. The ship was from Aresia, ferrying monks to Scorpion Island for their final trial.

•Taran Neurdagon is offering serious reward to anyone who can help him with a little problem. Despite the generous reward on offer nobody will take him up, as rumour has it, his problem involves the Lady of Coins.

•There are no levels of debauchery that cannot be catered for at the Siren's Roost. But when one man started whispers about children being kidnapped for human sacrifice, even the morally loose patrons of the Roost were shocked and appalled.

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Odyssey of the Dragonlords 9 months 2 weeks ago #5481

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The Necropolis at Telamok
The heroes pay Damon one burnished gold coin for entry to the citadel of the dead. Ezrael has a conversation with Damon, though doesn’t remember talking to him. Do not defile the tombs of the Dragonlords. You may claim the weapons of Xander, and nothing more. Ezreal learns that the curse that took away his wings and cast him down to the mortal realms is based in magic. To learn more, Ezrael should consult the Lotus Queen on Scorpion Island. As the heroes make their way past Damon to enter the Necropolis, Ezrael has hears one more whisper in his head – “Beware Graxis”.

The Tomb of Xander
The Necropolis is a truly creepy place. The heroes resist the temptation to enter into any of the tombs until they reach the tomb of Xander Huorath, First of the Dragonlords. Within, are steps descending into a dark labyrinth. Navigating the maze is a time consuming process. Only the presence of Duane stops the party from becoming hopelessly disorientated and lost.

Within the Labyrinth
The heroes fight minotaur skeletons, creep to avoid meeting Graxis in the maze of passageways and survive a despicable death trap before happening upon the final resting place of Xander. Within his grand sarcophagus lie the remains of the great man himself. In death he still wears the Breastplate of Mytros. But the Sword of Xander and Shield of Volkan are missing. It doesn’t take long to find them though – in the hands of Graxis, the giant bellowing minotaur that appears at the threshold of the tomb – trapping you within.

The fight with Graxis is to the death. He is a stubborn and dangerous foe. Once Graxis bloodied and possibly at his most dangerous, Bidderus gasps at the sight of Xander rising from his sarcophagus. Xander reaches out and first his sword and ten his shield are pulled from the grasp of the giant minotaur. Without speaking, Xander hands the sword to Duane. Graxis is dealt a killing blow.

The Gifts of Xander
Xander gifts the greatsword to Duane and lays his shield and breastplate at the feet of the heroes. To Ajax he gives the Crown of the Dragonlords. But Xander does not possess Ajax’ famed armour. This, he reveals, was stolen by Gauis, leader of the Order of Sydon. Gaius keeps Ajax’ dragonscale armour on the Island of Yonder.
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Odyssey of the Dragonlords 9 months 2 weeks ago #5482

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Sword of Xander
Greatsword +1. Sentient. Against titans and giants it deals an extra 3d6 damage. If the sword deals a killing blow to a titan or giant, the wielder immediately recovers 1d6 hit points.

Breastplate of Mytros
A +1 bonus to AC and +1 bonus to Charisma. Giants and titans have disadvantage on attacks versus the wearer of this breastplate.

Shield of Volkan
This golden shield has a lion's head engraved on its front. Three times per day, the user can use a bonus action to cast Thunderwave. The spell is accompanied be a mighty lion's roar.
The severed head of a medium or smaller creature can be wedged in the engraved lion's maw. the user can spend an action to activate the head and gain the benefit of any of the creature's abilities for five rounds. The exception is spellcasting. You cannot gain spells or the ability to spellcast, but you do gain spell-like abilities. The ability of the shield to do this is limited to once between long rests. Once used the head disintegrates to ash.
The user of this shield gains advantage on initiative rolls and Perception checks and can speak the Draconic language.

Crown of the Dragonlords
If you are a spellcaster, this crown grants the ability to prepare the following spells: Bond of the Dragonlords and Dirge of the Dragonlords. if you are not a spellcaster, this crown allows the wearer to cast the spell Bond of the Dragonlords once between long rests.

Bond of the Dragonlords
2nd level. Enchantment.
Casting time 1 minute. Range Touch.
Permanently bond one target with one newly hatched metallic dragon. Once bonded, a dragon can never be bonded to another person/creature. Wyrmlings cannot be used as mounts until they become young dragons. A dragon cannot use legendary actions whilst being used as a mount. See full description of spell for more.

Dirge of the Dragonlords
3rd level. Necromancy.
Casting time 1 hour. Range Touch.
You return a dead dragon that has been bonded to a dragonlord to life on 1 hit point, with all wounds healed and missing body parts restored. See full description of the spell for more.

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Odyssey of the Dragonlords 9 months 1 week ago #5499

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The Highlights

Descent from the Necropolis’ mountain
Journey to the Dead Falls to find the legendary Ultros
The one-eyed minger with the tree trunk and cavernous vagina
A night of storytelling and love-making at the Sour Vintage Inn
The rapids of the River Lethe
An entire river disappears into an unfathomable abyss
The secret lake and the ghost ship Ultros
Empty decks and strange whisperings
The spectres in the box
The death of Castor
Are you ready to travel to Mytros?
The Ultros plunges beneath the waters and emerges in the Cerulean Sea
Ezrael nearly soils himself when he turns to find Castor standing behind him
Pythor has breathed life back into Castor but warned his son that resurrection is a one-time deal
Level up – level 5.
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