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TOPIC: Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations

Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations 6 months 1 week ago #5655

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I thought I'd replied to this? Anyway. Definitely looking forward to returning to Horrors.
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Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations 6 months 1 week ago #5656

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Very much like to continue
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Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations 4 months 1 week ago #5729

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Sedefkar Simulacrum
From Beddow’s Notes:-
•Beddows is man-servant to Prof. Julius Smith
•The Sedefkar Simulacrum (a life-size statue) was fashioned at the Shunned Mosque, Constantinople.
•Dismembered in Paris prior to French Revolution. Pieces scattered throughout Europe.
•One piece was known to be in the possession of Le Comte Fenalik, Paris, circa the time of Revolution.
•Napoleon’s troops carried another piece on their triumphant entry to Venice and another piece carried on entry to Trieste in 1797.Beddow’s notes urge us to seek out Johan Winckelmann at Trieste museum.
•One piece reported to be taken to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Beddow’s notes urge us to seek out Dr. Milovan Todorivic at the National Museum, Belgrade.
•One piece reported at Sofia during the Bulgarian War of 1875.
•One piece reported to have surfaced in Paris after the Great War and sold to someone from Milan.
•The statue can only be destroyed at its original home – the Shunned Mosque, Constantinople.

Sedefkar Scrolls
Five Scrolls: Head-concerned with rites of torture; Belly-concerned with worship of the Skinless One; Legs-concerned with magic; Right Hand- concerned with ritual to wake the statue and its driving power; Left Hand- ritual to balance the power of the right hand.

Devil’s Similare
We discovered references to this manuscript in the British Museum Library and at Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. It’s in some way related to the simulacrum. It’s a 13th century illuminated Latin manuscript. Anonymous author (a Cistercian monk) circa 1260. Bound in Venice 1505. Considered an apocrypha; the work of a mad cleric. Only known copy of the manuscript was kept at San Maria Celeste, Venice.

Our Inventory
Sedefkar Simulacrum: We possess the Left Arm (acquired at Poissy, France) and Torso (acquired at La Scala, Milan).
Sedefkar Scrolls: We possess one of the five scrolls, the Scroll of the Head (acquired from Edgar Wellington in Dream Lausanne). Authored in Turkish and Arabic by Sedefkar Osmanli before the 4th crusade (1202-1204). There is an English transcript with the scroll. Main details concern torture and skinning of human beings. The Skinless One is a god who came to Sedefkar Osmanli. Sedefkar offered sacrifices to the Skinless One and created the Sedefkar Simularcum statue.
"Gentlemen, we're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun" - Capt. E. Blackadder.
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Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations 4 months 1 week ago #5730

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Rotation 3– Begins 6th January 2022


Ludwig von Brunveldt III................Paul..........German/Dutch. Prof. Psychology (outraged)
Hubert Black..................................Tony..........English. Thespian (darling of the boards)
Lettice Jayne Rose Henderson......Doug........English. “Letty”. Private Detective (somewhat nefarious)
Nicolas Cartwright..........................Mel...........English. Stage Magician (check your pockets).
Pierre Boudin-Noir..........................Jim...........French. Parisian Art Dealer (knows people).

Sunday 20th January 1923
We depart Milan aboard the Orient Express. Pierre, our conductor, ensures we are comfortable in our compartments for the relatively short journey to Venice. We arrive in Venice at 17.05pm and take rooms at the Hotel Daniel close to La Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square). We spend our evening at the hotel.

Monday 21st January 1923
We breakfast at the hotel and enquire after the location of the San Maria Celeste – nobody has heard of it. We take a short walk to the Biblioteca Marciana having first employed Mario, a student from the local Accademia, to assist our research and translate from Italian.
- The Church: We learn that the San Maria Celeste was a church that once stood in the city’s Castello district but burned down during Castello's great Arsenale di Venezia fire of 1569. A few of the church’s items were reportedly salvaged from the fire by nuns.
- The Plague: We learn that there was a plague in Venice in 1797 following the arrival of conquering French troops in the city in May of that year. Victims reportedly suffered terrible leg pains – afflicting only the left leg.
- The Mob: We discover a filed despatch dated 16 Nov 1797 from a Captaine Dubois of the French Garrison in Venice. It reports on the disturbances of the previous three days. A Venetian mob gathered before the barracks demanding that a French soldier named Boucher be handed over to them, to be tried for witchcraft. The mob firmly believed Boucher to be the source of the plague. Boucher was known to possess a ‘porcelain’ leg which he picked up as an odd trophy at some point during the French march across Europe. The mob was dispersed by gun fire. The next day Dubois rooted out the mob ringleaders from the local populace and arrested them.

Oily water: Later in the day, taking the air, we notice how the canals had a film of some oily substance on their surface. The locals were perplexed by its occurrence. That evening we had an enjoyable night out on the town before retiring to our hotel.

Tuesday 22 January 1923
- Early Hours: At 4.0 am we’re disturbed from our slumber by a woman’s screams outside. Looking out from our balconies a woman was running and shouting “Morte! Morte!” She disappeared into a thick fog that had descended onto Venice’s streets. The chill fog didn’t deter Cartwright from chasing after her in his pyjamas and top hat, closely followed by Letty in a fetching black evening dress. They soon lost the woman in the disorientating fog.
- Biblioteca Marciana: After breakfast we return to the library. Researching Captaine Dubois we discover the arrested ringleaders of the Venetian mob urged Dubois to confront Boucher about the plague and the artificial leg he keeps. Dubois confiscates the leg from Boucher and suffers spasms of pain in his left leg. Dubois tries to destroy the leg but it proves impervious to damage. Dubois resorts to burying it instead. The leg is buried under the San Marco Basilica, beneath a black paving stone in the Chapel of San Isidoro.
- San Maria Celeste: Enquiries in the Castello district lead us to the site where the San Maria Celeste church once stood, close to the Arsenal di Venezia. The church no longer exists. A neighbouring convent also destroyed by the fire of 1569 was afterward rebuilt though and today serves as a school for navy mechanics. Posing as historians, the school librarian admitted us (for a few lira in his back pocket) and we discover that items saved from the church fire were deposited at the Biblioteca Marciana.
- Biblioteca Marciana (again): Amongst bundles of uncatalogued old crap in the archives we find the items saved from the San Maria Celeste fire, including the bound manuscript, the Devil’s Similare. Ludwig glances through the opening pages of the fragile book. It appears to be a narrative of the 4th Crusade and the sack of Constantinople. It’s illustrations include a curved sword and armour replete with two faces – one forward facing and one backward. Cartwright pockets the book and we make our exit.

Murder in Venice: The afternoon edition of the local journal contains an article regards the discovery in the early hours of the body of a Mr. Mario Rossi, impaled on a 10ft iron spike and with his throat torn out. His fiancé, Miss Anselma Morietti, is being held by police for questioning after she was reportedly witnessed running through the foggy streets screaming murder and death at 4.0 am this morning.
"Gentlemen, we're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun" - Capt. E. Blackadder.
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Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations 4 months 1 week ago #5731

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A wonderful write-up, as ever Paul

As previously, anyone who posts any exploits of their characters will be given a bonus dice by way of thanks. In fact, I’ve given out skill ticks too if I’ve really loved the post. So please post up!

So Paul, as you’ve posted twice tick a skill of your choice
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Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations 4 months 5 days ago #5738

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Tuesday 22nd January 1923 continued…

Canals: By late afternoon, waters have risen and become foul. By evening the water level would lower and the waters clear a little.

San Marco Basilica: There are a number of chapels within the basilica. It is easy to find the chapel dedicated to San Isidoro. The chapel is dark, the walls and stonework decorated with frescoes. One fresco depicts a man (presumably Isidoro) about to have his left leg torn off by galloping horses.

It was noted on arrival that four copper-gilded horses are prominent above the entrance to the Basilica. The horses were brought to Venice from Constantinople by Napoleon’s troops. Hubert’s impromptu performance provides a diversion for us to search the chapel and locate the paving stone beneath which the leg of the Sedefkar Simulacrum should be buried. We case the establishment and will return tomorrow.

The Weeping Statues: We spend the evening out on the town. There is a commotion in St. Mark’s Square. The square is adorned by many statues and people are declaring a miracle - the statues are weeping. Outside the Basilica, Pierre notices that a statue of San Isidoro is weeping blood.

Wednesday 23rd January 1923

Morning Papers (Murder): The morning papers report another murder in Venice. Paolo Rizzo, a gondolier, was found murdered in his boat on the Grand Canal. His remains drained of blood. Speculation is rife that the murder is the work of a maniac, satanists or even ghouls. Our breakfast waiter tells us his brother-in-law, Gino, witnessed death himself poling a gondolier on the canal last night.

Canals: The paper reports waters rising on the canals again, foul and evil smelling. There has been localised flooding. Children playing in the flood waters have developed black blotches on their lower limbs. People are talking of a new plague. We heard rumours of people seeing fish with limbs in the water. Later this day we are astonished to witness one for ourselves. A huge fish, the size of a shark, with distinct hands at the end of its front fins.

Gino witnesses death: We track down our waiter’s brother-in-law to a bakery where he works. Gino swears he saw death poling a gondolier last night. It was Paolo Rizzo’s gondolier and his body was slumped in it. Death, according to Gino, was pale skinned and wore dark ragged clothes. Gino was alone. There was no other witness.

Break-in at the Basilica: We spend the afternoon acquiring tools and equipment to break into the basilica after dark. Letty attended evening mass and attempted to hide in the basilica before it was closed for the night. Her plan failed so we had to break in from the outside through a side door and gate. We lift the black (meteoric iron) stone in San Isidoro’s chapel to discover and empty space. There was no leg. Some thieving sod had beaten us to it!!

The Letter: In the vacant space where the leg had once rested was a faded envelope closed with a wax seal. The seal depicted a winged cherub cradling a doll. The note inside was written by an anonymous apologetic author. Snippets read: “God forgive me. I have need of it, so I took it.”...”His statue was broken. I needed to repair it.”…”grandson died on Monte Grappe alongside dear Marco and his figures are all that comfort him”…..
Monte Grappe is a mountain of the Italian pre-Alps, and the site of a series of battles of the Great War that raged for weeks at a time.

Hotel: There’s no way to cover up the fact that a break-in has occurred at the basilica. We simply return to our hotel. Walking brazenly through the lobby at 2 a.m. carrying crowbars, hammers, bolsters and flashlights. With hindsight perhaps we should have dumped the tools in the canal first.

Thursday 24th January 1923

Morning Paper (Unrest): A slight lie-in after last night’s exertions. The paper reports of looting and civil unrest around Venice. We’re saved! Surely police will link a break-in at the basilica to last night's unrest in the city!? The atmosphere of Venice is changing. A tangible mood of uncertainty and pervading gloom, just like in Milan (and everywhere else we’ve been). We’re attracting more attention – as if Venetians have developed an increasing distrust of foreigners.

Biblioteca: We research the design of the wax seal on the old envelope. It is the mark of the Gremaci family; famed as doll makers. The family business still exists on the Campo de La Bambino here in Venice.

[1] The Gremanci doll makers. Who authored the note and what statue did they repair with our leg?
[2] Miss Anselma Morietti. The woman who Cartwright and Letty chased through the streets. The police should have released her by now. What did she see on the night her fiancé was murdered?
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