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TOPIC: GAZATHON 2019 (12/01/19 > 13/01/19)

GAZATHON 2019 (12/01/19 > 13/01/19) 2 months 2 weeks ago #3548

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12:00 > 20:00

GM: Bane
Game: Galleons
System: Homebrew
Players: Tony H, Tony G, Scott, Adam, Stew, Andy B

GM: Mikeawmids
Game: The Chapel on the Cliffs
System: D&D5
Players: Hugh, Doug, Vic, Steve, Alex, Sant

GM: MellyMel
Game: The Condemned
System: Call of Cthulhu
Players: Paddy, Aka, Andrew, Ted, Morgan, Raging


20:00 > 04:00

GM: Inept
Players: Doug, Tony G, Vic, Raging, Adam, Andrew

GM: Mr.B
Game: Something for Christmas and/or Damaged
System: Modern Cthulhu
Players: Mike, Steve, Paddy, Ted, Morgan

GM: Sant
Game: The Pleasure Bringers
System: Modern AGE
Players: Aka, Bane, Stew, Alex, Mel, Scott


04:00 > 12:00

GM: Sarge
Game: Masks of Nyarlathotep (Peru Prequel)
System: Call of Cthulhu
Players: Tony H, Steve, Hugh, Srew, Mel

GM: Val
Players: Morgan, Bane, Tony G, Sant, Alex, Adam

GM: Aka
Players: Mike, Andrew, Vic, Raging, Ted, Paddy
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mikeawmids - Fri 22 Mar - 00:19

in case anyone missed it, the BCRPS library thread is located in the General Discussion forum.

Bane - Thu 21 Mar - 17:23

Sorry Galleons chaps, not going to be back in time!! :(

Majikthise - Thu 21 Mar - 14:24

I’m going to be at the hospice tonight. Sorry guys. I’ll keep you all posted.

mikeawmids - Mon 18 Mar - 17:30

Link to Rotation forum: http://www.bcrps.co.uk/cms/index.php/forum/games-rotationsMake sure you sign up for a game!

Reaper - Thu 14 Mar - 18:26

Sorry I wont be at class today this is Callum by the way so sorry Richard I feel sick so I will see you next week.

BC_Kidge - Thu 14 Mar - 16:46

One-Shotters! I won’t be around tonight, see you all next week!

Eomak - Thu 14 Mar - 16:43

HI Ross, Im going to be unavailable tonight. Hope the game goes well. See you next week. Mark.

TheRanger - Thu 14 Mar - 16:32

yea thats no worries. i have an app on my tablet that can help aswell

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