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TOPIC: Princes of the Apocalypse

Princes of the Apocalypse 3 years 7 months ago #1563

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Post character concepts, background and game discussion here please.
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Princes of the Apocalypse 3 years 7 months ago #1653

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The blinding flash of light seemed to channel directly into his body…
Something moved. Then more somethings moved. There was a slight feel of discomfort followed by a more significant tugging, and suddenly, as the light faded he saw them.

Suddenly able to move he looked around and observed the others… they obviously couldn't see him!

Marching up a defile were a number of creatures… a tall human wearing heavy armour stomped after a fleet footed elf who ranged lightly ahead. Beside the armoured human was another similar creature this one, more massive of chest and wearing a slightly stupid expression, though this may have been the alcohol fumes.

Following them a gnome wearing leather armour and bearing familiar symbols appeared to be muttering inanely to a sallow faced Teifling wearing robes and bemused expression.

He heard the two humans at the front discussing another, some half elf cook, who was apparently face first in pig dung as they spoke sleeping off a mighty hangover… and was the source of some hilarity.

Not quite sure how or why he was here, and beginning to wonder at the strangeness, the group stopped walking. Ahead was a tree. A rather unpleasant skill hung from it secured in place with a black arrow. The elf looked carefully, and left it well enough alone. Sensible.

The human at the front, squinted at the scene and a look of anger flashed across his face, as he advanced on the skull, he raised a sword and struck it hard. The blade rebounded with a resonating ‘BOINNG”. The black miasma around the skull swirled with malevolence. The human dropped his sword and grasped the arrow, the black miasma seemed to coil and strike, and a dark voice whispered “so you are next..” The human looked unconcerned and happy enough. Bizarre… particularly as the blackness seemed to surround him fighting to get into his flesh… The gnome looked unhappy…

The group mounted up and left.

With nothing better to do and still feeling dazed, he followed along.

They travelled for a couple of hours, before dismounting and moving towards a cave. Bodies littered the entrance, and one rose soundlessly as it moved to intercept the group. Unphased they combined to destroy the risen, and proceeded into the caves.

Somehow this all seemed familiar. Something was similar about this to another…

The group bypassed a deep pit, finally entering a chamber with numerous bodies stored upright and in various stages of decay. Once again the dead rose, and again the combined actions of the group were successful in preventing serious injury to their number. The gnome druid conjoured healing energies for the human.

The taste of the power caused a brief flashback to another place…

He returned in time to see the tall human assaulted with rocks and the falling dead.. once again quickly dispatched by the group, although this time, the Tiefling seemed to gather his power and assault one of his own. There was a pause as the potential for violence seemed to hang in the air, and then quickly vanished.

Familiarity seemed to grow as the group set off once more….

Just when he seemed about to grasp something important, another incident seemed to erupt from nowhere. The tall human seemed to be incensed. He lit an oil flask and hurled it at a creature in a pink dress, another wearing a bearskin and a third dressed as a toff. The comic scene of the flaming undead chasing rthe armoured man while others looked on was spoiled only by the undead falling smouldering.

They moved onward ot investigate a corridor with spikes and a room with some boxes. A brief discussion suggested leaving it be. Wise, he though… there is hope!

Further tunnels and then the scene opened out, and the appalling site was laid bare. A robed figure was carving at fresh bodies, and separating parks into boxes, whilst stitching others together. Without pause the group advanced intent on hacking down the depraved figure in the robes.

Separated limbs seemed to slither and crawl towards rthe group, intent on destruction. The barrel chested human and the gnome ignored the striking at the robed figure. It turned to face them, and a mouth full of strange tentacles struck back. Battle was joined, the group combined to deal with the major hazard with speed and efficiency, whilst the grouping undead limbs were hacked into pieces.

A voice, apparently amused, but dripping with the evil of ages, rang out:

“Did you really think it that easy… get them my pretties….”

Looking up, the face of a human in black robes, glared briefly at them as it gestured to skeletal creatures. This was far from over…

“So there you are! What do you think? A voice spoke calmly from nearby.
“ Eh wot? Who are you?”
“you know me, just think…”

He thought for a second, nothing... the voice gestured at the gnome, “have a look at those symbols, remind you of anything?

He looked. The images and twisted talisman tugged at memory… another creature, an elf, a cloak of feather…. A name…

“You are Nar Ator?” he asked quietly with some doubt…

“Welcome back Dave… time to get to work!”
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if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Princes of the Apocalypse 3 years 7 months ago #1654

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I dont normally do these website, but this was amusing.

It may also be helpful to our druid as an appropriate attack option for next week!
Red Wine should always be opened and allowed to breathe....

if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Princes of the Apocalypse 3 years 7 months ago #1659

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Character background for Nemesis pt 1.

After contracting leprosy, mother and child were cast out from their village. Stones were thrown at them with shouts like "That child is cursed" and "She will bring the plague on us all". One of the stones struck the mother a hefty blow to the head.

After escaping from the villagers they happened upon a cave where they settled for the night.
"It'll be OK my love, I have packed us some food. We will have a nice breakfast in the morning."
"OK mother, but are you OK your head is bleeding?" she replied with a yawn.
"I'm fine darling, I just need to rest a bit. Lets get some sleep".

The next day our young 'Nemesis' woke up in a pool of her mothers blood.
She screamed and shook her mother to try to get her to wake, but she had clearly expired.

This was too much for this 7 year old girl to cope with, so she ran further into the cave with tears streaming down her leprous face.

She came to the end of the cave. Leaning forward to rest her head on the cave wall, it gave way and she fell some way and landed in a pool of glowing green viscous liquid. Struggling with all her might she was unable to reach the surface of the liquid. No longer able to hold her breath with thoughts of joining her mother in oblivion darkness followed.

Waking up to find herself at the bottom of the pool she managed to fight back the panic when she realised the fluid was breathable. So she took the time to get out of the pool. As she emerged the fluid left her lungs quite violently and she collapsed and again gave way to unconsciousness.

Waking to find herself at the entrance of the cave with no trace of her mothers' corpse she wandered about eventually finding a path and is picked up by a couple who fall in love with this beautiful little girl, take her in and look after her.

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Princes of the Apocalypse 3 years 7 months ago #1680

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Letter to Lady Varerie the Seer, Waterdeep

You requested an update on the our findings for the village of Red Larch and the possible links to your growing concerns.

Day 1
We arrived in town, and quickly established it to be a ‘happy contented’ frontier settlement, untroubled by marauders or local populations of orcs. This is strange in itself given the significant trade passing through this place and the relative prosperity, and the fact there are no standing militia and no fortifications. The town is ripe for marauder attack.
Locals were solicitous and helpful but closed mouthed. Finally we noted that the town is controlled by a small group of elite citizens who may have more sinister outlooks and who have 'negotiated' terms with the local tribes.

The innkeeper is a former adventurer and she requested we look into some strange goings on…

Day 2
Certainly, there is something strange in this town. Villagers appear secure and content in their existence, but there is an undertone… something is ill with this place. ..
The innkeeper requested we check out a local cave where villagers were noted to disappear. Also a tree in a canyon to the north was an object of fear.
The tree turned out to be cursed. Vile necromantic practices had been performed. The cave was likewise a hotbed of foul sorcery. We found and slew the necromancer responsible for missing villagers, reporting back to the innkeeper, she refereed to more hazardous undertakings.

Day 3
An earthquake strikes the town! A trench reveals an ancient dwarven tunnel marked with runes. We aim to venture into this place to establish if this is the source of the growing evil.

Personal note:
Lady, I have given oath to support your cause as it coincides with my own. Your visions claim to lead me to the object of my quest and you claim that I will need the assistance of this group to succeed.
I have tried to live by that oath, but I am sorely pressed by the matter of the Teifling witch. The creature has not become part of this group, and indeed has threatened its cohesion. Her actions, but for fortune smiling upon us, might have led directly to the failure of this mission and the death of us all. Her indiscriminate use of power lacks precision and insight. For a race already maligned in many quarters she does nothing to project a balanced view of the world in which she walks. I am not blameless here, I attempted to speak to her on this matter only to be met with denial and evasion, I confess this led me to react in anger and strike at her, an openhanded slap designed to get to her to listen. Once again though this elicited a magical response from her witchfire, and the potential for real harm to the group.. There is no control on her part, and now a lack of patience and humility on mine.

I cannot and will not expose my comrades in arms to such malign power used so randomly, and the tenets of my faith strongly urge me to deal with the matter. Are you sure that this one is not some agent of a fell power, or a spy sent to incapacitate the group you have formed? I await your instructions, but must note, if there is a further incident of harm visited to the group I must take action. I cannot in good conscience do less.

I await your response and will keep you informed of our progress.

Bolder Blood.
Red Wine should always be opened and allowed to breathe....

if it doesn't apply mouth to bottle resuscitation.
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Princes of the Apocalypse 3 years 7 months ago #1681

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Part 2

The couple known as the Theldons raised the girl until she was 12. Sadly over time the Mr Theldon's fondness of the girl grew to lust and one night he tried to force himself on her. In desperation she stretched out her hands. A beam of purple energy shot from her palm and struck him in his face melting it. She ran away terrified and never returned.

Later she found a path and followed it thinking it would lead her to town. On her way she was beset by a wolf. This time she stretched out her hand but nothing happened. The wolf charged at her and leapt to bite her. A combination of bad aim and diving out of the way, made the wolf miss.

The hungry aggressor circled for another lunge but as it leapt it was struck in the face by a bolt and dropped dead in a heap.

The girl looked around but saw nothing.

"Over here child" came a voice from behind.

The girl turned around to see a 5'3 slender elf walking towards her.

"They call me Lillandria, my patron has commanded to see you safely to the town. Sorry I'm slightly late, that wolf almost got you."

"But, but how did you know I would be here? What is going on?"

"All I can tell you is that when 'The Great Old One' commands, I must obey." She said putting her hand on the girl's shoulder "Now please be quiet girl, I must concentrate"

They journey for a few weeks, in this time the girl learns that she owes her life and cure to the Great Old One and that she is partially bound by a pact that will lead to great power when she accepts it. She must never reveal her true name and must go by the pseudonym 'Nemesis' when she comes of age. The ritual of acceptance is will be revealed to her at this time. Lillandria imparted to the girl the very basics of becoming a warlock.

Later on during the journey the came across a wagon guarded by several men, containing children. Lillandria commanded the girl to stay back as she proceeded to set upon the men killing every last one.

She brought all the children to the town and instructed the girl to sell the wagon and chose a name to go by. The girl chose Lilly as her new name. Lillandria had to leave them and told Lilly she would return for her.

None of the children had families to go back to, so Lilly got them to stick together and support each other.

Any time they faced persecution, Lilly would come up with a plan to for them to overcome it. If drastic action was required, Lilly would take care of it. Under Lilly's leadership and protection, the gang secured turf in the slums and were eventually left alone by rival gangs.

Not long after Lilly turned 17, Lillandria returned heavily injured. The Great Old One had a job for Lilly to complete. A gang had taken over a village to the south and Lilly was to liberate it. This was the test part of the ritual of acceptance. The final part was to take an amulet from the gang leader and use it to heal Lillandria.

She arrived at the village. Sneaking about, her targets were identified to her by a voice in her head and she took them out without a hitch. A crossbow bolt to the face ended the leader and the task was done. Without a word Lilly left, a job well done.

Looking forward to seeing her friends again, Lilly returned to find Lillandria freshly healed.

"It is time to complete the ritual. Our benefactor has healed me in preparation." She said extending her hand. "Give me the amulet."

Lilly obliged and bowed her head. Lillandria placed the necklace around the young woman's neck and took her hand drawing a symbol in blood on it.

"These symbolise the pact with the Great Old One, do you accept?"

"I do." With these words Nemesis's eyes and the symbol crackled with purple energy as the blood dissipated into her skin and the pact was sealed.

"Now it is time for you to leave, head to waterdeep, you will receive instruction when you arrive. I have taken the liberty of ending your attachments to this place."

"What do you mean?"

"A sacrifice was required, I spared you the inconvenience of disposing of your friends so you are free to go."

"Whaaat?" Nemesis screamed. Her eyes now turned black, sparks of electricity danced across her eyebrows. Drawing her dagger and plunged it into the heart of Lillandria. "NOOOOO" She screamed, as a squirt of blood hit her face and tears streamed from her eyes. "Nobody harms my friends and lives."

As her former mentor gasped for breath looking confused.

"Was you aware of the meaning of the name you passed on to me? It means 'Inevitable retribution' you should have known what would happen." She said twisting the blade, causing blood to gush from the wound.

After burying her friends Nemesis left for Waterdeep.
You're on the other side of the rabbit hole. Now it's time to die.
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