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TOPIC: R6: Rise of the Runelords (cont) Discussion

R6: Rise of the Runelords (cont) Discussion 2 years 6 months ago #2496

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[Savaged] Rise of the Runelords / Sins of the Saviours / Week 7 / Part 1 (24/11/2017)

Beyond the portcullis, a narrow stone bridge spans a dark chasm. The air is thick with bloated, buzzing flies and the rank stench of rotting meat rises from the pit. Karrack crossed the bridge (using his spear and superior agility to maintain his balance in adverse conditions) and prised open the heavy stone door at the other end. The room beyond had once been a crypt, now repurposed as a makeshift laboratory. Upturned sarcophagi were being utilized as worktops, where alchemical apparatus now bubbled and brewed. Several hooded figures laboured industriously at their workstations, while others struggled to attach a flaccid tentacle arm to the torso of a hulking corpse golem. Karrack’s patience snapped like a cheap, plastic ruler. Why couldn’t any of these dungeons be nice?!

Rast and Grogg stepped onto the bridge together. Neither of them possessed Karrack’s natural grace, but they were doing well until a fly the size of a pig’s bladder collided with the side of Rast’s head and sent him stumbling over the edge. Grogg lunged to grab the falling dwarf, pulling out a handful of his magnificent beard but failing to arrest his descent. Rast plunged 30ft and landed atop a great pile of mutilated, partially dismembered bodies. As though his predicament was not already grim enough, Rast did not think he was alone in the darkness. The pile of corpses shifted beneath him and several rotting arms extended from the main mass to grasp at his legs! Slapping away the groping claws, Rast withdrew a stoppered vial from his pack, where it had been hidden since he concocted it in secret. His discretion had been necessary, if Asha discovered he was dabbling in necromancy, she would surely have some stern words to share. Breaking the wax seal around the neck of the bottle, Rast poured the potion of zombie control over the gelatinous mass of decomposing limbs. The mass writhed as the macabre elixir took effect, then succumbed to the dwarf’s will.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party burst into the crypt/laboratory of the lich Azaven. Cursing the interruption, Azaven commanded his corpse golem to attack! Spilling glassware across the ground, the golem lifted one of the heavy stone sarcophagi and hurled it across the room! Asha rolled to one side, but Grogg was trapped beneath the weighty stone. Not to be upstaged by a slab of decomposing muscle, Grogg lifted the sarcophagus and flipped it over to crush two of Azaven’s ghoulish assistants. Displeased by this cavalier treatment of his beloved underlings, Azaven raised his crystal-tipped staff and sucked up all of the shadows in the room. With an artisan’s care, the lich moulded the raw shadowstuff into a disc of perfect darkness. He cast the disc onto the floor at the party’s feet and they immediately begin to sink as though stranded in quick sand. Grogg pulled himself free and Karrack hopped up onto another sarcophagus, out of reach of the sucking shadow surface. Only Asha remained trapped in the black mire, her shapely legs and lower torso already absorbed into the floor!

Suddenly, a human centipede of dismembered corpses snaked into the room, grabbed Asha and pulled her free of the shadow sink! Having commanded his new zombie thrall to deposit him back on the bridge, Rast observed the paladin’s plight and dispatched his undead minion to enact a last minute rescue. Asha is conflicted! She has devoted her life to destroying the undead and now she owes her life to one! She detects a crisis of faith (and possibly a side-quest) in her immediate future!

Karrack kills the corpse golem (which falls into the shadowstuff and slowly sinks) and advances on Azaven. The lich cackles and extends a withered fist that crackles with life-draining, necrotic energy. Karrack sidesteps the attack, swings his spear up to sever the arm at the elbow then pirouettes and drives the point through the lich’s eye! Azaven shrieks, smokes and crumbles into a sad little pile of grey dust! His Staff of Hungry Shadows clatters to the ground and rolls to a stop at Andor’s feet. The human mercenary raises his boot and stomps down on the dark crystal, shattering it and returning the stolen shadows to their proper place. Karrack digs through Azaven’s remains but does not find any Ithilliom. Searching the crypt, the party discover a hidden vault opened by the lich’s (broken) staff. It contains a third Ithillion shard and a pair of pale, lacy gloves that make the wearer’s hands intangible.

“Now I can punch ghosts!” Grogg declares.

To be continued….
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R6: Rise of the Runelords (cont) Discussion 2 years 6 months ago #2498

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[Savaged] Rise of the Runelords / Sins of the Saviours / Week 7 / Part 2 (24/11/2017)

Having cleared the Ravenous Crypt of Gluttony, the party return to the Festering Maze of Sloth. This time, they are prepared for the diabolical stench and wrap their faces in mummy bandages that Rast has soaked in a pungent alchemical solution. The heroes retrace their steps to the three levers controlling the flow of effluence into the sewer. This time, the levers are defended by a host of mucky sewage elementals! (At this point, we trialled the Savage Worlds Quick Combat rules and they worked pretty well!) The heroes fight their way through to the control panel and shut off the flood of sewage. The ‘water’ level immediately begins to drop.

With the source of fresh slime blocked, the large basin at the other side of the dungeon begins to drain, until the heroes can just walk across the bottom. The demonic squid that had lurked in the noxious pool now splashes helplessly in a few inches of filthy water. The party bombard the beast with ranged attacks until it bursts like a wet sack full of grey custard.

Beyond the basin lies the lair of Joromundus the Slimancer. The obese, bald wizard lounges on his floating black throne, his filthy robe open to the waist, revealing quivering man-boobs and a writhing, tentacled mass imbedded in his chest.

“What would you ask of the great wizard Joromundus?” the rotund Slimancer demanded.

“We seek Ithililliom!” Grogg answered.

“Zzzzzzzz.” snored Jorumundus.

“Wake up!” Grogg roared, throwing his axe at the wizard’s head.

The axe sinks into Joromundus’ flabby shoulder. The Slimancer rolls his beady eyes in exasperation.

“Hohoho!” Joromundus guffawed, “You cannot harm me with your puny weapons! The slime heart of Jubilex protects me!”

The party test this claim by bombarding the Slimancer with ranged attacks and magic. He does seem impervious to their puny weapons!

“If only he had some obscure weakness that we could exploit!” Andor cried.

“The slime heart of Jubilex protects me!” Joromundus said.

“There must be some flaw or gap in his impenetrable defences!” Asha wailed.

“The slime heart of Jubilex protects me!” Joromundus said.

“We must be missing something!” Karrack mused.


“Hey!” said Grogg, “Let’s try hitting the slime heart of Jigglypuff!”






The party target the slime heart of Jubilex. By exploiting this obscure weakness, they manage to defeat the Slimancer! Tipping him out of his floating throne, Andor finds a secret compartment in the arm, containing a fourth shard of Ithilliom and a band of slimy metal. Asha identifies it as a Ring of Slimy Secretions. Andor slips it onto his finger and immediately oozes pale mucus from every pore on his body, granting him +2 on agility rolls to escape being grappled or slip through tight spaces.

The party decide that four Ithilliom weapons will be sufficient to deal with Runelord Karzoug and pass on exploring the dungeons of Greed and Wrath. They return to the Runeforge hub to smelt the enchanted ore. Suddenly, the 25ft tall statue of Karzoug animates and attacks!

“You again!” the stone golem boomed in the Runelord’s voice, “Neither you nor your weapons will reach Xin Shalast! Your fate is to die in Runeforge!”

The heroes defy fate by defeating the golem!

“Fine!” the Runelord grumbled as his stone avatar crumbled, “Come to Xin Shalast if you want, see if I care! You will never reach the Eye of Avarice!”

The party use the small amount of Ithilliom that they managed to collect to enhance four weapons (Andor, Grogg, Karrck & Asha).

“This is it,”Karrack said solemnly, “The final push. We’ll head back to Sandpoint to prepare, then we’re taking the fight to Karzoug!”

To be continued….
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R6: Rise of the Runelords (cont) Discussion 2 years 6 months ago #2528

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[Savaged) Rise of the Runelords / Sins of the Saviours / Session 8 / Part 1 (30/11/2017)

Having forged four ithilliom weapons and defeated the stone avatar of Karzoug, the party abandon Runeforge and return to the teleportation circle on the far side of the frozen lake. The party return to Sandpoint via Thistletop and begin preparing for their imminent incursion into Xin-Shalast. Grogg struggles to find a buyer for the solid gold swan statuette he carted back from Runeforge. Karrack suggests that he pay a smith to melt it down and cast the molten metal into commemorative gold ‘Grogg the Smasher’ figurines.

“Are these for the contest?” asked the smith as he fired up his forge.

“What contest?” Grogg replied, a frown of befuddlement creasing his leathery brow.

“The Contest of Champions in Magnimar, of course!” the smith answered, “It starts tomorrow. I would have gone myself, but someone has to mind the store. I would have thought that would be right up your – Hey! Hey! You forgot your bird!”

Moments later, Grogg burst into the taproom of the Rusty Dragon, labouring to breathe after sprinting across town in a full suit of plate-mail.

“Contest!! Magnimar!! Go!! Now!! Please!?”

“We do kind-of have a ‘save the world’ situation here, Grogg,” Karrack answered, “I don’t really think we have time to go gallivanting off on some side quest. No, don’t you give me those big, sad puppy dog eyes! It doesn’t work with half-orcs, it just looks odd.”

“Come on Karrack,” Andor said, “Karzoug has slept for thousands of years, a few more days won’t make much difference.”

“You’re only saying that because all the taverns in Sandpoint have cancelled your tab,” Karrack snapped.

“All this adventuring is thirsty work!” Andor replied defensively, “Plus, I hear the women in Magnimar are beautiful.”

Ameiko gives Andor a dark look across the bar. Rast’s hand creeps towards the dagger at his belt.

“Not that Sandpoint women aren’t without their rustic charms!” Andor added quickly, “I like a cheap ale just as much as a fine wine on occasion!”

Silence descended on the tavern, broken by the screech of chairs being pushed back from tables as the men of Sandpoint rose.

“Ok! Let’s go to Magnimar right now!” Karrack said hastily, his lizard-sense tingling, “No time to finish your drinks! Let’s leave this instant!”

Karrack and Asha bundle Andor out of the tavern and down to the ‘Everstill’ before the locals can form a proper lynch mob. The refitted river boat slips its moorings and starts powering against the current, leaving a crowd of angry civilians glowering on the dock.


The ‘Everstill’ arrives in Magnimar the next morning. The bazaar of sails is abuzz with excitement for the contest and a crowd of cheering onlookers forms along the waterfront when Grogg’s vessel is recognised. Never one to shy from the limelight, Grogg stands on deck, performing feats of strength for the crowd, while his goblin lackeys toss handfuls of ‘Grogg the Smasher’ merchandise into the mob.

Grogg spots a large crate being lifted off an adjacent barge by a metal crane. The crate has conspicuous air holes bored into the side and a menacing growling emanates from within the box. Suddenly, the crane arm buckles and the crate falls, breaking open against the side of the boat! A ferocious beast bursts from the wreckage! It has both a dragon head and a goat head attached to the powerful torso of a lion. It’s not immediately clear which head is most angry, they both look pretty pissed. Then the dragon head breathes a cone of fire into the crowd and that clinches it.

“Monster!!” Grogg shouts gleefully, hopping up and down on the spot, “Ooh, Karrack, can I kill it, pleasepleasepleaseplease?”

“Did you finish your chores?”


“Then off you go, you little scamp.”

Launching himself onto the feathery back of his pet roc, Grogg rose majestically into the air above the deck of the ‘Everstill’. At this point, it becomes apparent that Grogg has not invested any development points into the riding skill and his ascent become a whole lot less majestic as he barrel-rolls into a tree. Karrack leads Andor and Asha down the gangplank in pursuit of the rampaging chimera.

Asha and Andor get stuck behind a group of people queuing for fresh oysters. Karrack takes a different route through the labyrinthine bazaar and spots the monster up ahead. He snatches a tender bunyip steak from the nearest vendor’s stand and throws it at the chimera, hoping to distract it. Fortunately, the meat lands in front of the beast’s carnivorous head and it pauses to gobble it up. This gives Andor time to break free from the mob of oyster lovers and twat it with a stick. The goat head bleats and it runs out of the market into a busy intersection thick with foot and horse traffic.

Andor chased after the retreating beasty, leaping over a wheelbarrow full of eels. Asha caught up just in time to be caught in the cone template as it spun around and blasted them both with fire from its dragon head. Fortunately, a passing carriage blocked the flames! The frightened driver leapt from his doomed conveyance and rolled in the gutter until his burning clothes were extinguished.

Turning away, the chimera launched itself through the window of a tavern on the opposite side of the street. Andor, Asha and Karrack followed it inside and discovered there was already a full scale tavern brawl in place! Andor punched a man in the face and seized a frothy tankard off the bar, waving Asha and Karrack to go on without him. The chimera headed up a flight of stairs at the back of the taproom and the two heroes gave chase. Suddenly, the window at the top of the stairs shattered inward as Grogg hurtled through the grimy glass!

“THIS – IS – STRENGTH!!!” he roared, swinging his twin axes and severing both heads!

“Where did you come from?!” Asha gasped.

“Fell!!” Grogg answered, pointing a bloody axe to the broken window, where his pet roc could be seen circling overhead.

“Fight!!” Grogg states, noticing the brawl raging in the tavern below. He raises his weapons, eyes wild with unsated bloodlust.

Karrack tries to explain that a tavern brawl is not traditionally a fight to the death. Meanwhile, Asha attempts to stop the fighting by performing a sexy dance on the bar, i.e: Coyote Ugly (I’ve not seen the film, but that’s the premise, right?). She is moderately successful, as her alluring gyrations distract the remaining participants sufficiently for Andor to pull off the coup-de-grace.

“The winner!!” Andor cries, standing atop a mound of unconscious brawlers.

Then Grogg punches him in the face! Andor goes down hard!

“The winner!!” Grogg cries, standing atop a mound of unconscious brawlers.

The bartender emerges from the back room and starts pouring drinks. He advises the party that it is a local tradition that whoever is still standing after a brawl gets a free pint. Asha suspects this tradition might explain the high number of brawls in the city.

“I can’t wait to tell all my bartender buddies that THE Grogg the Smasher won a brawl in MY tavern!” the bartender said, “Wait! Shouldn’t you be at the colosseum by now? The opening ceremony for the Contest started hours ago!”

To be continued….
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R6: Rise of the Runelords (cont) Discussion 2 years 6 months ago #2535

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[Savaged) Rise of the Runelords / Sins of the Saviours / Session 8 / Part 2 (30/11/2017)

The colosseum is packed with spectators baying for the bloodsport to commence! Merchants and lords rub shoulders with beggars and thieves as they all jostle for the best positions to witness the spectacle about to unfold on the arena sand. The event organizers are in a state of great anxiety however, not only has the reigning arena champion failed to arrive, but now the warm-up act has cancelled at the last moment!

“I don’t see any alternative,” one official said, “We’re just going to have to cancel and give everyone their money back.”

“Do you jest?” spat another, “That crowd won’t be satisfied until they’ve seen blood spilled. Do you want it to be ours?”

“Wait! What’s that in the sky?”

“Is it a bird?”

“Is it a dwarf with a glider made of harpy wings?”

“No! It’s Grogg the Smasher riding a baby roc and carrying a headless chimera!”

Grogg landed in the arena to tumultuous applause from the stands.

“Wow! What an entrance!” roared the announcer, his voice magically amplified to be audible over the din, “Grogg the Smasher! Reigning champion of the arena, returned - at the last possible moment - to defend his title against the brazen challenger; Gruggle the Demolisher! Let’s hope this fight ends better for Gruggle than it did for the last upstart to challenge Grogg on these sands!”

A single tear rolls down Grogg’s cheek as he is reminded of how he killed his oldest friend and rival Huggle in this very arena during a moment of mindless fury. He looked down to blink away the wetness and saw Huggle’s severed arm crawling towards him! A moment later, the guilty apparition was gone.

“But before we see those two titans clash, we have another event to whet your appetites!”

One of the organisers hurried over to Grogg and explained how the team of amateur heroes that were supposed to warm up the crowd had cancelled at the last minute and left everyone in the lurch. Grogg suggested that some of his adventuring sidekicks might be able to step in. Reluctantly, the rest of the party agree and sign the waivers releasing the organisers of all responsibility for loss of life or limb during the contest.

“Ladies and gentleman!!” bawled the announcer, “Without further ado, allow me to introduce the Heroes of Sandpoint!! Karrack Goblinhero!! Andor Drake the Well Endowed!! Asha the Fire Princess!! Today, you will witness these renowned heroes face a monstrous predator from the darkest depths of the Mwangi jungle! A beast so dangerous that the last group we hired to fight it chickened out and ran away! Here it comes! Let’s hear it for… REX!!!”

The massive gates at the other end of the arena burst open as a huge, armoured T-Rex enters the colosseum! It emits a deafening roar that silences the cheering crowd, then turns its hungry gaze upon the heroes!

Asha throws a blessed bolt at the beast, which bounces off its thick, black armour! The dinosaur responds by snatching the priestess up in its monstrous jaws, chewing her up and swallowing what’s left! The crows cheers!

(GM Note: I let Vic run the monster in this fight since Grogg was not supposed to be involved and his fighting/damage rolls were red hot. I should let him run all my monsters from now on!)

Andor realises that he and Karrack don’t stand a chance unless they can pierce the dino’s armour. He targets the thick, leather straps holding the metal plates together and exposes a section of the beast’s scaly belly. Karrack darts in to drive Teraktinus into the dino’s stomach.

“Careful not to hit Asha!” Andor said, only half-joking.

Rex howls and snaps at Karrack. Karrack drives his spear into the roof of the monster’s maw, but it gets stuck there! Rather than abandon his weapon, Karrack hangs on to the stone shaft, struggling to maintain his balance atop the dinosaur’s bloody tongue!

“Are you not entertained?” cries Andor.

“Eat him! Eat him! Eat him!” jeer the crowd.

“It’s not looking good for the Heroes of Sandpoint!” the announcer announces, “How much longer can they stand against the indomitable Rex?!”

Grogg hears this and decides he had best muck in. Ignoring the organiser’s protests, he enters the arena and goads the dinosaur into charging him! At the last moment, he rolls aside and cuts off one of Rex’s legs! Andor climbs up onto the downed beast’s back and continues working on the straps holding its armour in pace. The armour falls off with a mighty crash and Grogg ends the T-Rex!

“THIS - IS - STRENGTH!” Grogg roars, hacking off the T-Rex’s head.

Karrack and Andor draw straws to determine who has to climb inside the stump to fetch Asha out of the dead dino’s belly. Karrack loses, disrobes and clambers down the bloody neck.

“Wow! What a result!” the announcer cries, “Things were looking rough for the Heroes of Sandpoint, but Grogg the Smasher saved the day! Will he fare so well in his next battle? Hold on to your butts!”

To be continued…..
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R6: Rise of the Runelords (cont) Discussion 2 years 5 months ago #2540

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[savaged] Rise of the Runelords/ Sins of the Saviours / Session 8 [Part 3] / 30/11/2017

Karrack, Asha and Andor leave the arena and are treated for the injuries they sustained battling Rex. Grogg alone remains on the bloodied sand of the colosseum, readying himself for his duel against Gruggle the Demolisher. He is winded from his fight with the dinosaur, but determined to defend his title as champion of the arena. A lone figure approaches. Much like Grogg, he is tall and brawny and his greenish skin hints at no small amount of orcish blood. His face (in fact, his entire head) is covered by a metal bucket helm that appears to have been riveted to the armored plates protecting his neck. His right arm is thick with muscle, but the other arm has been replaced by a formidable metal limb.

“Grogg. Do you remember me, Grogg?” Gruggle asked, his deep voice oddly distorted by the metal bucket on his head.

“No.” Grogg answered, at length, “Who are you?”

“Neither enemy nor friend. I am back from a world where such words mean nothing. Only in a battle to the death with you will my soul find respite. Either I will kill you, or you will kill me. It makes no difference.”

Grogg readied his axes. Cryptic messages from bucket headed men made his brain hurt, but fighting was something he understood!

Grogg charged. He swung his axe at his opponent but Gruggle blocked the attack with his metal arm. Grogg felt a powerful electric charge pass from the artificial limb, along his axe and into his own body!

“What was that?” Karrack snapped.

“Ooh! It doesn’t look like Grogg was anticipating Gruggle’s shocking grasp!” the announcer cried, “Stronger and more versatile than the mortal limb that it replaced, Gruggle’s metal arm is a triumph of gnomish artifice!”

“Wait!” Karrack said, “Grogg killed his old friend Huggle by severing his arm and leaving him for dead! Now this ‘Gruggle’ turns up with an artificial limb and a hateful obsession with murdering Grogg?”

“Yes, thank-you for the recap, Captain Obvious.”

Karrack wrestled the announcer’s wand away from him.

“Grogg! Listen!” the lizardman yelled, his voice magnified by the announcer’s strange device, “Gruggle is Huggle! He survived and now he wants revenge! Be careful!”

Hearing this, Grogg stood dumbfounded and Gruggle/Huggle fell to his knees and started banging his bucket helm against the ground.

“Agghhhhhhhhh!” Gruggle/Huggle cried. He struggled to his feet, pointed his metal fist at Grogg’s head and fired an electrified rocket punch across the colosseum. Grogg took the blow on the chin and went down like a puppet with its strings cut! Gruggle stumbled over and stood over his incapacitated foe, mad eyes staring at Grogg’s unconscious form from the narrow slit in his rusty bucket helm.

Karrack dropped back into the arena and attacked Gruggle from the flank, inflicting a wound.

“How can you defend someone capable of doing this to me?!” Gruggle howled.

“Grogg has changed since you knew him!” Karrack said, “The man who left you for dead all those years ago is gone. A different man lies before you now. A better man, a man who I am proud to call my friend.”

“Agghhhhhhhhh!!” Gruggle cried, unable to reconcile Karrack’s words with own memories. Unable to finish Grogg off while he lies helpless on the bloody sand, he turns and flees the arena.


End of rotation: Following the revelation that Huggle is alive, Grogg goes looking for his old friend. Asha seeks healing for the permanent injuries sustained in the colosseum and discovers that she must atone for her sins [owing her life to the undead abomination Rast sent to her rescue in Runeforge] before she will be granted the goddess’ blessing. Karrack returns to Sandpoint to prepare for the final assault on Xin-Shalast. Andor finds his celebrity status has made him a babe magnet and spends the next few weeks rattling the headboards at various taverns around the City of Monuments. Rast remains in Sandpoint to support his wife through her pregnancy. Finally, Solaris disappears in a cloud of funky smelling smoke and nobody really knows if he is ever coming back.

To be continued… in a future rotation!
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