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TOPIC: R1 - Of Greasy Palms & Goblin Charms

R1 - Of Greasy Palms & Goblin Charms 4 years 1 week ago #1156

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Another epic write-up. :D

You have earned a d12 inspiration die and an extra first level spell slot.
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R1 - Of Greasy Palms & Goblin Charms 4 years 6 days ago #1176

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One the third level of hell,
I made the weather swell,

It grew and grew and became colder and colder,
I kept playing the bagpipes under my shoulder.

With the weather bagpipes winter seeds I started to sow,
It was a cold day in hell when it started to snow,

Upon the good ship piss barrier did we float,
Gobsnot, Ragnuk, Ganar and Fuggin fought some Gibbering’s whilst I wrote,
A tale of their bravery and fighting on a boat.

With one caged and the other Gibbering’s vanquished,
We set sail, with lots of marmalade for a sandwich.

The captain came with a tale of woe,
he suspected a stowaway which was low.

As a bear Ragnuk decided to investigate,
On a life boat he found his mate he really did want to impregnate.

A little bear with a kind word and mild manners,
It made a change from Goblin spammers.

It was decided that he would live and a Goblin’s word is binding,
So the he lived in the goblins bag of withholding.

And given a name, but what to call him? His hat he liked to doff,
So Fuggin decided his name was Fur Cough.

For two more weeks we did float,
but nothing happened worthy of note.

Then a darkness crossed the sky,
excuse me whilst I kiss this fly.

It closed on our ship,
our captain did quip,
I leave this to you and I bid you adieu.

Our opposition five spiders, a captain and eight drow,
ten of them swung over our bow.

Over they came with murderous intent,
Up the crow’s nest did Ganor relent,

Ragnuk turned bear and Fuggin was not there
With the Battle engaged, Gobsnot enraged,

Whilst I slipped over to their ship,
to give their Captain some lip.

Down went Ganor, and down did I go,
Leaving Fuggin, Ragnok and Gobsnot to deal the final blow.

We decided our Captain did not have a clue,
so we would depart and leave them blue.

The rigging we cut and the sail was in tatters,
As we sailed away on our new ship The Goblin Mad Hatters.
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R1 - Of Greasy Palms & Goblin Charms 4 years 6 days ago #1177

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Massive thanks to Bane for providing these awesome write-ups over the last 7 weeks! Noink may select any one Feat (that you meet the requirements for), in addition to the normal benefits of going up to level five. :D
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rhodsey - Tue 25 Feb - 21:55

@mike can you bring those DND blank sheets from the library on Thurs please incase we need any?

TheRanger - Thu 20 Feb - 17:55

I ay got anything planned. I'll give it a miss too

rhodsey - Thu 20 Feb - 17:42

Unless any of the saltmarsh group want to do a one shot I'll miss tonight as well. If any of the waterdeep people want to grab me about anything just PM me on here.

min - Thu 20 Feb - 16:53

Hey guys, I won't be there tonight. Caught what feels definitely like the plague. Will be there next week though!

MellyMel - Thu 20 Feb - 14:36

I shall be giving it a miss then. Ho hum

Mr. B - Thu 20 Feb - 12:25

To Orienteers B - we still suiting and booting for tonight?!

Aka - Thu 20 Feb - 09:17

saltmarsh guys sorry cant make it tonight

MellyMel - Mon 17 Feb - 13:35

cheers vic - he's sorted now

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