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TOPIC: R2 Promised Horizon

R2 Promised Horizon 4 months 1 week ago #5816

  • Candi
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Game Mode = 5e
Players = As Many that needs game
Playable Races = Depending on your backstory to see if it can fit in
Class = If you can show me its orgigin i *MAY* Allow it.
Level = 5

Promised Horizon

This adventure is a Sea based fantasy Pirate adventure, You must have the Pirate backround. This will be a cross between Trasure Island / Black Flags. The game will offer many aspects, Combat, Treasure Hunting, Island Mysterys.

You will begin your adventure as a member of the vangard aboard the Ripcurl, You are seasoned crew member so i will give a initial introduction into your duties and responsabilties as a crewman while at sea. Aslong as you can give me a REASONABLE backstory as to why your Race / Class should be on the ship I will allow it.

Crew Roster (In Order of Rank):

Captain - Miss Fortune
Quater Master - Charles Vain
First Mate - Flint
Second Mate - Billy Bones
Boatswain - De Groot
Master at Arms - Woodes Rogers
Vanguard - (Your crew)
Poweder Monkey - Gallywix
Surgeon - Cutter
Deckhand - (the other 100 souls)
Cook - Michelin

Opposing forces:
During this game you will encounter, Sea Creatures / Merfolk / Other Pirates / Trade merchants / Undead Fleets / Ghost Fleets / Undead forces / Traps / Treasure / Navy's


I wanna make combat a more intresting concept then "I swing sword" so i will be heavily rewarding outragous ideas and use of combat, however i will be giving you a "Timer" of sorts to act during your turn (This is to avoid one player taking 10 mins per turn, so leading up to your prep what you wanna achieve and we will go from there) Tnks os to simulate how Hesitation will kill.

Martial Weapons, Crits = Break bones , Puncture lungs , Slash limbs this will be the result if you declare your intentions (comes with increases to AC but upon success could turn the tide of combat heavily in your favor)
Gunpowder Weapons, These weapons will be heavily inspired by the fantasy of devastating of being blasted with flintloke pistol. They will be single shot and take 1 min load time, punishing the reload function ive increased its damage potential by making them crit on 15 and higher.

Spell Usage, Spells will also receive some love!

Ship Combat:

There will be numerous attempts at ship combat (depending how your adventure goes) the 1st few runs i will guide you through what is available but as you proggress you may choose to run it yourselfs. Spells like Destroy water and Creat Water, have been HEAVILY tweaked to avoid just ending combat.

The ship is called the Ripcurl, it has 24 guns. 3 decks, 3 sails the Flags colours are Black with cracked skull with a Red rose growing out the mouth with thorned vine encasing the skull as a bunding. The mast head is a sharks head encased in fine detail of a wave crashing around its powerful jaws.

(Where it begins)

Greetings Lads and Ladies!

Today we are pushing off from Golden Sands outpost in search from our lead from the Gold Hoarders. They what us to scoop up one of their hidden loot vault keys as they recon the imposing navys are tightening up on reclaing their once lost treasures and returning them back to their state. Now the way I see it we can either return the key in favor for more leads and a cut of what is found, or we ofcourse can take everything as my crew its something we all will vote on!
So Get yaselfs ready! Report to the Ripcurl! Today We steal that horizon!

Who ever dares WINS.
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R2 Promised Horizon 4 months 1 week ago #5818

  • Kaltek
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Count this ol buccaneer in ya landlubber!
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R2 Promised Horizon 4 months 1 week ago #5819

  • Satrimar
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Yaaaar me hartys let’s sail them thar seas
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R2 Promised Horizon 4 months 1 week ago #5821

  • TheRanger
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Lets be havin ya ya scury dogs. Aka ill join haha
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R2 Promised Horizon 4 months 1 week ago #5822

  • Candi
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Ted is on holiday and has asked to take a spot also.
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R2 Promised Horizon 4 months 1 week ago #5825

  • Inept
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quite fancy a go at this...
ship board adventuring! or not...

Can I place a request for Vangaurd please.... got a cracking idea... (and yes I know thats the crew.... I think I can handle it!)
Red Wine should always be opened and allowed to breathe....

if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Will be at the club around 8.

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Nedroxath people. As we only have 2 players tonight i am calling it. We will pick up next week

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Anyone up for eight weeks of one-shots with a rotating GM?

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I venture that there are a significant number of folks without a R4 gig Mike.

mikeawmids - Sat 11 Jun - 07:06

Anyone else without a game for R4?

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