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TOPIC: R6: Rise of the Runelords (cont) Discussion

R6: Rise of the Runelords (cont) Discussion 2 years 8 months ago #2417

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Hello returning heroes!

Rise of the Runelords (savaged!!) will resume next Thursday! It does not look as though Mal (Ben Kotek) will be returning, but everyone else (Rast Stenhammer, Karrack, Grogg the Smasher, Asha & Solaris) will be taking the fight to Runelord Karzoug over the next 8 weeks! Of course, that’s only if they survive the imminent stone giant assault on Sandpoint!

There will be also be a new member joining the game (another Andrew!), it’s his first time playing Savage Worlds, but I’m sure you’ll make him feel welcome. :D

Some house rules that I will be inflicting upon you this rotation;

Rolling snake-eyes results in a critical failure that cannot be re-rolled using bennies. To add insult to injury, the GM also gains a benny. On the plus side, there will be no more ridiculous “you accidentally chop off your own hand” fumbles.

The one positive outcome of the meandering sidequest at the end of the last rotation (apart from battle owls) is that Solaris has recovered from the amnesia plaguing him since the start of the campaign and remembered his true, draconic nature. He can now take a new edge called Dragonsoul, which essentially allows the use of ‘dragon lite’ powers (breath weapon, scaly armour, flying, etc…). I’ll bring an outline for this edge on Thursday night and you can decide if you want any part of it.

To keep things fast, furious and fun in combat, I’ll be introducing an egg timer to combat situations. Each PC has one minute to decide upon their action or they are put on hold and get to act at the end of the round.

Rather than tracking how many copper pieces you have jingling around in your purse, I’ll be using a more abstract system to reflect your disposable income. Each PC (unless you have the Rich, Very Rich or Nobility edges, or the Poverty hindrance) will have a wealth attribute of d6 and when you want to buy something, you’ll make a roll. The target number will be determined by how common/expensive the item is and your wealth die will increase/decrease as you spend money/acquire loot.

If I think of anything else, I'll post it here. :p

I have all the character sheets, apart from Karrack. We'll be using the Mass Battle sub-ruleset in week one, so you might want to have a look at that if you've not used it before.
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R6: Rise of the Runelords (cont) Discussion 2 years 7 months ago #2433

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Rise of the Runelords – Week 1 / Part 1 (13/10/2017)

Andor Drake is propping up the bar at the Rusty Dragon, nursing his third flagon of strong ale when the recently reinstated Mayor Deverin slides onto the stool beside him. The former mercenary recognises her from the corner of one bleary eye and grunts in acknowledgment, before draining the last, foamy dregs from his glass.

“Miss Deverin. Congratulations on your re-election. I’d raise my glass, but it’s ill luck to toast with an empty cup.”

“Thankyou Andor, but I’m not here to celebrate. You’ve heard that there are stone giants on the march? It’s only a matter of time before they reach us. The town’s walls were built to deter wolves and goblins, they won’t hold against what’s coming.”

“Should have built a bigger wall.”

“We’ll have to make do. What we need are men to defend that wall and someone to lead them.”

“I don’t envy that poor bastard,” Andor chuckled, “Commanding a mob of farmers and fishwives against a giant raiding party? They’ll be wiping you off the soles of their stony feet! Hahaha – hold on, I can see where this is going! Nonononono, not interested!”

“Be reasonable Andor, you were a mercenary for ten years. You’re the only person in ten leagues with the kind of experience these people need. You’ve seen battle, even won a few - ”

“More than a few!” Andor interjected hotly.

Mayor Deverin leant forward, sensing that she had hooked the old warrior.

“If anyone is capable of turning these ‘farmers and fishwives’ into a fighting force able to hold their own against these odds, it’s Andor Drake.”

“I’m not saying that I’ll do it….” Andor said slowly, “But let’s say that I do… what’s in it for me?”


In the damaged council chambers of the town hall, the heroes of Sandpoint prepared for the imminent onslaught. Messenger birds had been dispatched to Magnimar and Fort Rannick to solicit aid from the heroes’ allies, but would the promised reinforcements arrive in time to turn the tide? Karrack the lizardman monk was drilling his goblin cohorts how to mimic his formidable spear fighting technique. Whilst tensions between the humans of Sandpoint and the goblins of Hope remain strained, the threat of mutual destruction has done much to turn the enemy of my enemy into my friend – even if he is green and a bit smelly.

“Heroes of Sandpoint, this is Andor Drake, the veteran I told you about,” Mayor Deverin said, gesturing to a man in rusty armour that had clearly seen better days, “He’ll be working alongside Sheriff Hemlock to co-ordinate the defence of the walls.”

“For which I will be handsomely compensated.” Andor reminded her, his voice sill slightly slurred by drink.

“Once we replenish the town coffers, yes,” Mayor Deverin sighed, “Haldeem Grobaras embezzled most of what the council had saved, but we’ll reclaim what he stole after his trial. Then you’ll be paid, as promised.”

This seemed to satisfy the mercenary, who joined the other heroes around a map of the Forgotten Coast. Reported sightings of the giants had been marked on the map with stone figures. The other people around the table needed little introduction, having been elevated to near celebrity status for their recent heroics;

Rast Sternhammer, dwarven sneak with a healthy marriage (to local businesswoman Ameiko Sternhammer) and an unhealthy fascination with debilitating poisons.

Grogg the Smasher, half-orc gladiator famous for his tacky merchandise and for bellowing his catchphrase at the slightest provocation; “THIS – IS – STRENGTH!!” Currently wrestling with an addiction to healing potions after gnomish artificers stole part of his brain.

Karrack Goblinfriend, benevolent lizardman monk and ally to the downtrodden, single-handedly responsible for humanising goblins in this setting, transforming them from a low level menace to a skilled workforce of tradesmen and artisans.

Asha the Almost Naked, scantily clad warrior priestess of the goddess Sarenrae.

and Solaris, an elf who thinks he might be a dragon (or maybe it is just a scaly rash?).

Shalelu Andosana bursts into the room, interrupting the meeting. She reports that the stone giants have been spotted!

“TO THE WALLS!!” Andor roars, rattling his sabre and trotting towards the frontline.

To be continued....
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R6: Rise of the Runelords (cont) Discussion 2 years 7 months ago #2434

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Asha rises from her couch, and retires to her chambers. As soon as soon as she is there, she walks into her armour wardrobe, discards her swimsuit, and regretfully dons her magical corselet and grabs her shield. Ready for the fight, in the distance she can hear the giants repeatedly chanting their traditional battle cry,,,,,,

"FEE FI FO FUM, FEE FI FO FUM, FEE FI FO FUM, FEE FI FO FUM..........................."

She grits her teeth, and tightens her harness (maybe a bit more than necessary). Meanwhile, the villagers quiver in fear.
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R6: Rise of the Runelords (cont) Discussion 2 years 7 months ago #2435

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Rise of the Runelords – Week 1 / Part 2 (13/10/2017)

Casting Quick on himself, Solaris began shooting arrows at the giants, nocking and loosing arrows faster than the human eye could follow, his bowstring glowing red with friction. Asha joined him on the walls, calling upon the sun goddess for aid in the battle and casting bolts of radiance into the giantish horde. Forgoing the safety of the walls, Grogg dropped down into no man’s land and led a one-man/orc (morc?) charge against the giants, his enchanted battleaxe wailing a song of ruin as he carved a path through their ranks. Andor Drake witnessed this display of true strength /reckless idiocy from the walls and – despite himself – felt the old flicker of battle lust rekindled within his old bones.

“You men, with me!” Andor commanded, drawing his longsword from its sheath. Despite the rust on his armour and the grey whiskers in his beard, the former mercenary’s sword positively gleamed. In fact, it glowed with a bright green luminescence that surely indicated there had been sorcery involved in the crafting of the blade. Clambering over the barricades with the vigour of a man half his age, Andor led his troops into the breach Grogg’s onslaught had torn through the giants front rank.

And then the dragon came.

With a roar that rattled windows and shook the cobblestones, the dragon dropped out of the clouds and spewed a sheet of flame across the walls, cremating the men of Sandpoint where they stood and stranding Grogg and Andor on the giant’s side of the inferno. Surrounded by enemies and with no line of retreat or hope of clemency, the two warriors stood back to back atop the mound of giant corpses they had made and readied themselves for their final battle.

Atop the highest point of the Sandpoint cathedral, Rast watched the red dragon swoop around for another strafing run over the town. His wife was down there, sheltering her neighbours in the cellar of the Rusty Dragon whilst the battle raged through their streets and rocks fell upon their homes.

“You picked the wrong town.” Rast said, yanking the lever that extended the wings on his home-made wingsuit. Leaping off the tower, Rast fell towards the ground before pulling up sharply and soaring after the dragon.

Grogg and Andor watched the dwarven aeronaut pass overhead in the wake of his scaly quarry.

“Well,” Grogg said, pausing to lop off a stone giant’s arm at the elbow, “At least we’re not the only ones about to have a really bad day.”

“You mean Rast?” Andor asked.

“I mean the dragon.”

“Looks like they’re getting ready for another crack at us.” Andor said, gesturing with the point of his sword to where another group of stone giants were mustering, “Hey, if we get out of this alive, can I have your autograph?”

The battle was brutal and although both warriors fought valiantly, they were eventually overcome by the giants’ strength and numbers. Andor struggled to rise, the blade of his magic sword sinking into the stony ground as he used it to lever himself to his feet. Grogg lay sprawled nearby, his thick skull ringing from one too many blows to the head. A shadow fell upon them both, as the nearest giant raised his massive foot and prepared to grind them both into a meaty paste beneath his sole.

Suddenly, the giant howled in pain! Andor looked up to see a spear buried between the monster’s toes! Attached to the spear was a goblin, riding on the shoulders of another goblin, who in turn was riding on the shoulders of another goblin (and so on). A scaly claw grasped Andor by the wrist and hauled him to his feet, as the giant hopped away on his good foot.

“You can’t die yet, General Drake,” Karrack said, passing the mercenary his sword, “It’s only the first week of the rotation.”


Meanwhile, above the battlefield, Rast pursued his winged adversary amidst the smoke rising from the burning town. He had taken care to stay out of the dragon’s peripheral vision and was pretty sure the beast was unaware of his proximity. Adjusting his thick flying goggles, Rast studied the dragon’s broad back, densely ridged with razor-sharp, armoured spines. Without pausing to reflect on the wisdom of his course, Rast dived! At the last moment, he levelled out, cut through the straps holding him into his glider and landed clumsily astride the dragon’s back. Sensing he had been boarded, the dragon rolled to dislodge the fearless dwarf, but Rast had already stabbed his dagger between the beast’s scales and now held on for dear life until the great lizard straightened out.


Rast grimaced and continued climbing. Dragons were notoriously difficult to poison due to their massive size, but if he could empty an entire vial of his patent-pending paralysing potion directly into its eyes, he could maybe blind the bastard. Reaching the dragon’s head, Rast bit the cork out of the flask and cursed as his lips and tongue immediately went numb. Leaning out over the scaly eyelid, he splashed the contents of the bottle into the huge black iris staring back at him.


Whipping his head from side to side and blinking furiously, Longtooth managed to dislodge Rast before the dwarven rogue could bugger up his other eye too. Fortunately for Rast, the dragon’s struggles had carried it out over the shallows where the ‘Everstill’ bobbed merrily in the grey surf. Goblin sailors hauled him from the water and lay him - sodden and half-drowned - on the deck.

“Abandon ship!” Captain Snot cried, casting a green finger at the sky, “The dragon comes!”

Longtooth had watched Rast’s fall and subsequent rescue with his one good eye. Half mad with rage, the dragon abandoned his assault on the town and dived towards the little boat upon which his prey had taken refuge. Scorching heat rose in his gullet as he called forth the fire with which to turn Rast and the ‘Everstill’ into fossil fuel!

To be continued….
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R6: Rise of the Runelords (cont) Discussion 2 years 7 months ago #2438

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Rise of the Runelords – Week 1 / Part 3 (13/10/2017)

Terrified goblins threw themselves overboard as the enraged dragon descended upon the ‘Everstill’.


Barging his way through the fear-addled mob, Rast forced a path to the deck mounted ballista that Grogg had installed when he upgraded the vessel from pleasure ship to floating tank. Ropey muscles straining beneath his sodden armour, Rast loaded a bolt as long as he was tall into the device. Waiting until he could see the flames rising in the dragon’s throat, Rast fired the black arrow! He had been hoping to send the bolt flying down the beast’s gullet, but his aim was slightly off and instead it punched through the side of Longtooth’s scaly maw.


Veering off course, the dragon crashed through a row of waterfront property and flapped away.

Demoralised by their dragon’s retreat, the stone giants were further disheartened when the reinsforcements from Magnimar and Fort Rannick swept into their wavering flank. From his vantage point overseeing the battle, the stone giant general Galenmir saw that the battle was lost and cursed the heroes who had inspired a mob of commoners to defy his army. To return to Jorgenfist with this disgrace hanging over him would be intolerable! The dragon Longtooth landed nearby, a spike of black metal protruding from his scaly jaw. Closing his stony hands around the shaft, Galenmir wrenched the arrow from the wound.

“This battle is not over yet.” he said gravely, clambering astride the dragon’s broad back.


Injured and exhausted, the heroes of Sandpoint gathered in the town square to report their victory to the leaders of the town. Their celebration was short-lived as the dragon Longtooth landed on the roof of the town hall, showering the party with fragments of brick and loose slate, General Galenmir, leapt from the dragon’s back, landing with such force as to knock the closest heroes off their feet! Wielding an enormous sword in one hand and an equally massive shield in the other, the stone giant commander was an intimidating sight!

“You may have defeated my army,” Galenmir growled, “But you have yet to face me!”

Karrack and Grogg charged the giant. Galenmir swung his massive sword, putting enough force behind that single blow to cut a mammoth in twain! Karrack cartwheeled over the blade and kept moving, but Grogg stood his ground and raised his twin axes to block the giant’s sword. With a screech of metal and a shower of sparks, Grogg somehow stopped the attack!

“Wait for it….” Rast muttered.

“THIS - IS - STRENGTH!!!” Grogg bellowed.

"There it is."

Still perched upon the roof of the town hall, Longtooth extended his serpentine neck and belched forth a cone of dragonfire upon the party. Asha and Solaris ducked out of harm’s way with only superficial burns, but Andor Drake was not so lucky and went up like a firework on the eve of the Swallowtail festival!

Meanwhile, having got inside the stone giant’s defences, Karrack drove his magic speak up through Galenmir’s chin and into his skull. The giant sank to his knees and died. Using the giant’s slumped body as a ramp, Grogg hurled himself at the dragon. Putting all his forward momentum into his attack, he carved a nasty wound in the beast’s scaly underside. With a cry that was equal parts fury and pain, Longtooth took wing and fled north in the wake of the defeated army.

Before their victory could even sink in, Shalelu approached Karrack with dire news! While the heroes had been fighting Longtooth and Galenmir, the defeated giants had abducted a number of prominent Sandpoint citizens, including Rast’s beloved Ameiko! Resolving to catch up the giants and rescue the hostages, the party lingered only long enough for Asha to treat Andor’s disfiguring burns before heading north. The tracks led to the very edge of Varisia, where a sheer cliff face marked the boundary of the giant’s ancient stomping ground; the Storval Plateau. Ignoring the Storval Stair on the grounds that if the giants were planning an ambush (which they were), that would be the place to spring it (which it was), the heroes elected to scale the cliff itself with the aid of the trained roc chick that Grogg had adopted several months previously.

The Storval Plateua spread out ahead of them like an lifeless, grey desert. Somewhere beyond that ashen horizon lay the stone giant fortress of Jorgenfist - and the heroes only hope of bringing their friends back alive!

To be continued….
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R6: Rise of the Runelords (cont) Discussion 2 years 7 months ago #2440

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[Savaged] Rise of the Runelords / Fortress of the Stone Giants / Week 2 / Part 1 / 19-10-2017

Steeling their resolve, the heroes of Sandpoint head into the grey wasteland in pursuit of the surviving stone giants. The Storval Plateau is an arid, ashen wasteland created by the volcanic smoke belching forth from the fiery mountains to the north, grey dust settling over the land like a mourning shroud. The party spot a swarm of carrion birds circling a nearby dune and leave the giant’s trail to investigate. They interrupt several giant buzzards hunched over the body of a dead explorer, pecking hungrily at the dry, desiccated flesh. Rast finds an amulet strung around the corpse’s neck, identifying the unfortunate soul as a member of the Pathfinder society, a well-established fellowship of adventurers with lodges and outposts across the continent. Rast notices that the amulet gently pulls northward when allowed to dangle from its chain, granting whoever carries it a +2 Survival bonus when attempting to find their way. The party also find a rare Potion of Intangibility and a Ring of Flying (after Gary used an Adventure Card to get a roll on the random treasure table).

Andor wants to sever the corpse’s arm to use as ‘bait’. It’s unclear exactly what manner of prey he is hoping to ensnare with this grim ploy. Solaris knocks that idea on the head by setting the corpse aflame with a sorcerous spark. Unfortunately, the smoke from this human barbeque attracts the attention of a stone giant patrol (who had been tracking the dead explorer). Rast spots a cave opening nearby and the party conceal themselves within while the giants poke around the area. Rast and Grogg (the only characters with some form of darkvision) venture deeper into the cave and discover that they have stumbled upon an abandoned shrine to the giant god Minderhal. The forgotten altar is attended by a lonely stone giant elder called Conna, who offers the group sanctuary and respite from their quest. Conna asks what purpose drives the party into giant territory and Andor (the only member of the party to speak the giant tongue) describes the raid on Sandpoint and the abduction of their friends. Conna sighs deeply and explains that their friends are likely being held in the fortress of Jorgenfist, an ancient black edifice that loomed over the plateau even before the stone giants colonized the area.

“The lord of Jorgenfist is a stone giant wizard named Mokmorian,” Conna rumbled in a voice like distant thunder, “Stone giants with innate spellcasting potential are often born small and weak. Mokmorian was such a runt, yet as he grew older, he never developed the magical potential he had been expecting. He grew bitter and twisted and left the tribe. I know not what befell Mokmorian during his absence, but when he returned to the plateau, he was transformed. Not physically, he was still a runt, but something inside him had changed. He turned the young warriors against the elders and led them to the ruins of Jorgenfist where he now raises an army strong enough to threaten the lowlands. Mokmorian has abandoned the old ways and leads our people astray. If it is your goal to slay Mokmorian, then we share that desire and maybe there is something I can do to aid you in this.”

Conna reached into the altar, the hard stone yielding to her touch like soft clay. When she withdrew her arm, she grasped a slender, stone spear of antiquated giantish design.

“This is Teraktinus, the Giantslayer,” Conna explained, planting the point into the floor of the cave, “The edge will cut through stone as though it were papyrus and grievously wound any giant whose flesh it pierces. I do not give this boon lightly, for this weapon represents a dire threat to all giants. Yet, if you hope free my people from Mokmorian’s control, you will surely need it.”

Solaris darts forward and licks the spear, in the hope that now nobody else will want it.

“You are welcome to rest here tonight,” Conna said, “The giants of Jorgenfist have forgotten their gods and will not trouble you.”


Andor kindles a friendly campfire in the centre of the cave and the party gather around it, soaking in the warmth from the dancing flames. Rast is feeling uncharacteristically mellow and passes around a flask of moonshine liquor distilled with his alchemy kit. For a while, the only sound is the crackling of dry tinder in the heart of the fire. Then Rast begins to speak. He speaks of his love for Ameiko and how he treasures her for her shrewd management of his many businesses. He explains how he must rescue her from the giants before the end of the current fiscal year, so that she can complete and submit his tax return on time. A single tear rolls down his whiskery cheek. When Rast falls silent, Solaris clears his throat. He expresses his grief over the death of his super magical uncle Aeron, who sacrificed himself so that the party could vanquish Solaris’ wicked shadow twin at the Moonspike Monastery. Karrack agrees that it was very sad. As the mood around the campfire turns melancholy, Grogg decides to unburden himself and speaks for the first time about the guilt he feels after accidentally slaying a friend and fellow gladiator in a moment of battle madness. Having exhausted themselves both physically and emotionally, the party slip into a restful slumber under Conna the Elder’s watchful gaze.


The heroes wake the next morning to find grainy sunlight illuminating the cave. Conna the Elder is knelt beside the altar, but when Andor attempts to converse, he realizes that she has been dead for weeks! The party spend a moment of silence to honor the departed giant and the gift she bestowed upon them from beyond the pale. With renewed determination, the party leave the cave and continue north toward the walls of Jorgenfist!

To be continued….
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