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TOPIC: GAZATHON 2019 (12/01/19 > 13/01/19)

GAZATHON 2019 (12/01/19 > 13/01/19) 2 weeks 3 days ago #3548

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12:00 > 20:00

GM: Bane
Game: Galleons
System: Homebrew
Players: Tony H, Tony G, Scott, Adam, Stew, Andy B

GM: Mikeawmids
Game: The Chapel on the Cliffs
System: D&D5
Players: Hugh, Doug, Vic, Steve, Alex, Sant

GM: MellyMel
Game: The Condemned
System: Call of Cthulhu
Players: Paddy, Aka, Andrew, Ted, Morgan, Raging


20:00 > 04:00

GM: Inept
Players: Doug, Tony G, Vic, Raging, Adam, Andrew

GM: Mr.B
Game: Something for Christmas and/or Damaged
System: Modern Cthulhu
Players: Mike, Steve, Paddy, Ted, Morgan

GM: Sant
Game: The Pleasure Bringers
System: Modern AGE
Players: Aka, Bane, Stew, Alex, Mel, Scott


04:00 > 12:00

GM: Sarge
Game: Masks of Nyarlathotep (Peru Prequel)
System: Call of Cthulhu
Players: Tony H, Steve, Hugh, Srew, Mel

GM: Val
Players: Morgan, Bane, Tony G, Sant, Alex, Adam

GM: Aka
Players: Mike, Andrew, Vic, Raging, Ted, Paddy
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Raging Soliloquy - Thu 17 Jan - 19:23

Abyss. Be there at about 830 missed the 7 oclock train. Thx

Mr. B - Thu 17 Jan - 09:30

Did you use the link? I know Andy Challis has a MP3 recording of it...

Steboacha - Thu 17 Jan - 00:15

I tried tuneing in to black country radio but couldn't find it :(

Mr. B - Tue 15 Jan - 13:40

The Black Country Radio interview on the Gazathon that Lora and I did on last Friday can be played through their On Demand service. Go to http://www.blackcountryradio.co.uk/radioplayer/od/items/2387/

Mr. B - Mon 14 Jan - 16:59

Thanks for the support and compliments. Really enjoyed the weekend. Please, however, keep plugging and putting word out there as the page is open until 6th March 2019. :D

Cariryn - Mon 14 Jan - 07:22

Great job Tony, Hugh, GMs and players! Much better this morning than I did at this time yesterday!

Sant - Sun 13 Jan - 23:53

Mirrored.. Well done everyone.. Doug did you manage a tpk?

Bane - Sun 13 Jan - 19:06

I would also like to thank all, that came to Gazathon, making it truly spectacular. The concerted effort by everyone, for not only playing, but cleaning up too. Finally thanks to all the Gm's.

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