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TOPIC: GAZATHON 2019 (12/01/19 > 13/01/19)

GAZATHON 2019 (12/01/19 > 13/01/19) 5 months 3 weeks ago #3548

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12:00 > 20:00

GM: Bane
Game: Galleons
System: Homebrew
Players: Tony H, Tony G, Scott, Adam, Stew, Andy B

GM: Mikeawmids
Game: The Chapel on the Cliffs
System: D&D5
Players: Hugh, Doug, Vic, Steve, Alex, Sant

GM: MellyMel
Game: The Condemned
System: Call of Cthulhu
Players: Paddy, Aka, Andrew, Ted, Morgan, Raging


20:00 > 04:00

GM: Inept
Players: Doug, Tony G, Vic, Raging, Adam, Andrew

GM: Mr.B
Game: Something for Christmas and/or Damaged
System: Modern Cthulhu
Players: Mike, Steve, Paddy, Ted, Morgan

GM: Sant
Game: The Pleasure Bringers
System: Modern AGE
Players: Aka, Bane, Stew, Alex, Mel, Scott


04:00 > 12:00

GM: Sarge
Game: Masks of Nyarlathotep (Peru Prequel)
System: Call of Cthulhu
Players: Tony H, Steve, Hugh, Srew, Mel

GM: Val
Players: Morgan, Bane, Tony G, Sant, Alex, Adam

GM: Aka
Players: Mike, Andrew, Vic, Raging, Ted, Paddy
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Andrek - Fri 14 Jun - 11:58

Now discharged from Dr Shiny's..See you soon!

Andrek - Fri 14 Jun - 11:56

Now discharged from Dr Shiny's. See you all soon! Not wasting my time, researching Star Trek, the Original Series,!

Aka - Thu 13 Jun - 19:53

late tonight guys

Mehitabel - Thu 13 Jun - 18:25

Janice and Kitty can't make tonight. Viruses abound and we're sure you don't want to share!

moc - Thu 6 Jun - 18:18

Hi Orient express riders! Son is ill cannot be there tonight. Have fun.

Timbo - Thu 6 Jun - 10:09

Rich won't be able to make it tonight as his wife is still in hospital. He will finish his campaign next week. I'm also going to struggle tonight too as I have lots on. Apologies.

Sarge - Thu 6 Jun - 08:21

I bumped into Mark and Lora at the Expo and they said you'd taken fall. Get well soon mate

mikeawmids - Thu 6 Jun - 07:25

Yikes! Hope to see you soon, Andy. Get well ASAP!

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